One thought on “Never Forget”

  1. Cathy, I’m so sad for you and your family for losing such an innocent, good brother and son. You, your parents, your brothers, and most of all Tim didn’t do anything wrong on 3/16/77. Tim just happened to ride up to the store for candy like so many kids did back then. The chances that the OCCK just happened to be there was a slimmer chance than being hit by lightning. I can’t imagine losing a young sibling or child like that the way Tim and the others were taken. That had to be horrible.

    I could only imagine myself saying what if this, what if that. What if Tim just didn’t happen to go up to the store by himself at that time, on that day. What if Mark Stebbins didn’t take that walk home by himself on 2/15/76. What if Jill Robinson didn’t get in a fight with her mom on 12/22/76 and decided to stay in instead. What if Kristine Mihelich didn’t take that 5 min walk to Seven Eleven to buy a magazine and candy on 1/2 77. I could only imagine how that would play on my mind.

    Hope your day goes well. Happy Easter.

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