Saturday, March 19, 1977

The headline on the front page of the Detroit Free Press read:  “Man Who Saw Missing Boy Is Sought; They Talked in Birmingham Lot.  The lead headline in The Detroit News read:  “Police certain boy is kidnap victim; Birmingham offers $25,000 reward.”

The Free Press article described the incredibly painful press conference my parents gave at the Birmingham Police Department the day before.  

And Timothy’s father, Barry King, a Detroit lawyer, issued a poignant plea for his son’s return.  ‘We’ve been realistic about the problem (the possibility of abduction) since it happened,’ King said.  ‘I want to say “hi” to Tim.  We love you.  Stay tough.  Say your prayers and we’re with you buddy.’

In a personal plea to the possible abductor at a news conference at the Birmingham police station, King said:  ‘I don’t know if you have children or want them.  Please treat Tim the same way you would your own child.  Talk to him.  He’s a talkative kid.  I don’t know if you have a brother or want one.  But [C]athy, Chris and Mark (Tim’s brothers and sister said to treat Tim just like you would a brother.  But we want him back.  Please send him.’



James Vincent (Vince) Gunnels

Next up to bat is James Vincent (Vince) Gunnels.  In March 1977 he was 15 ½ years old.  He had the misfortune of meeting Chris Busch through his next door neighbors in Flint—Chris Busch’s nephews, who were around the same age.  Busch pled guilty to CSC charges filed against him on Gunnel’s behalf.  Truth be told, Busch victimized not only Gunnels, but also his two nephews.  I told you he was an unrepentant, conscience-less pedophile. Gunnels, unlike Busch and Green, is still living.  To bone up on Gunnels’ connection to this case, check out the following links:

It will take me some time to pull together all of the information I have on Mr. Gunnels.  In the meantime, consider this:  When interviewed by police on March 6, 2008, Gunnels said that during the mid-1970s, Chris Busch’s mother (Elsie Busch), “pulled up to him in a limousine in his neighborhood in Flint, and offered him money not to say anything to the police or testify against her son Chris.  [Gunnels] told us that he and his [younger] brother just ran home.”  (FOIA Document 01220.)

On deck:  John McKinney, the owner of a Birmingham art gallery who was beaten and murdered in his gallery in September 1977.  He was also an ordained minister with the Christian Temple Association, a nondenominational religious and philanthropic organization in Pontiac, MI.  Here’s something one of my brothers remembers:  The cops are quoted in The Birmingham Eccentric in the wake of McKinney’s murder stating that it “had nothing to do with the Oakland County Child Killings.”  On what basis were they able to make that assertion so quickly?  And why say it at all?

Article in The Birmingham Eccentric

Article in The Birmingham Eccentric

Jay Grossman’s article appeared this morning in The Birmingham Eccentric.  There have been more hits on my blog already this morning than in the previous 24 hours, including one from Grand Cayman and one from Portugal.  I wish I could say these are long lost friends or someone who has something to offer police, but I’m pretty sure I know what these two are up to.  See prior posts on Frank Shelden/Torey.  

March 16, 1977

March 16 fell on a Wednesday in 1977.  It was the last day I would see my brother Tim alive.  Five days earlier, my Dad turned 46.  My brother Chris had his 16th birthday on Tuesday.

That day, after a typically god awful Midwest winter, it was 70-plus degrees.  People were giddy.  My brother Tim skateboarded at the Hunter-Maple Pharmacy/Chatham Supermarket parking lot with three other friends all afternoon after school.  The lot had a decent incline, and the kids would skateboard from the top of the lot to the bottom.  This lot was four blocks from our house.  It was very near Adams Elementary School, where Tim and his friends were in 6th grade, and Poppleton Park.  (BTW, Chris Busch’s oldest brother, Charles, lived with his family directly across the street from Poppleton Park at that time.)  One of Tim’s friends walked home from the lot around 5 p.m.  Tim showed up at home later and had dinner.

The previous week, some friends invited me to go to see Jerry Lewis’ stand-up routine at a new hotel/conference center in Dearborn.  I put off asking my Mom because I figured the answer would be no since it was a school night.  I was a senior in high school.  My friends asked again, so I pitched it to my Mom on that Monday and she said yes.

After school on Wednesday, I babysat for two kids I had been babysitting off and on since the summer after 6th grade.  I don’t remember eating dinner at  home that night and maybe had dinner with the kids I was babysitting.

After I got home, as I was getting ready to go out, my Mom told me she and my Dad were going to a client’s house for a will signing.  My Mom was going as the witness.  She said that she had talked to Tim and they were letting him stay home alone because he had been asking to be able to do that for some time.  My brother Mark, a 9th grader, had play practice at the junior high and had already left home.  Chris was babysitting for another family and offered to have Tim come with him.  My parents then left, went to the client’s house and then decided to go out for a quick dinner after that.

Although I wanted to go to the show, I was not all that fired up about getting dressed up for it.  As I was sitting on our couch looking down to buckle the ankle strap of my shoe, Tim came into the room, stood in front of me and said “You look pretty.”  I was caught off guard because, although I was close with Tim, none of my brothers ever said anything like that to me back then, ever.  And had Tim said it in front of the other two, they probably would have hacked on him for it.  I smiled and looked at him and said “thanks” and then he got kind of an impish look on his face.  I said “Ok, what do you want?”  He smiled and asked if he could borrow money from me and run up to Hunter-Maple to buy some candy.  I did not immediately agree and I forget what I said but he said “please,” with a big smile.  He explained that he was saving his money (from a newspaper route—back when a kid could have one without getting murdered) for a blue running suit—a track suit.  I had a part-time job as a waitress and I had a big jar of change in my bedroom with tip money in it.  I did laugh, because at least he asked rather than helping himself.  Truthfully, my concern was Tim crossing Adams Road—and I told him to be careful.  I said I would leave the front screen door closed but crack open the main front door because otherwise the door would lock shut behind me when I left.   Tim was very grateful, very happy, and he left through the front door.  Soon after that my friends picked me up and we went to Dearborn.

Although I distinctly remember having seen the faces of Mark Stebbins, Jill Robinson and Kristine Mihelich in the newspapers over the past year-plus, never—not once—did I think about the possibility that a serial killer or killers was running around abducting kids from neighboring suburbs and that predators were crawling around Oakland County.  So I am not making it up when I say Tim had never been left on his own before—this was the first time my Mom agreed to it, and that I never, not once thought about the possibility of Tim crossing paths with a serial killer or pedophile.  I was worried about the drivers on Adams Road.

While I was headed to the show, my brother bought candy at Hunter-Maple and then was seen talking to a man in the parking lot.  My parents got home and Tim was not there.  Mark and Chris show up and don’t have any idea where Tim is.  My parents get concerned around 9 pm (?) and call the Birmingham police.  The officer who responded to the call immediately picked up on the fact that an 11-year-old kid was missing and that given what had happened over the previous 13 months in neighboring suburbs, this was cause for very serious concern.

The drinking age was 18 in 1977.  I was 17, but we all got served at the bar after the show.  No one asked for any I.D.  We were all dressed up and looked older than we were that night.  We pulled into my driveway closer to 2 am than midnight.  All of the lights were on at my house.   We all assumed we were in very deep shit.  My friends took off to go face the music at their homes.  As soon as I walked in my parents asked me if I knew where Tim was.  I told them about giving Tim the money, him heading to the store, and how I left the door open a bit so he could get back in.  I was their last hope.  Their shoulders totally sunk when I told them what had taken place in the living room hours before.

While I was at the show, when my brother Chris learned no one knew where Tim was, he ran around the neighborhood in the dark carrying a baseball bat.  He did go into the Hunter-Maple parking lot, which was empty except for a few cars.  One was a blue Gremlin with a white hockey stripe.  Chris looked in the car and saw that it had the denim interior option, which he had always thought was pretty cool.  He told police numerous times he had seen this Gremlin in the parking lot later in the evening—he said he thought maybe someone who lived adjacent to the lot maybe had parked there overnight rather than on the streets, which were not wide.  In a few days the news would be inundated with requests to look out for a blue Gremlin with a white hockey stripe because a woman had seen a boy who looked like Tim standing next to such a car talking to a man.  Chris never believed the Gremlin was involved, but that’s all the cops had and they blew Chris off because he was a kid.

My Mom and Chris also drove around the neighborhood that night.  They stopped in front of Tim’s friend’s house on nearby Madison Street.  Maybe Tim was there.  The house was completely dark.  My Mom broke down sobbing.  Chris offered to go to the door anyway, but she said no.  They went home.

After I walked in, my parents told me what the police had said—that this did not look good at all.  My Mom was terrorized.  I asked her if anyone had called the local hospitals to see if a little boy had been treated at the emergency room or admitted.  She said no and I made the calls while she stood next to me.  Of course the answer was “no.”  We all knew Tim did not run away, although that’s the first thing people say.  I can’t even put into words the feeling of helplessness and fear we all felt.

The next day I went to school and I couldn’t handle being there.  I told a few friends what was going on—one or two hoped Tim had just run away for a night.  (Right.)  As I drove home that morning, I saw low-flying helicopters near our neighborhood.  I screamed out Tim’s name in my car, clenched the steering wheel and started crying uncontrollably.  I was scared shitless and I knew wherever Tim was, he was too.

Beginning that day, police were at our house 24/7.  One officer had the day shift, the other the night shift.  They ran a lot of defense for us and were incredibly kind.

We were all interviewed by police and the FBI in the next 24-36 hours.  When the FBI agent couldn’t even look me in the eye, I knew it was all over.  He looked like he was about to cry himself.  He apologized more than once for having to ask me these questions.

I don’t know why, but I think my parents made my brothers go to school during the week Tim was missing.  I didn’t go.  I couldn’t sleep and was up for 24 hours at a time more than once that week.  I would manage, but when neighbors or friends stopped by and I saw the looks on their faces, again I knew this was the end of life as we knew it and that Tim was being subjected to some very bad treatment while we were all hiding at home.  The next day my Dad walked into the basement where my brothers and I, along with my best friend, were talking in hushed tones.  He needed to use the downstairs phone.  He looked at us and stopped up short, shook his head and then said almost to himself “if you kids can live through this, you can live through anything.”  He quickly used the phone and went back upstairs to deal with the police.  We all looked at each other and said nothing.  There was nothing to say.

Frank Shelden, aka Frank Torey

Frank “Boy-Love” Shelden apparently still has followers out there.  This morning, in addition to site visitors from the US and England, there have been views from Egypt and Brazil.  My blog isn’t that easy to find.  Thanks for checking in.

Site Visitors From Around the World

As predicted, after my post on North Fox Island and the connected pedophile and child pornography rings, I had the most multinational visitors to my blog in one day to date.  Usually I have people reading from the US, Canada, Australia, United Arab Emirates and the Czech Republic.  Yesterday there were all kinds of flags flying in the statistics platform to my blog, including the US, Canada, United Kingdom (33 views), Germany (2 views), Australia (1 view), Ireland (1 view) and Norway (1 view).  North Fox Island and the “work” of Frank Shelden had an international following/participation back in the day and apparently there are still those today who are interested enough who must have Google alerts set to pick up on anything related to North Fox and Shelden–and I’m sure any mention of “The Franklin Scandal” sets off alarm bells as well.  I just wish one of those men had a conscience.  But that is asking for far too much.

South Fox Island

A friend who is close to the case pointed out the following about South Fox Island, which was supposedly a “hunting” island.  It was  used by drug runners, it was raided at one point back in the day, and people were arrested.  The MSP, FBI and DEA had to have been involved.  North Fox had the landing strip and South Fox was a stone’s throw away.

The now owner of South Fox, Dave Johnson of Oakland County, is quite wealthy and apparently did extensive research into the ownership of both islands.  He owned both islands at one point (post-Shelden) and later traded real estate on South Fox for North Fox so the State of Michigan could have all of North Fox.  Someone must have detailed records of ownership of both islands.  As my friend pointed out, there are probably flight logs dating back to 1975 still sitting up there with names in them.  That would make for some good reading.

Finally, as my wise friend observed:  “I don’t think this will be solved until pretty much anyone connected is dead.” I completely agree.  Some day down the road, somebody with a voice will put this together and reveal how sickening it all is.  And those who were attached to any of this and still hanging on will just have to deal with it.  They have gotten a 36-year Get Out of Jail Free Card, but I don’t think anyone in Oakland County can hand out Get Out of Hell Free Cards.


That ought to set off a few serious Google alerts, as will some of the words and names I mention below.  It will make for interesting reading in the statistics page of my blog, kind of like when my reader from the Netherlands/Denmark checked in a few weeks ago.  Never showed up again, but I’m sure he found a way to enter the site without disclosing a location and I’m sure he’ll be back after today’s post.  I predict a pick-up in site traffic on this post.

As I pointed out in yesterday’s post, in the wake of the arrest of Busch, Greene and Bennett on CSC charges in Flint, Genessee County Prosecutor Robert F. Leonard stated that the defendants may have passed boys from one to another and that the scheme may have had nationwide ties.  He further stated that his office was investigating the possibility that the defendants may have been linked to Grosse Pointe multimillionaire Francis D. Shelden, missing since his “youth camp” on Fox Island turned out to be a pedophile and child porn haven.  That investigation didn’t amount to much.  And Mr. Leonard will get top billing in a subsequent post on my blog.

My brother Mark and I were talking about this Fox Island nightmare recently and he noted how shocking it is that the Fox Island story died once back in the day, and once again when it was revealed in the news over the last 5 years.   As he said,  “I can’t even think of how many boys were violated, and how many powerful people were involved.  There HAVE GOT to be some records with the FBI or other LE.  Just think if the story hit the press today, the outrage and outcry that would happen?”  But there was no outcry back then and the lid is tighter on this file than it is on the OCCK file.  I can only surmise this is because the many perpetrators were the kind of people who had money—and a lot of it–as well as power and prestige.  And their victims were powerless.

The following is based on news articles from 1975-1977 and file documents received pursuant to a FOIA request to the MSP concerning their Fox Island investigation.  The men involved in this pedophile and child pornography ring must have had ice water coursing through their veins.  This is a truly disturbing story with an even more disturbing “end.”  These animals make Jerry Sandusky look like a rank amateur.  But the story never got any traction in spite of excellent and extensive investigative reporting by Traverse City Record-Eagle reporter Marilyn Wright back in the late 1970s.  “Down south,” where most of the big dollar customers and “patrons” came from, the news hardly touched it.  Does anyone who lived through the OCCK nightmare remember hearing about the Fox Island boys “nature camp”—Frank Shelden’s private pedophile retreat–during that time?  

About four months after Mark Stebbins was murdered, charges were filed against three principals of the Fox Island ring.  Marilyn Wright’s detailed reporting on this and other related pedophile rings appeared in the Traverse City newspaper in April 1977,  two weeks after my brother Tim was murdered.  Seems awfully relevant to me, if even to just get the discussion started about why these kids might have been kidnapped and murdered.

Francis (Frank) Shelden came from an extremely wealthy Grosse Pointe, MI, family and was an Ann Arbor, MI, millionaire and philanthropist.  He owned North Fox Island in Lake Michigan–a private island near Traverse City, approximately two miles wide by one mile long, paying $5,000 a year in taxes to Leelanau County.  A Detroit Free Press article dated 12-28-75 describes the generosity of Shelden, a “wealthy Ann Arbor bachelor “ who was on the board of directors of The Cranbrook Institute (a private boys school in suburban Detroit), and Boys Republic, Inc., (a residential center for emotionally disturbed adolescents), who also devoted his time to the Big Brother program.  Funny, Chris Busch was a Big Brother, too.  Greg Greene was a boys’ baseball coach.  Wow, all that community outreach by these model citizens.  They all used the same playbook, and these types still do.  According to a subsequent article by Wright, Shelden’s buddies Dyer Grossman and Gerald Richards tried unsuccessfully to join Big Brother, but their applications were rejected.

What the Free Press article in 1975 missed was that Shelden was also a staff writer in the 1970s for Better Life Monthly (“BL”), a magazine described as representing an international organization “seeking liberation for boys and boy-lovers.”  Coded advertisements allowed subscribers to contact each other and to engage children in pornographic modeling and prostitution.  Child pornographer Gerald Richards (a registered sex offender who apparently died in Port Huron in 1994–thank you to the person who sent me this info), met Shelden around 1974.

Richards was a gym teacher at St. Joseph’s Catholic Elementary School in Dexter, MI, who had run for public office. Some very bad things happened to kids in Dexter back then, according to the police file I looked at. The father of two young kids at the time, Richards was also a child counselor, licensed hypnotist, massage therapist and naturopath.  In fact, he had a “clinic,” which a few child victims (both male and female) describe in great detail in police reports.

Shelden responded to an ad Richards placed in BLM, describing his “magic show.”  The two corresponded and then met.  Richards had been thinking of starting a boys’ camp and when he learned Shelden owned Fox Island, the two of them “naturally thought about organizing the camp.”  (From police reports.)

The Church of Revelation ran an ad in BLM offering to help readers set up child-care organizations and camps.  The Church of New Revelation was not a church at all, but just a referral agency that distributed child porn around the country.  The “Church” was incorporated in New Jersey in 1974.  The same people also incorporated “Educational Foundation for Youth,” allegedly based in Chicago.  This foundation started out as the non-profit arm of a profit corporation that was listed as an “import/export” business.

Child-care sites/camps for boys were then set up under the auspices of the Church and the Foundation—charitable/educational entities that guaranteed state and federal income tax exemptions.  These tax dodges were fronts for child pornography and pedophilia.  Not only that, but some state welfare departments were duped into making payments for the support of the boys.  At the time, counties would pay up to $150 a month per boy; the state up to $400, and the feds up to $700.  In many cases these guys were actually getting paid by the government to rape kids and film child pornography.

Richards responds to the Church’s ad and the “Reverend” Dyer Grossman (aka Dale Osterman, Elliot Crossman, Elijah Crossman) came from New Jersey to Port Huron to help Richards set up “Brother Paul’s Childrens Mission.”  Grossman came from a very wealthy Long Island family and had been—no real surprise—a science teacher at two boys schools, one of them a boarding school.  Richards was the president of this newly formed Brother Paul’s and Grossman was the vice president.  Richard’s wife was the secretary.  The name of the treasurer was redacted from the case file.  Why the MSP was able to redact that name under FOIA provisions, I do not know.  God only knows who it was.  Shelden was listed as a director of the corporation.

Also incorporated at the same time was the “Ocean Living Institute” of Kearny, New Jersey.  Same officers as for Brother Paul’s.  The mission was “to promote education and research in oceanography.”

Richards ran Brother Paul’s “nature camp” for boys, ages 7-16, on Fox Island.  It was classified by the Michigan State Attorney General as a charitable trust.

In Portraits in the Snow, The Oakland County Child Killings . . . Scandals and Small Conspiracies (2011), author M.F. Cribari explores the players in the Fox Island scandal and how this ring had to have been, in one way or another, connected to the child killings.  While police close to the investigation quickly dismissed it as bullshit, it is the bravest piece of writing I have ever seen.  The author was threatened while researching the book and after it was published.  If you don’t believe it, check out what happened to people involved in the investigation into a child sex ring in Nebraska in The Franklin Cover Up: Chile Abuse, Satanism and Murder in Nebraska, by John W. DeCamp,, and The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse and Betrayal, by Nick Bryant.,

In July 1976 the party was over for Fox Island patrons when charges were filed against Richards and later against Shelden and Grossman for CSC 1st degree for the rape of two boys in Port Huron and on Fox Island.  Richards was arrested but neither Shelden or Grossman were ever served with warrants.  The foot-dragging by the prosecuting attorneys representing Port Huron and Ann Arbor ensured that these multi-millionaires would easily have plenty of time to destroy records and flee the country in their private jets.  While Richards was arrested on July 23, 1976, according to a case file entry dated August 2, 1976, Washtenaw County Prosecutor Peter Deegan “wants to wait on warrant for Sheldon [sic] until invest. Is completed.”  The thousands of boys these men raped over the next decades sure thank you for that, Pete.

A September 27, 1976 entry notes that:  “The St. Clair Prosecutor was contacted with request for warrant for Grossman for sex crime last summer.  He has not authorized as yet due to work load.  [Seriously????!]  If/when warrant is issued, the information will be related to same authority the above info will be referred to.”

And then on October 8, 1976—“Re-open complaint.  Complaint was closed in error.  Attempts will be made to obtain warrants for Dyer Grossman & Francis Shelden.”  [Why bother at this point, bozos, they are long gone!]

Meanwhile, the lowly gym teacher takes the bullet for the group; but it barely grazes him, given the crimes he committed.  He provided information and testimony (relatively self-serving b.s.) concerning these “child care” fronts, pled guilty and received a 2-10 year sentence at Jackson.  He would serve nowhere near 10 years and was back out on the streets in relatively short order.

Richards told police that if anything were to ever happen to Shelden, Richards was to go to his home and destroy the files with porno photos, etc., “to save Shelden’s parents and relatives any embarrassment.”  We can’t have any of that, now can we? When prosecutors finally got around to issuing a search warrant, all of Shelden’s file cabinets were empty.  Can you imagine the customer list detailing who could afford to fly up to Fox Island for a little retreat with underprivileged boys?

It turned out Fox Island and Brother Pauls were linked up with other sick entities around the country.  Two other organizations were linked up with the Church of Revelation and their network was thought to involve some 5,000 clients.  “Boys Farm, Inc.,” a boys’ camp in Tennessee was raided in November 1976.  The “farm,” which housed “wayward boys” from around Tennessee, was founded and operated by an ordained Episcopalian priest, Rev. Claduis I. (Bud) Vermilye, Jr.  A list of 270 camp “sponsors” was confiscated.  These men were from around the country and included Frank Shelden.

Other men in Michigan were found to be “sponsors” of Fr. Bud’s boys camp.  Their names are redacted from the MSP case file, but one was a principal of an elementary school, one an employee of Wayne County Dept. of Social Services (and a single foster parent to a boy), another an officer of a Walled Lake company (a bank?), as well as an employee of the University of Michigan.  These men were interviewed in January 1977.  All expressed shock over the discovery of pedophilia at the “farm,” even though two had visited the farm and all had received “mailings” from the farm.

The second organization was a boyscout troop in New Orleans—Troop 137.  Troop leader Richard Halverson (51), a probation officer and foster father to two boys who were wards of the state, and assistant leaders Raymond (Tom) Woodall and Harry Cramer, used boys for sex and porn.  Richard C. Jacobs, a Boston millionaire, was indicted on 15 counts as a participant in these crimes.

According to Wright, “[a]uthorities believe that the investigation into North Fox Island, New Orleans and the Tennessee boys farm has ‘only scratched the surface.  Correspondence and films seized in the raids came from Australia and Canada and virtually every state in the Union,’ authorities said.”

During this same time period, police arrested the owners/directors of a summer camp near Yankee Springs Recreation Area, between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo.  Arrested were Dr. Lloyd Lange (42, a dentist) living in Park Ridge, IL, and John Bell (19), David Welch (26) and David John Berta (32).

On May 20, 1977, Elden Gale Wake (40), publisher of the explicit  “boylover” newsletter, Hermes, was arraigned in Lake County, IL, on obscenity charges in connection with an alleged nationwide child pornography ring.  (The Record-Eagle, Traverse City, p. 8, May 20, 1977.)

On February 15, 1988, Gerald Richards, now out of prison, was arrested by the Postal Inspector for trafficking in kiddie porn.  His public defender told police he was acting alone and “trying to get the goods” on a kiddie porn dealer so he could turn him in because he has completely reformed.  This plan backfired, he said, when he was entrapped by the postal service.

After a nationwide search, authorities discovered Shelden was living in the Netherlands.  Dyer Grossman was apparently never located.  Shelden was never extradited and died at age 68 on July 1, 1996.  The long-outstanding Michigan warrant for Shelden was cancelled and on May 2, 1997, a state police report indicates the status of the case as:  “Exceptional clearance, suspect is dead and cannot be prosecuted, but was obviously involved.”  Obviously.

I find it remarkable that there are only two mentions of the MSP OCCK Task Force in the MSP Fox Island file documents.  On May 3, 1979, reporting officer Donald L. Chappell notes:  “D/Sgt. Bonnell retired; no working Oakland Co. Task Force—indicated persons involved in North Fox Island may be in narcotics—Dorthy Wunderlich advised Alger Shelden’s  new address.  On December 4, 1979, Trooper Bailey’s journal entry says:  “Copy of report made for Lt. Robertson and relayed to District HQ via Lt. G. McKenzie.”

The MSP case file on Fox Island contains a meager amount of information given the magnitude of the case, but after all, it involved massive interstate crime so the FBI was involved.  Surely their file contained a wealth of information (no pun intended).  My Dad filed a FOIA request in 2011 for FBI documents concerning Chris Busch and Francis Shelden.  Both are deceased, it should have been no problem.  But guess what?  Believe it or not, the files were among those destroyed in a catastrophic (their word) flood at one of the FBI storage facilities.  Two Beezlebubs’ files destroyed in a catastrophic FBI flood; it doesn’t get much better than that.  Unless, of course, the dog ate their files.

While police on the street are breaking their backs, a few levels up the chain-of-command, no one wants to connect the dots.

In late January 1977, Flint PD arrests Greg Greene for CSC 1st degree.  He tells police he knows who killed Mark Stebbins (in February 1976)—Chris Busch.  Greene “stated Busch had a cabin up near West Branch where he would take young boys.  He stated he may have a map on how to get there” and that “he would assist officers any way he could.”  (FOIA Doc. 01074.)   Police searched Greene’s van for this map but found instead two Polaroid pictures of a young boy involved in the CSC case, and two pairs of young girls panties.  (01075.) Officers then went to his home and found the map.  As described in a prior post, Flint PD and others affiliated with the OCCK Task Force then arrest Chris Busch in Alma, search his home and find ligatures and child porn.

On February 22, 1977, The Detroit News ran an article headlined:  “Oakland County link probed in sexual exploiting of boys.”  Check this out (bold print and bracketed information added by me):

An investigation into the alleged sexual exploitation of young boys, which already has produced three arrests in Flint [Greene, Busch and Douglas Bennett], will be extended into Oakland County.

Oakland County Prosecutor L. Brooks Patterson confirmed today that information developed in the Flint Investigation suggests that some of the victimized boys had been procured in Oakland County.  [Busch told police in his interview that he “comes down to the Detroit area to pick up young boys.  (01081)]

An officer in the juvenile section of the Flint police department, who was instrumental in the arrests, said yesterday Oakland County authorities have asked his help in determining whether sex crimes were committed in their jurisdiction.

Police Officer Thomas Waldron said it is his understanding that Oakland County is faced with a large number of complaints similar to those made in Flint, where an estimated 50 prepubescent boys were allegedly forced to commit sex acts with men, with each other and before cameras.

But, Patterson said he is unaware of any increase in the ‘usual number of scattered instances’ of homosexual complaints in Oakland County.  [Typical inability to distinguish homosexuality and pedophilia back in the day.  And surely there was none of that going on in wealthy Oakland County, right?]  Waldron was scheduled to meet with representatives of the Oakland County prosecutor’s office today.

Patterson emphasized that the cases are seemingly unrelated to the murder of Mark Stebbins, a 12-year-old Ferndale boy, sexually molested and then killed early last year.

Waldron said Oakland County investigators have interviewed two of the men arrested in Flint, have given them lie detector tests and have concluded the men are not suspects in the Stebbins case.  . . .

Genessee County Prosecutor Robert F. Leonard said yesterday the defendants may have passed boys from one to another, and the scheme may have had ‘nationwide’ ties.  He said his office is investigating the possibility the defendants may have been linked to Grosse Pointe multimillionaire Francis D. Shelden, missing since allegations that his youth camp on a Lake Michigan Island near Traverse City was a homosexual haven became public last year.  [Again, it was a PEDOPHILE HAVEN that also involved the making of child pornography.]

Busch is free on $1,000 cash bond, while Bennett and Green are in Genessee County Jail in lieu of $15,000 and $75,000 bonds, respectively.  No date has been set for the trials of any of the men.

Flint police have also obtained a warrant against a fourth man allegedly involved in the scheme.  He is reported to be out of state.

One of the members of the post-2005 task force called retired Flint Detective Tom Waldron on June 23, 2009.  (01287):  “I called and spoke with Tom Waldron today about Busch & Greene.  I couldn’t believe how vivid his memory was about Busch & Greene and the investigation into these two back in January of 1977.  Tom was encouraged about our lead and agreed to meet with me and shed as much light as he could on these guys connection to the child killings.  Waldron told me that he never knew about a drawing of the Stebbins boy, and ropes being found in Busch’s home in Birmingham and that he had committed suicide in 1978.”

A week later, two members of the task force interview Tom Waldon in person.  The lead interviewer described the meeting as follows:

Waldron remembered the case involving Chris Busch & Greg Greene very well and said he and others were ‘flattened’ when [redacted, but by now we all know that they were flattened when Busch and Greene “passed” their polygraphs with the MSP].  Waldron said, ‘He couldn’t believe it, and said he and the others all thought for sure they were the guys involved in the child killings.’  Waldron said that he remembers that Deputy Oakland County Prosecutor Dick Thompson came up to Flint in a snow storm that day.  Waldron added that Thompson was a ‘Big-wig’ in Oakland County and would not have come up there if they didn’t think they had the killers.

            I asked Waldron what he though when I told him [redacted].  Waldron was shaken by this, hung his head and said, ‘This should have been solved 32 years ago.’  He stated that Busch & Greene met each other in a bar in Oakland County, which would have been early in 1976, stating further that this is where they probably discussed their common interests in children.  Waldron told us that Busch and Greene were into exchanging kids and would meet at a gravel pit in Holly, Michigan (Northern Oakland County) to swap the kids.  He said that Greene would bring a boy from Flint and Busch would bring one from who knows where.  . . .

Waldron started talking about when he and a couple other Detectives drove to Alma to arrest Chris Busch.  Waldron talked about Busch owning and operating a restaurant in Alma that was purchased by his father [redacted].  He said that after they arrested Busch, they searched his house and found ropes, shotguns, marijuana, and a suitcase with child pornography.  Waldron described the pornography as being 8-10 8mm type homemade movies involving children having sex in a tent in a wooded area.  Waldron said that you could see the arm of an adult male in the movie, directing the kids on what to do sexually, because they didn’t know.  He stated that this suitcase also contained commercially produced child porn magazines, photos and movies.  Waldron said that this property was all confiscated and brought to the Flint Police Department, as part of their case.  He went on to say that he remembers at some point in February or March of 1977, the FBI came and picked up the suitcase of pornography to analyze the victims involved.

            Greene told Waldron where he hid a pack of pictures in his backyard on [redacted].  Greene said that he wrapped the pack of pornographic Polaroid pictures of kids in tin-foil and hid them under the snow near the downspout in the rear yard.  Waldron said that he went to Greene’s house on [redacted], dug through the ice and snow near the downspout and located the pack of pictures.  Waldron told us that as far as he can remember these pictures were never given to the OCCK task force for comparison, because Busch & Greene had been cleared [after the polygraph with Ralph Cabot of the MSP].  Waldron said that he thinks this pack of pictures was put on evidence at Flint PD.  Waldron went on to say that if we call Gary Alford with the cold case squad at the Genesee County Prosecutors Office, he might be able to help us locate these pictures.  Alford is a former Flint PD detective.  (01288, 01289.)

I’m not at all surprised at how vivid retired detective Tom Waldron’s memory was about their investigation into Busch and Greene.  I’m sure that shit is pretty hard to forget.  A few months after retired detective Tom Waldron spoke with the task force in June 2009, he passed away.

Third page.

Third page.

“1-28-1977: Detectives conduct a consent search of Busch’s home at [redacted]. Detectives find 2 shotguns, 1/2 – 1 lb. of Marijuana and 2 suitcases. 1 suitcase contained ropes and the other contained child pornography, including child porn films and scrapbooks. The 2 suitcases found in Busch’s home in Alma, were confiscated by Flint PD as evidence in their CSC case.” Where are those 2 suitcases? Allegedly the FBI came calling for them. But they are long, long gone.