Fr. Gary Berthiaume, Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church, Farmington, MI

Thank you to a reader for these photos of Fr. Gary Berthiaume, circa 1974. I always wonder when pedophiles get busted why LE does not publish photos of these people back when they were in their prime offending years. That old, sad sack photo of Ted Lamborgine, for instance, does not reflect the evil, wig-wearing, freak POS who was terrorizing boys back in the 1970s and 1980s (and I’m sure well-past that). The failure to publish these photos reflects, to me, a desire to keep the victim count down.

These photos of Berthiaume are from The Michigan Catholic, 1974, provided by a former parishioner of Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Farmington, Oakland County, Michigan. I am told he kept his sideburns long well after 1974. Remind you of anyone?

Berthiaume served time (if you call 6 months “time”) for child sex crimes in 1977. He was moved to Ohio and then Illinois, from parish to parish, as part of the clergy protection program that has been in force all over the world, apparently since the beginning of time.

He “passed” a polygraph concerning the OCCK case back in 1977. I believe he has been swabbed for DNA in the case as well. He may have no connection to these crimes, but may well have other victims out there and some knowledge of the pedophile rings operating in Oakland County during the reign of the OCCK.

If this guy has 4 or 5 known victims, there are probably many, many more. If you were victimized by this man, come forward. He has been extradited to face child sex abuse charges in Michigan dating back to 1977. The statute of limitations is not a bar because he fled Michigan to evade justice. Michigan AG Dana Nessel’s office is continuing its investigation into clergy sex abuse. CALL THE AG’S OFFICE IF YOU WERE VICTIMIZED BY THIS MAN.

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  1. Did you see the article today about how they are reorganizing all the parishes in Detroit??? Ha! Yeah right! So they can hide all the pedophile Priests???

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  2. There’s absolutely no need to worship Mary, but “Our Lady of Sorrows” seems appropriate. Perhaps the Vatican should alter it’s premployment filters to include a DNA swab and a Polygraph. So Sad.
    However, is there any association between this church and yours, back then?
    Mouton chop Gary looks like a perfect overlay of that police sketch.
    Did he ever borrow Arch Sloan’s car?
    Would he have had access to the schools that these young people would have attended?

    1. I agree on the DNA swab and baseline polygraph! A condition for entering the seminary.

      Don’t know about any association between the churches, how these freaks circulated around, or if he had some side gig that brought him into contact with groups of kids.

      We were members of St. Alan’s parish and later Holy Name (due to a move; it was not a friendly place as I recall). I really hope Berthiaume gets grilled hard because LE knows so much more know than it did when they were interviewing him in 1977. Someone at the AG’ s office needs to speak with retired Det. Cory Williams about lines of questioning. The problem with criminals like Berthiaume is that they get away with so much for so long and on top of it protected by the church, they are worse than the most hardened jailbird about telling what they know. Or he will go for the simple response of officials and law enforcement in Oakland County–“I don’t recall.”

      Frankly, he will lie anyway. I say f him. No deals and no “poor old man” considerations about spending the last years of his life in the big house. It’s about time.

  3. Just finished Marney’s book. That was the first reference I’d seen to Lamborgine and his wig. Are you aware of any photos of him wearing it? Thanks

    1. No–the only photo I have seen of him before he was on the radar in 2005 after Wayne County arrested him was his senior year high school photo. A reader found that and sent it to me. Am told the wigs were expensive human hair wigs.

  4. I c a huge resemblance 2 the wanted poster of the occk ….that poster scares me 2 the bone till this day!

  5. Oh, yeah, Sorrows for sure. Oh yeah, Michigan Catholic. How many times did I collect it from the mailbox?

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