Affidavit for Search Warrant

Some asked for a copy of this affidavit for search warrant in support of the search of the old Busch family home in October 2008. I scanned it, so I figured I would also post it again today.

The search warrant was executed almost a full year after the name Christopher Busch surfaced decades after his family, attorneys and private polygrapher, not to mention Bloomfield Township PD, Birmingham PD and the Michigan State Police, L.Brooks Patterson and Richard Thompson, believed this fuck would never be spoken of again. A year to execute a search warrant. That’s what happens when the MSP and OCP wade in.

It was also right at the tail end of Prosecutor David Gorcyca’s term serving Oakland County. We all know who stepped in for way too many years after that.

Interesting reading.

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  1. crimebuffy says:

    Hi Cathy: Thinking if you & your family and sending well wishes.
    Did they ever get back the results of this search warrant?

    • cathybroad says:

      Thanks, it has been rough.

      The stuff all got bagged up, marked and “ready to go should it be needed.” I do not know what, if any, tests were run or if they were run, what the results were.

  2. KP says:

    It is so shocking that Busch states the exact location that he liked to pick up boys correlated with where the first three kids were picked up. He admits that he is a serial molester, but he “passes” a polygraph so all is good? WTF?????

    I don’t know how you can control your anger. That bastard should’ve been in jail- he ruined so many lives. I read al the FOIA docs before and knew all of what was in the warrant, but the way it was all laid out here really brought it home- the corrupt system in Oakland County basically killed children and injured countless others that were abused.

    Heartbreaking and infuriating.

    • cathybroad says:

      Chris Busch and his enabler family ruined so many lives. His ability to do so, and to continue to do so with impunity, traces right back to the legal system (every level of it) in Oakland County, Midland County, and Gennesee County. But especially Oakland County.

      After over a decade of reviewing documents in this case and listening to others who have their own disturbing stories about the legal system in Oakland County, and the failure of those living there to protect children, I am convinced it is an utterly corrupt county. Perhaps off-the-charts corrupt.

      They bent the rules to cover their asses and continue to do so. It is a cancer that will follow that county always. There are some still alive who made a deal with the devil. I wonder how it impacted their lives. What happened infects the thinking and psyche of the entire place. If you “come from a good family” you get a pass. Some of these “good families” in Bloomfield Village were no better than the family of another monster, Greg Greene. Or Ted Lamborgine. Or Arch Sloan. Those three freaks wound up in prison. Chris Busch stayed on the streets. He ended up dead, which must have been a relief for his family members, a few of whom continued to live their lives like nothing ever happened. Must be nice.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Cathy;

    Some things to ponder with your readers.

    Has there ever been any follow up of the white animal hairs found on the victims? Wasn’t there rumors of DNA study on them to determine animal type? I thought samples were sent to California labs for studies years ago? If anything to determine animal type.

    Furthermore let’s say they were determined to be a specific dog type. The question for forensic types out there is if the animal hair DNA could be determined on the victims, wouldn’t there still be hairs in the backyard of a residence (Busch, Hastings, etc) that could be found and possibly matched? I would think dogs are taken outside all the time and surely shag fur all the time. Wouldn’t there still be dog hair remains of this in the ground 50 years later? Has there ever been a crime solved before thru animal DNA matching tracing back to their owners or is there such a thing?

    Whatever the case it is completely ridiculous after all of these years and still a mystery behind these hairs on the victims. Is this secrecy due to keeping some known facts to preserve the case or is it purely to hide incompetence and lack of investigation?

    • cathybroad says:

      I’m betting on the latter. Nothing motivates a law enforcement agency such as the MSP or the OCP like the need to cover their asses. Same with B’ham PD and Bloomfield Township PD.

  4. Paul Jolliffe says:

    Chris Busch sure seems a monster in these documents. The massive evidence that he and Greg Green repeatedly teamed up to rape young boys in multiple locations is absolutely 100% certain.

    What we don’t have, though, is any evidence that Busch “liked” girls. Nothing, and I mean nothing, indicates that Busch ever displayed the slightest interest in girls. Busch was a photographer for the North Fox Island ring in 1976, but that ring was exclusively about creating boy pornography, not girl pornography. Busch admitted to fantasizing about kidnapping and raping young boys, not little girls.

    Of the three locations Busch mentioned to Lt. Doan, only one is very specific – Hartfield Lanes Bowling Alley, kitty-corner from the 7-11 on 12 Mile in Berkley.

    And yet, no boy victim in this case was “picked up” there.

    According to her mother, Kristine Mihelich was very much a “girly girl.” Indeed, she had gone to that 7-11 to buy a teen girl magazine! No would-be kidnapper would have mistaken her for a boy. Even if, at a distant glance, such a would-be kidnapper was at first mistaken, they would have realized their error in a heartbeat.

    The kidnapper took Kristine knowing that she was a little girl. And that just doesn’t fit any evidence we have about Chris Busch.

    Anyway, I have never seen a credible scenario in which Chris Busch was a kidnapper. That fat, bearded slob of a pig was repulsive – no young child, no matter how credulous – would ever have gone with Busch anywhere.

    Kristine’s kidnapper was someone else.

    Busch MAY have guarded her later, or he may have witnessed her kidnapping, or he may have abetted it somehow. But if he did, it wasn’t in furtherance of his usual activities/fantasies about boys. IF he was involved in any way with Kristine at any point, it must have been as part of something else, something headed by men who specifically wanted young girls.

    (The other two locations in Lt. Doan’s report are not specific – 9 Mile and Woodward is a massive intersection, and so too is 13 Mile and Woodward. No would-be kidnapper/rapist/pedophile “picks up” a boy in the middle of an intersection. What was needed in 1977 was for the detectives to pin Busch down on the specifics. They didn’t. Thanks, guys. Great help.)

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