The Michigan State Police OCCK tip line is “no longer a working number.” Call it yourself and see.

It was a sham to begin with. Now we have confirmation of it.

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  1. In June 2016, the FBI and local law enforcement announced a national publicity campaign and a $50,000 reward in hopes of bringing the Golden State Killer to justice. The cold case involved a string of escalating, horrific crimes between 1976 and 1986.


    Said Sgt. Paul Belli of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department: “Our lifelines are people who give us information. It all boils down to people helping.”

    Two years later, the Sacramento district attorney announced the arrest of the Golden State Killer. Two months after that (this past August), the killer pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life.


    1. Thanks, maggie. As another reader said, there is just no end to the egregiousness. There will be no justice in this case, but there will be exposure.

  2. I’m so sorry. Like all other aspects of this case, this is beyond fucked up.
    Other residents of Oakland County: who do we call to complain about this tip line?? I realize it will likely fall on deaf ears, but that doesn’t mean it is ok to let the tip line shut down without protest. I don’t want to make Cathy continue do the work on this. I’m sure many of us following this blog are still OC residents who do not want to among those who have turn their backs on the case (even though I understand the pull to not want to acknowledge this level of sadness and depravity in your own community). Let’s all call and email Dana Nessel and our new prosecutor until someone starts paying attention. As the old guard goes out, maybe someone with some integrity at the higher level in state government will be willing to rip the cover off this horrible mess. Probably not, but it’s all we’ve got and the very least these families and kids deserve.

    1. Excellent point – I no longer live in Oakland County but I will write a letter to the AG and the new prosecutor. Yes it’s shocking, disgusting and unpleasant to learn about the depravity that existed in our own neighborhoods back then and I didn’t want to believe it but it’s true and it was ( and probably still is) extensive . It’s easier to not have to think about it but that’s a luxury the King family and the families of Mark, Jill and Kristine did not have. We as concerned citizens have to stand up.

  3. FFS! Wow.

    At this point, screw it…perhaps using something as simple and relatively streamlined as Twitter, might move the needle. Most people have Twitter. Most people look at Twitter non-stop…and SHARE non-stop.

    Get you, your friends, their friends and so on, etc. to be LOUD, ANNOYING and RELENTLESS. Flood the platform with questions for MSP and Oakland County. Flood their Twitter pages and Direct Messages. Keep asking why? Why was the number disconnected? Why has the ball been dropped so much? WHY!?!

    I think if done right and consistently, Twitter can be more affective the Facebook.

    I don’t know. Just trying to think of real time, quick and efficient ways to call these people out publicly, in a different way. If it’s been tried ready, then disregard. But maybe something would happen, maybe not. But anything is worth a try. Public embarrassment and constant public questioning is what is left. They can’t hang up on a tweet, or not “answer the phone”, or call off a meeting through a tweet. It’s out there for all to see.


  4. Thanks, Matt. And respond to their gaslighting responses, if there are any. Their gaslighting is the only thing that is transparent in this case.

  5. Such idiots. This only reinforces the point that this whole case has been a cover up. What better thing to do than dismantle the tip line when there is a new book about the case. They never want this solved. Bastards.

    1. There were enough “high society” pedophiles and child porn aficionados in Oakland County and Michigan who could pick up the phone and call a prosecutor or a judge and make sure things stayed dark. Then add in the bungled responses by the local PDs, the MSP, and the “clearing” of Busch and Greene by the MSP and L. Brooks Patterson, Patterson’s personal need to make sure “his county” was not revealed to be a hotbed of organized pedophelia, and finally the MSP’s obstructionist failure to advance legit leads from 2005 forward and there really is only one conclusion. They need this thing to stay dead.

      1. I am also sure the Brooks didn’t want it to be known that he dismissed Busch as a suspect month before Tim was picked up, and he signed off on a Busch 800 dollar/2 year probation plea deal. (When Busch was not supposed to get probation, and co-offender Green ended up in jail.)

        If all that had gotten out at the time, Brooks’ career may have been over. I still can’t believe the media show that was put on that Brooks was so invested in this case at the time. Well, I guess he was, just not in the way we all thought.

        1. Ugh, Brooks.

          That racist, selfish, elitist piece of shit. Constantly starting racist division and insults of Detroit/Wayne County (sure, some deserved but not the extent he went), and trying to paint the fake picture of his “beautiful” (rich), sunny (rich), shining (rich), family friendly (ahem, rich) County against the region.

          Well, let’s be honest…he only cared about Oakland County from Royal Oak, northward. South of that though, screw them.

          And that’s not even to speak of the disaster his handling and involvement in this case was.

          Just a bad, bad guy.

          1. He took his secrets to the grave like the self-serving POS he was. I’m telling you, that photo of him in the 2014 New Yorker magazine article made me physically ill. Reading the article was even worse. It’s so, so obvious.

            1. Yeah Cathy, reading that article made me burn inside. The smugness and lack of true empathy for people that are not rich/friends with him and his family, was sickening.

              L. Brooks Patterson was kind of a real life version of Mr. Potter
              X100, from the movie Its A Wonderful Life…only more sadistic, if people can believe that.

              He knew. His family knows. His cronies know. And their families know. He’s gone, but some day, his secrets will be made public and every bit of shame and embarrassment will be deserved. That’s the LEAST he should get.

        1. I followed up by sending an email to the general oakland county email address asking for an explanation why nothing seems to work. We will see if that works. (ocso@oakgov.com)

  6. I reached out to Oakland County and Mike Bouchard’s office responded. They said the number to be used for the tip line is (888) TURN-1-IN

    1. My mistake – that is the Oakland County tip line. I am reaching out to the MSP to find out what happened to their number.

  7. OR, They KNOW the case was in effect solved via the Busch, Green, Sheldon, Fox island leads brought to light by Det. Williams and others who care about the families. Truth is always simple, and it is lies that are complex. All the lies are to protect how they botched and/or covered up in this case.

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