You, too, can file a FOIA request.

Check out this awesome email I got today:

Hi Cathy,
I just finished the last episode of the podcast [Episode 8 of The Clown and the Candyman] when you posted your blog post.  This podcast is absolutely ground-breaking and it reminded me that I wanted to share with you documents I received from a FOIA request I submitted on Gregory Greene’s arrest in Orange County.  (attached). You may already have this but I wanted to send in case you didn’t.   A couple things from the case:

  • Greene was arrested with an older man–Edgar Herbert Mohan Jr. (age 45, married) in 1976 in Fountain Valley, CA on molestation charges.  Edgar sponsored Greene’s softball team and managed a local furniture business.  
  • After listening to the podcast it really drove home that there was a larger network.  How could a 25 year old Greene who was new to CA make contact with a much older man, Mohan, who just happened to share his interests?  
  • The documents are not redacted and it names all of the minors involved.  I researched them and the tragedy is that all have had very difficult lives.  Particularly one child, Gregg Maroney, who is now an offender himself.  Greene was an atom bomb.

. . .

Lastly I wanted to say how sorry I am that your father has passed.  He is truly an inspiration to me as are you.  And like Det Moran said in the podcast–killers need to know that they will be pursued until the day they die.  I am in this for the long haul!  


I’m not going to post the 22 pages of FOIA documents because there are many, many unredacted names of victims within them. What readers don’t realize is that a lot of the documents I have received contain no redactions whatsoever. I try my best not to expose a victim or a good citizen who did the right thing by coming forward. (FYI, I don’t waste my whiteout on a victim who becomes a sex offender.) I invariably miss one or leave a first letter showing and then at least three people comment to point it out and make it worse. So fuck it, I’m not posting these.

The important points from the documents obtained by this reader are listed above and are highlighted in the news articles attached to the email, which I will post below. I would point out that the case file did remind me that the State of California revoked Greene’s probation in abstentia in August 1977, remanding him to prison but noting he was now incarcerated in a Michigan prison. So while Michigan is letting sex offenders like Chris Busch stay on the street even after telling police repeatedly after arrested that he sexually abuses children, California is making sure that if a POS criminal like Greene ends up back in California it will be go to prison, go directly to prison.

Here are the articles sent by the reader. The online community is a force. Thank you.

I will post tomorrow about how easy it is to file a FOIA request. There’s nothing special to it. By law, the agency has to respond. And odds are, you won’t get the triple surcharge imposed on requests made by relatives of Tim King.

The Dust Never Settles

The final episode of the podcast The Clown and the Candyman dropped on Tuesday. Episode 8, The Dust Never Settles is a powerful episode. If you have not listened to the previous episodes, you can start here and work your way back.

The series is groundbreaking in its exposure and comparison of the wide web of pedophile networks operating in the 1970s and the serial killers who operated around and within that world. Written and hosted by Jacqueline Bynon and produced by Tara Hughes (of the team that brought Children of the Snow, a documentary on the OCCK cases to the ID channel and then Hulu), the series brought new information to light, showed the true scope of pedophile rings operating in the 1970s and provided a message to the public concerning unsolved crimes from that era.

In Episode 8, listen to Cook County, IL, Sheriff’s Det./Lt. Jason Moran, head of the cold case unit, discuss the work he has done to try to identify the last unidentified victims of Gacy. I was impressed by this remarkable detective, and at the same time devastated by the contrast between the way he approached his cases and the way the Michigan State Police and Oakland County law enforcement continue to approach the OCCK case. The contrast will take your breath away.

And listen to Dr. Sharon Derrick describe her efforts while at the crime lab in Houston to try to identify the body of a boy buried over 40 years ago in serial killer Dean Corrl’s rented boathouse. You can hear the commitment in both Derrick and Moran’s voices to getting answers on behalf of the murdered boys. They don’t pick fights with or disparage the families; they work to find answers with complete dedication, hard work and compassion. Moran even tells listeners how to report information on the cases he is working on. I bet his tip line doesn’t go dead. Listen to how both embrace new DNA technology and methodologies.

These are all cases as old or older than the OCCK cases. And DNA testing advancements are exploding.

Lt. Moran talked about the importance of cold case investigations and asked “When do the police and society stop caring about someone that was murdered or someone that went missing? Is it five years? Is it fifteen years? Killers need to know that you are going to be pursued until the day you die. That just because you got away with murder a year ago, or two years ago, or ten years ago doesn’t mean you can let your guard down. There is going to be a cold case detective somewhere that’s going to be looking for you.

Jacqueline Bynon observes that the episode was named “The Dust Never Settles,” because even after many decades, the grief never goes away for the murdered and the missing and the trauma never goes away for the kids abused by pedophiles “and many of the predators never paid for their crimes.” She points out “Evil thrives on our inattention.” Organized pedophiles thrived in Oakland County because it was “safe” for them to do so. A suit, a little prestige, or a house on one of those nice little lakes was as good as having “informant” status like pedophile Richard Lawson did with Detroit PD.

When were Mark, Jill, Kristine and Tim forgotten by Oakland County law enforcement and the Michigan State Police? In less than two years, in December 1978 when the task force shut down the investigation and took steps to make sure any inquiry down the road would lead nowhere. Evil thrives on our inattention–imagine, in the wake of that shuttered task force with no arrests whatsoever under its belt, how many children continued to be victimized by pedophiles in Oakland County when the OCCK case got shut down. As Bynon observes, money and power have always made things “go away.” The MSP and Oakland County ensured that not only would there be no answers in the murders of four children, but that none of the pedophiles and child porn operators and consumers in Oakland County would ever answer for their crimes. Reputations intact, they could and undoubtedly did, continue to victimize children for the rest of their lives.

Manner of Death

A reader made some interesting observations:

One aspect of the suicide scene that needs an additional look at is his blood/alcohol level which was measured at .41%. The AMA states that a .40% level is lethal in 50% of the adult population.
This brings up a few thoughts.

1) Busch was obviously blind drunk, probably pass out drunk when he died. Would he have the physical capability to go upstairs, wrap himself around in his sheets, load and properly aim a rifle right between his eyes?

2) In this physical condition he would be able to offer very little to no resistance. He’d be a very easy mark to be killed!

3) If he was dead before he was shot, how exactly was he killed? Even though the forensic analysis at the scene came up way short of of a true investigation, there didn’t appear to be any obvious things such as stab wounds, strangulation marks, etc.)
Could he have been killed the same way the kids were by someone from the OCCK gang to keep him from spilling the beans. Someone who participated the murders.
The real purpose of the gunshot to the head was to mask how he really died. It was very effective given the quality of police work.
Very similar to the Jill Robinson disposal scene

Just for “fun,” compare a few pages from the long out-of-print 1980 book The Oakland County Child Killer, written by Michael L. Parrott. It would appear from this chapter and indeed most of the book, that Mr. Parrott was a true master of retrocognition. Check it out:

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