Cold Case Arrest: After more than 30 years, DNA links Georgia boy’s death to convicted sex offender

Eight-year-old Joshua Harmon was reported missing by his parents on May 15, 1988 when he didn’t return home for dinner. After several hours of searching, his body was found in a wooded area near his Georgia apartment.
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4 thoughts on “Cold Case Arrest: After more than 30 years, DNA links Georgia boy’s death to convicted sex offender”

  1. One Sentence in the story tells the difference between this case, and the OCCK cases. Detectives “never gave up hope of bringing the killer to justice”. Oakland County never gives up hope that their case will fade away over time, and just be a bad memory. It’s a shame for the families, because they deserve so much better than they have gotten

  2. And I bet the Roswell PD and the prosecutor’s office there did not mess with Joshua’s family or lie to them and the public about the case. When my Dad started asking questions about his son’s case after The Man’s little bitch Larry Wasser blew it, a counteroffensive began that had nothing to do with solving the murders of four little kids. Don’t believe for a minute the “such a sad case, we’ve done the best we could” bullshit coming out of the OCS and the MSP’s offices. The only thing they, and the predecessors in the OCP office, are sad about is that they are going to get exposed. One way or the other. You can shut us down with your FOIA abuses, your “ongoing investigation” bullshit, the “Mr. King forgets things,” and the hold you seem to have on the cowards practicing law in your county and working for government there. You won’t rock your money boat and all deserve to go down with the pirate ship. The shame will always hang over Oakland County, not for fucking up the murder investigations, but for the lies and ass-covering you have done while on the public tit. It’s too late to come clean now. This is your legacy.

    1. Sorry the phone number I posted is only for the Washington DC area, well I asked how we can make a complaint against OCS and MSP and she said Internal Affairs, American Civil Union, Office of Attorney General of Michigan, Department of Justice, and Bar Association, I am sure you have exhausted all of these, I guess the only thing left is the President himself.

      1. Thank you, Survivor. Department of Justice (even in transition disarray), ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, all would offer more hope than any entities in MI. The Michigan State Bar Association–foxes guarding the chicken coop. Thank you to a reader who reminded me of the words of an international Swiss attorney, Nils Melzer, who said something along these lines: Those in authority who do not respond to reports of victims and allow the atrocities to continue–this is torture. The survivors of the child sex ring that was blooming in Oakland County in the 1970s and 1980s? Nobody listened then or now. Victims who were murdered after being raped or assaulted? Move on, nothing we can do here. Everybody’s dead, nothing to see here and you are crazy. Any reaction gets turned back on us. Definition of gaslighting.

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