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A private cold case team claimed today that it has identified the notorious Zodiac Killer, who terrorized Northern California in the late 1960s and taunted authorities with cryptic notes. Investigators with the Case Breakers — led by former FBI agents and retired law enforcement officials — identified the infamous killer as Gary Francis Poste, who died in 2018.

The FBI and the Riverside, CA, PD aren’t having any of it. You know, “open investigation” and “DNA evidence, what DNA evidence?!” and all.

But take a look at The Case Breakers:,

The Case Breakers are a 40+ member national task force of crack investigators — from working millennials to retired octogenarians — with law enforcement, military, forensic, academic, legal and investigative skill sets. The mission: to use their combined 1500 years of experience and the latest technology to reverse-engineer some of the most stubborn crime mysteries, one dead end at a time.

But they don’t just close cases. When quietly deployed, the unpaid role models take the time to do it the old-fashioned way: with personal follow-ups, returned calls, crime anniversary door-knocks, stakeouts, security shifts, document searches, witness hunts and tracking court proceedings — for both justice and to correct injustice.

I prepared and mailed materials for Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald and Attorney General Dana Nessel this past January,, which was largely ignored. Let’s face it, really totally ignored. Since that time a lot of additional work has been done to drill down on the source of corruption in this case and the child sex/porn ring that operated in parallel with the OCCK crimes in Oakland and Wayne counties. People without police powers collectively have many thousands of hours of heavy lifting in this case and part of this work involves getting the searchable document repository up and running. Assuming they all agree, contacting this group seems like a logical next step.

I realize The Case Breakers like “quiet deployment,” but it certainly seems we are way past that point in this case. There is a lot to be considered, but what we have is certainly more cogent and more organized that what the Michigan State Police Task Force has scattered in their paper files. It could cut the work required to get up to speed in this case by more than half. In fact, it could bring things into stark focus.

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  1. You absolutely need to pursue things through this group, Cathy. I hope it leads to answers. Sending all the best to you and your family!

  2. As soon as I read that article yesterday I thought wow what could they do with the OCCK case? So excited you are engaging them. Excellent move, Cathy!

  3. Most definitely go for it Catherine !!! I’ve personally tried to get John Walsh to acknowledge this case. Of course zero came from it.

  4. Cathy, wish you the best. I really don’t know enough on this to say but if they solved the cases they have, they surely are dedicated and have the capabilities but also I suspect by now they have some magical connections out there which may be a ticket. They may be able to get thru with someone that can rattle some chains and get something done. Maybe eventually some wide open exposure to whomever is holding back on this case getting solved in recent times!!! Very disappointed that John Walsh doesn’t help but this could even be better.

  5. Oakland County, and the MSP seem to be doing everything within their powers to stop the OCCK cases from ever being solved. Instead of accepting ant help, or outside info, the powers that be disregard, or outright ignore it. I would think they would happily accept any assistance in resolving the murders of four children, and the assaults of numerous others

    1. They never have, David, and I think the reason is more than obvious. Now that LBP is dead, these complicit enablers need to open their files, do whatever they can with the DNA evidence and apologize to the entire state, the families, the police they fucked over by pulling this shit. The truth matters, so does integrity. Expose those who are corrupt, those who played along

      1. Cathy;

        Are you or any of your readers familiar with Johannes Spreen whom was sheriff of Oakland County during the early years of OCCK. Any possible King family interaction with him in those years? In fact he was a huge critic of the OCCK investigations and sounded like he made waves with many of them like Robertson Senior at the time. He went on to elsewhere like New York & California afterward, I believe. He did become rather a huge celebrity and author in the many years following. Authored a few books related to law enforcement in general. I believe I saw a chapter or two dedicated to OCCK but never pursued or knew anyone that knew about them or read them. Often wondered if reading his writings now would reflect on some of the internal corruption doings of LBP? Maybe some of it would be very apparent with what we know now about the case? Might become more evident why this case is so buried with mystery?

        1. No, no contact between our family and Johannes Spreen. I am familiar with the media coverage of his position on the OCCK case, have always thought he was a voice of reason. Read one of his books. He knew what PsOS Patterson and Thompson were/are and had to have had a higher IQ than Robertson and Krease put together. Patterson was behind locking him out because he knew Spreen smelled a rat. I will reread when I get a chance and post. Thanks for the comment.

  6. I’ve been going through all the investigator’s reports, that Cathy and her family have kindly made accessible by the public.
    It seems probable, that only a portion of the Lamborgine and Lawson victim’s interview summaries appear in those reports, and I couldn’t find victim interview summaries for the alleged Greene-Busch-Bennett “ring”. Nevertheless, there’s an impressive number of victim interviews and summaries, from various – potentially overlapping – child sex crime cases in the OCCK era.

    I couldn’t find, in all these reports, victims whose involvement with any of the pedophile predators, customer-exploiter-abusers of juvenile prostitutes, or pornographers, under investigation by the detectives involved, was precipitated by being abducted and held against their will.

    After some 35 years of researching the commercial child pornography ‘industry’, operating in the 1970’s, I still haven’t seen proof that any abducted child’s images appear in those products.

    I’m aware of the truly shocking statistics, for reports of attempted child abductions in Michigan during the OCCK era, and I’m not overlooking the reality of children being abducted and abused – in some cases also murdered – by sexual predators OTHER than the perps being investigated in the reports made available by the King family.

    But I’m not seeing any documentation connecting child abductions to the juvenile sex “ring” members, being investigated in those reports. Have I missed something?

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