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It will come as no surprise that H. Lee Busch was big into Boy Scouts of America in Huntington Woods way back when. What is surprising is that a reader was able to find any mention in the press about the ghost, H. Lee and his wife, Elsie.

Mention, too, of another GM exec who was a neighbor on lovely Morningview Terrace in upstanding Bloomfield Village.

Thank you very much to this reader for the articles.

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  1. This may have been brought up in this blog before, but this posting made me curious so I dug into the archives a bit too. In the February 19, 1977 issue of the Tribune, on page 2 there’s a very small article about Christopher Busch and 3 of his buddies being arrested in Genesee County for CSC. At the top of the article it has a reference that says “See also Page 20”. Then on Page 20 there’s a huge story about Kristine and the 30 days search for her that was still ongoing at the time. It’s so maddening and frustrating that the Tribune obviously made the connection, but Mr. Patterson and his cronies at OC must have buried it.

    1. I’m thinking the article referenced page 20 because it also discussed the Flint arrest. Not to make a connection to Oakland County.
      However the article also says at least 30 juvenile boys were molested by these 4 men (all from the Flint area), and they were being investigated. You would think it would be a bigger story with so many victims.

      1. It would have been a much bigger story if it didn’t link Greg Greene to Chris Busch. And Chris Busch was not from the Flint area. He lived and was arrested in Alma and brought to Flint PD because Greene told police Busch killed Mark Stebbins and also gave the name of one Flint area boy both Busch and Greene had assaulted in Genesee County. Very convenient “from” “mistake.” Kind of like the blue AMC Gremlin with a white hockey stripe versus the blue Chevy Vega with a white hockey stripe “mistake.” Chris Busch drove such a Vega and H. Lee wasn’t retired from AMC. Convenient mistakes at every turn.

        1. I agree. My comment about them stating “All from Flint” was sarcastic. I knew better. I agree also that the article stating this was a convenient mistake. It also gave the impression that the task force should get the credit for discovering this group of 4 men.

          1. I love sarcasm, so I’m sorry I missed that. The late Det. Tom Waldron of the Flint PD is the only person who should get any credit there. He was all over the Greene arrest–knew a boy’s mother said her missing son “spent the night” at Greene’s father’s home and got right on this when a middle school principal called about a month later to say some freak was hanging out near the school at dismissal time. Waldron went after Greene and spoke to numerous victims. This was during an era when police often ignored or downplayed these kinds of crimes. He’s the one who called the task force and said “you might want to hear this . . .” Did the task force ever ask the first three families if they knew or ever saw Greg Greene or Chris Busch in Oakland County? (Tim would be abducted about six weeks later.). No, they did not. The task force gets credit for nothing. Tom Waldron was the reason that monster Greene was locked up. But did the killing stop? No, it did not. Busch walked on February 1 and Tim was abducted on March 16.

  2. Good Finds. So they lived on Lincoln in H. Woods before Morningview Terrace in Bloomfield Township? And in between on 1036 North Maple Avenue? Making sure I got that right.

    1. Looks like it was 1016 North Maple in Royal Oak in 1940 for the birth of their first son.
      Then in 1942 they were at 10705 Lincoln Road in Huntington Woods.
      The Snow Killings stated they were at Morningview Terrace from 1970 to 1979.

    2. It looks like they were at 1016 North Maple in Royal Oak in 1940 for the birth of their son.
      Then they were at 10705 Lincoln Road in Huntington Woods by 1942.
      The Snow Killings book mentioned they were at Morningview Terrace between 1970 and 1979.

    1. Do you recall your source? JH was closely involved with little league baseball but never knew about any involvement with boy scouts. Sometimes people interchange them by mistake.

      1. Helen Dagner told me that years ago via email. Now, I doubt John was in the scouts at the time of the killings but he was taught how to make knots , etc. according to Helen.

        1. Thanks for this comment. I used to check her forum monthly in the 1990’s and 2000’s. It seemed to be the only place to get any possible updates on this case. Based on your comment, I now recall that she mentioned something like this and I was able to find the archived comment just now.

    2. Can you provide a few more details? Which Hastings family members, and how were they involved? Thanks.

  3. This is not shocking that Ole Harold Lee was involved with the Boy Scouts. I always believed Lawson’s statement that he & Bobby Moore would procure young boys for H.Lee. What a bunch of sick f#%^* at GM and in Oakland County.
    (To Inquisitor, no need to berate me because we take a different position)
    I will always believe CB & GG we’re involved. I will always believe the Vega was involved. I work in the court system & 10 out of the 10 people I showed the GG, JH photos to & the composite & flyer with TK, all picked GG’s photo as who they felt it looked more like) It was probation officers, road patrol, social workers & court recorders who were asked.}
    Just our position. Regardless, we all just want Justice for MS JR KM &TK 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    1. Interesting how 10 out of 10 people working for the court system completely ignore the pronounce widow’s peak in the hairline of GG pics is which is missing from all the multiple OCCK composite sketches. (Including Doug WIlson hypnosis sketch) Besides the fact that GG was in jail when the witness at the pharmacy saw the man talking to Tim. But it sure is not worth arguing about anymore and it sure does not solve the case. So yeah, whatever you say we’ll go along with it. Many people go along with that anyway so go with the majority vote. Best wishes to you regardless. I support Cathy whatever direction it goes. Someday it would be nice to know what really went down in Georgia in 2009. The truth of this case is sitting on some DVDs which MSP staff completely buried. See if you can get someone in your court system to do something about that!

      1. The widow’s peak is what got me. And when you carefully sit back and look at what happened during the week interval between Greene being arrested and Busch getting back on the street, it is clear to me that somebody high up (Patterson, Thompson), thought they had the OCCK. Greene was a violent, prolific pedophile who had damn near strangled to death one of his victims in California. During his interview with Flint PD and the “task force,” he revealed enough information that they wanted to polygraph him not only about what he was saying about Chris Busch, but about his possible involvement in the murder of Mark Stebbins. But they couldn’t pin the OCCK crimes on him because he had implicated Busch and most certainly would have sung like a canary if he had been charged.

        Instead, they got him on the CSC charges with the boys from the baseball team that monster coached. He thought he would get the kind of sentence he got in California–nut house for a year or so–or maybe a more typical “molester” sentence for that time period. In other words, much less than what a drug user or dealer would get back then.

        No way they were going to let this guy out, even if his family could have come up with the bond money, which unlike Busch would have been many times $1,000. They thought they had the OCCK. Too bad they couldn’t tell the public, but it got too complicated with Busch getting the get-out-of-jail-almost-free-card. This is why his jail card says “KEEP SECURE AT ALL TIMES.” That’s why, when Greene contacted Flint PD Det. Tom Waldron over the years and said he needed to talk to him about the OCCK crimes, Waldron’s supervisor would not allow him to go to Jackson to speak with this monster. “He passed a polygraph, forget about it.” Except he most certainly did not “pass” and even if he did, what kind of investigators rely on a polygraph when this kind of a crime is involved? Would not someone capable of this level of heinous criminality also be capable of fooling a machine, especially one that is interpreted by humans?

        They think their “resolution” will work because “the killings will stop.” Mission accomplished. Greene is gone for good at Jackson Prison. But the killings did not stop. Busch was back out trolling for victims and I believe he had the assistance of child snatcher John Hastings on March 16, 1977.

        So if Greene somehow was out on the streets on March 16 or still in jail, either way these fucks who orchestrated Busch walking knew they were really fucked on March 16, 1977 and they were not as smart as they thought they were, long before Busch’s rotting body was found at 3310 Morningview Terrace in late November, 1978. Steps had to be taken immediately to muddy the waters even more on March 17. Every prosecutor since the reign of Patterson and Thompson has helped keep this on the down low. Obstruction is obstruction and silence is acquiescence.

        1. For the sake of discussion. Maybe sometime you can put up the OCCK sketch they are referring to along with JH pic (The one that your family uncovered recently that was taken from 1977) and a GG pic. Have them lined up side by side with each other and we can see what these 10 out of 10 people are seeing. I don’t have much faith in out justice system and I might have less afterwards.

    2. Anonymous, regarding the Lawson statement, I had an different initial reaction. When I read that Moore would procure young boys for H Lee, I was a bit stunned and did not know what to believe. However this article does seem to sway me into believing it now.

  4. I’ve never understood the relevance of the Chevy Vega that CB apparently drove back then. I guess it is relevant if you believe a Gremlin was somehow involved, since these cars looked a bit similar. But we all know the Gremlin story, so….

    1. Here’s how it is relevant to me, anon. Maybe not top-of-the-list relevant, but it cannot be ignored. Task force members go with other law enforcement to arrest Chris Busch in Alma on January 28, 1977. The task force and Dick Thompson then interview Chris Busch. Presumably, somewhere along the line one of these officers asks/saw/figures out what kind of car he drove, just like they asked Greg Greene (van). So, when a witness comes forward and says they say a boy talking to a man next to a blue Gremlin with a white hockey strip not six weeks after Busch is given the “get out of jail free (basically free–$1,000) card,” does anybody think to check up on Busch to see what he has been up to since the evening of March 16? Or pay a visit to 3310 Morningview Terrace, which is 2.5 miles from the abduction site?

      And it is also relevant because after three independent polygraphers look at the Busch and Greene polygraphs in 2008. they all say these two monsters should not have “passed.” Cory Williams finds out Busch drove a car that looks very much like a blue Gremlin. Even so, Jessica Cooper and Paul Walton continue the charade by ignoring a lot of obvious evidence and again “clearing” Busch. Then they default to “we can’t charge dead people.”

      And, luckily for H. Lee Busch, the Gremlin was an AMC car, not a GM car.

    2. The VEGA was mistaken for a Gremlin, that’s how. Not once was a VEGA plate or registration ran at that time. That is correct, a Gremlin was NEVER involved. You think It’s a coincidence that a serial pedophile/ viable suspect happens to drive a blue VEGA wagon with a white hockey stripe (which is an identical twin to a Gremlin)?

      1. I will agree that a Vega looks much closer to a Gremlin than Busch does to any of the OCCK sketches but why on earth do we keep dragging this? Someone from Tim’s own family saw the Gremlin in the parking lot later. Must we keep justifying a false police lead right from the start? If Busch was really at the scene with his Vega, it would be described by so and most certainly there would have been OCCK sketches that would match Busch without a doubt. His appearance is kind of hard to ignore.

      2. 1. The Chevy Vega & the AMC Gremlin are NOT identical twins….the front looks similar, but the rear is completely different. Also afaik there was never such a thing as the hockey stripe paint job from the factory on the Vega, this was a popular paint gimmick on the Gremlin.

        2. Both the witness (Doug Wilson ??!) that saw Tim talking to the younger man and Chris King described a Gremlin with the hockey stripe in the HMP parking lot. so why doubt this again? Would they both confuse it with a Vega?

        3. Cathy, sorry if I offended you, of course I didnt mean to. It is certainly very relevant to this case what kind of car CB drove. I simply dont think the Vega is relevant to the withness sightings of Tim and the abductor in the parking lot, i.e. it was not confused with the Gremlin that day.

        Just my opinion.

  5. I’ve been thinking about something for awhile now: is it unusual that H. Lee Busch amassed so much wealth? From what we know, he was from Hillsdale and started off as a junior accountant at an auto company in the 1930s. By the 1960s and 1970s, he owned a large home in Oakland County, a home in western Michigan, a cottage in northern Michigan, and probably had places to stay in Manhattan and Europe. Unlike most of his sons, he definitely climbed the ladder. He also bought Chris Busch a restaurant and most likely covered the psychiatric and legal bills. Does anyone familiar with the culture of the auto companies at the time find this advancement normal or unusual?

    Considering the life trajectories of most of his children, I think it’s safe to say there was some trauma occurring within the family.

    1. H. Lee also lined up the party store in Whitehall and sent his son John and John’s two sons packing immediately after word got out about Uncle Chris and victims Ken Bowman and Vince Gunnels in late January 1977. Didn’t want the cops interviewing Chris’s nephews about his sexual abuse of them. Who knows what else Leeb, LLC (Lee Busch, right R. Keith Stark?) bought up in anticipation of having to ship his fucked up sons to new locations? And the trauma no doubt started before Uncle Chris was old enough to start raping boys.

      1. I forgot about the party store. So very disturbing. I view two groups associated with this case, the perpetrators and the enablers, and I’m not sure where to place Lee Busch. My advice to parents is to not summer in Europe and give your molesting son access to private properties across the state! The perpetrators are guilty of the crimes, of course, but we shouldn’t forget the enablers who let these criminals off the hook, rehabilitated their image in the arts community (I’m thinking of the DIA/Detroit Opera member), destroyed evidence, or continue to whitewash these crimes (Bud Vermilye’s inexplicable obituary).

        And it continued:

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