“At this time we are not accepting any interviews.”

This morning a reader expressed the wish that a “reporter with kahunas of steel” would question Richard Thompson, Jessica Cooper and Paul Walton about their actions in the OCCK case and the “state” of the case file documents. None of them will talk. Even if put under oath I don’t believe they would ever tell the truth. “I don’t recall” would be the phrase you would hear over and over.

Here’s what happens when a retired reporter with kahunas of steel continues to try to get answers from the Michigan State Police (start at the bottom and read up):

When you can’t claim amnesia or old age, just refuse to accept an interview. The only thing staying silent in this case does is protect the criminals–those who participated in the OCCK crimes and those who betrayed their oath and hid the truth.

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  1. Accepting interviews???? Where did Marney request an interview? She clearly states that she has published a book on the subject, and that new information has come forward that she’d like to share. The blatant disregard of the facts in these cases is mind blowing. It seems like if any law enforcement agency were truly interested in solving these cases, and the other child sex abuse cases that occurred during this time, they would accept and, and all the information that’s presented to them. Of course none of this shocks me. I was completely blown off and dismissed when I contacted the MSP regarding my incident. The only law enforcement official that seems interested in solving these cases is Cory

    1. I must correct my first comment. Markey does request an interview, but also makes the comment regarding new information. It still doesn’t change the fact that MSP and Oakland County law enforcement are less than forthcoming with information with this case, and seem reluctant in ever solving these cases

    2. Actually, if you read Marney’s original email, she did request an interview. But I totally agree with you.

  2. Over (2) TWO months ago I submitted similar questions to Prosecutor Karen McDonald on her Public Comment Form (link follows)


    I specifically asked why her office is not pursuing leads on Hastings, Sloan, Gunnels & Lamborghine since they are all still living and could still provide crucial information to solve the OCCK case. As of today, I am still waiting for a response and I distinctly checked the box (response requested) and also checked the box to be added to receive the OCPO Newsletter, which I have yet to receive as well.

    I do see the have a Press Inquiry Form:


    Karen McDonald’s words on her Public Comment Form

    “If you are a resident of Oakland County and you have a question, comment, or concern, the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office wants to hear from you! It is important to me that citizens are engaged in our office’s efforts to ensure public safety and pursue justice in our county.”


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