The FBI Detroit Division has created an email for the public to report suspicion of public corruption directly to FBI special agents and analysts. https://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/field-offices/detroit/news/press-releases/fbi-detroit-launches-public-corruption-reporting-email. Anyone with information about public corruption anywhere in Michigan should report it directly to FBI Detroit special agents and analysts at MichiganCorruption@fbi.gov. If you prefer to do so anonymously, you can call the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI or submit tips online at tips.fbi.gov.

Public corruption occurs when anyone who works for the government—local, state, or federal—conducts an official act in exchange for money, goods, or services. It also includes public employees who take something of value for their own personal gain. Public corruption could include bribery, kickbacks, or bid-rigging. It might even mean that no action is taken—like not enforcing or imposing certain local regulations.

‘Most public officials are committed to serving their communities with integrity. Unfortunately, we continue to see elected and appointed officials across the state of Michigan who use their positions for personal gain,’ said FBI Detroit Special Agent in Charge Timothy Waters. ‘The FBI has a solemn responsibility to investigate allegations of public corruption and we are asking the public’s help to identify those officials who are abusing their positions and the public’s trust.’


So yet another project for me. Do you think they will assign the tip about public corruption in the OCCK case to SA Sean Callaghan, who has worked closely with the Michigan State Police and the Oakland County Prosecutor in the past (and in fact was an assistant prosecutor in the OCP before becoming an FBI agent) to derail tips and the work of Det. Cory Williams and to punish my family for speaking up and asking questions? That seems like the definition of a circular file if ever there was one.

And then we have the further circular argument–public corruption is notoriously hard to prove, in this case it took place in and after January 1977 and continues to this day by the actions of Jessica Cooper and Paul Walton and the inaction of the current prosecutor, Karen McDonald. Most of the players are dead. So, end of discussion.

If you want something like what happened in the OCCK investigation to happen again, take this approach. Stick your head in the sand and tell me again how great L. Brooks Patterson was for Oakland County.

I offer a parallel. I happen to think that the late Senator Ted Kennedy advanced and supported some important legislation over the course of his lifetime. Does that make him any less culpable for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne? Does it make him any less of a shit bag for driving drunk into a pond, freeing himself and walking back to his hotel to sleep it off while his 28-year-old passenger drown in the car, and not immediately going for help? Do his legislative good works absolve him and his enablers for lying and attempting to cover up what happened? I think not.

Last fall, The Daily Mining Gazette of Houghton, Michigan asked voters to consider a report by the Center for Public Integrity of government accountability and transparency, Michigan ranked dead last among all 50 states in several categories. Its overall grade, therefore, was an F. https://www.mininggazette.com/news/2020/09/raising-alarm-bells-across-michigan-a-look-at-the-unfortunate-state-of-the-state/. As noted here before, the degree of corruption in Michigan state government, across all branches, compelled U.S. Attorney Matthew Schneider, in June, 2019, to declare that Michigan is the nation’s most corrupt state. https://catherinebroad.blog/2019/10/27/how-government-keeps-secrets-it-shouldnt-be-keeping/.

‘The level of corruption in Michigan is staggering,‘ reported Detroit’s metrotimes.com on June 5, 2019. ‘It’s Democrats, it’s Republicans, it’s the entire political establishment, which is mostly a cesspool of morally bankrupt dirtbags working on behalf of corporations and the wealthy instead of the middle and lower class.

. . .

‘Until the state’s anchors and reporters replace their lapdog instincts with a drive to to take down those working on behalf of the powerful, Michigan will remain the nation’s most corrupt state.

The Daily Mining Gazette, 9-3-20, quoting Detroit metrotimes.com, 6-5-19

You have a very long history of this, Oakland County. As long as elected officials see personal gain and voters do not see past their county’s prosperous facade, nothing will ever change.

Somebody needs to step up in this case besides a victim’s family. I’m talking to the few people left who know what went down the last week of January 1977 and all of the machinations that have followed to make sure this was never exposed and therefore that the OCCK case was never solved. I know you want to take it to the grave like your coconspirator cowards. Good luck with that.

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  1. Mary deYoung says:

    Cathy: You and your family, as well as the famines of Mark, Kristine and Jill, have kept a steady course for decades. You have been, and continue to be, bombarded with a stunning amount of evidence of corruption at the highest level in Oakland County that left the OCCK case unsolved, and maybe unsolvable. I just wondered what those of us who are newer to the case and not privy to all of the details can do to help? Perhaps if the powers-that-be realize there are outraged citizens who care about this case and its resolution, even though we have no personal stake in it, they will be less inclined to argue that it was just too long ago and there’s nothing that can be done today. I’m open to any suggestion!

    • cathybroad says:

      Mary, there are a few irons in the fire that could make the public aware of so much more. But they all seem to fizzle out, go dark. Nothing gets off the ground. My goal is to get as much as possible on the table. Various people have different parts of the puzzle. But it always ultimately gets held back to the complete detriment of truth. The case may well be “unsolvable,” but the reasons for this should be exposed and discussed.

  2. Crime Buffy says:

    One of many Cover Up concerns in this investigation is how Dave Robertson stands by his statements that there was saliva found on KM’s jacket which can be traced to the son of the MSP Officer who owned at one time Arch Sloan’s vehicle. Garry Gray denies it but he has openly lied and been deceptive on a constant basis. Personally, I think DR let it slip that the MSP is hiding/covering up DNA evidence and when co fronted on camera, he wasn’t savvy enough to cover the tracks of that revelation. (See part 2 of Children of the Snow.)
    Ya know the MSP isn’t forthright with all the DNA results they have gotten back and I think there is a lot of information that the MSP has kept from Det. Williams.

    • cathybroad says:

      Karen McDonald should pick up the phone, call Det/Sgt Sean Street and ask for a spreadsheet describing the status of all of the evidence and all of the DNA evidence. What has been tested, what has been retested, what was extinguished during testing, where is the evidence being stored (has it been returned from the various labs) and what is the plan for retesting as the technology evolves? We are at the two-year mark of Street first telling me he intended to compile this information. Manpower, money—the same bullshit. And the prosecutor never inquires, just lets the MSP run their own deception machine.

      Jessica Cooper’s office was shredding documents presumed to be from the OCCK case in the days after she lost the election last November. Karen McDonald knows about this. Kym Worthy knows about this. Cory Williams knows about this. As does the AG’s office, which issued a restraining order to stop the document destruction in the early morning hours of Saturday, November 7, 2020. I mention this in one of the letters I sent to Karen McDonald this past January (and eventually posted on my blog after hearing no real response).

      I suspect this document destruction could have included documents relating to the Sloan hair evidence fraud that went down in 2012.

      No one in authority is asking the MSP what the status of the evidence is. And it appears other documents from the OCP may have been destroyed which may have addressed evidentiary issues.

      See how this works? It all got shoved off on to the MSP so the OCP could wipe his hands of it. The MSP keeps everything locked down and when asked uses the “money and manpower” excuse. The media in the Detroit area never really pushes and it all stays in the ether, right where LBP and his successors want it to stay.

      • cathybroad says:

        Saturday, November 7, 2020.

        • Inquisitor says:

          Was Gary Gray responsible for burying the very telling Georgia Polygraph Results DVDs from 2009 or was it later during the great purge from Jessica Cooper? It’s pretty sad then we can’t even determine who was responsible for disposing what stuff. Lousy record keeping regardless where there is no one held accountable for anything.

          • JN says:

            Someone was responsible for losing the all telling DVD. We have two choices find the damn DVD or ask Duncan personally what exactly was his conclusions on the polygraph reading. What made him think Haystack was involved. I mean let’s be real here. THIS ABSOLUTELY CANT BE BRUSHED OFF. do we just go on like the polygraph never happened? Ummm hello. Do we just wait until John boy passes? Then what? Just assumptions like there is with Busch, Sheldon or Peter , Paul , Mary and Harry?

            • cathybroad says:

              Working on this, JN. I will ask you and any other readers with information about the whereabouts of John Hastings to email me at OCCKtruth@protonmail.com. I am not, nor will I be, on Facebook, so any screenshots would be appreciated. Thank you to a reader who provided this type of information about Steve Duncan.

  3. Brian says:

    Some thoughts on systemic corruption as it relates to the era and the post:

    I found my way to this case after a few years of studious research into the history of networked corruption. I was researching, primarily, Martha Mitchell, wife of Nixon’s attorney general John Mitchell, who went to prison as part of the Watergate criminal haul. “Martha the Mouth” had possession of all her estranged husband’s files during their separation. She was famously an eavesdropper, and had overheard many of the Nixon team’s planning sessions. She said the administration was crawling with mob figures. She was caricatured in the media, and did – I believe – have her faults and shortcomings, but much of the so-called “craziness” she spoke proved substantive.

    The plumbers at Watergate were the tip of the iceberg. The corruption during that administration and the Ford administration (hello, Michigan) was staggering. One of the Nixon team’s primary targets leading up to re-election in 1972 was Ted Kennedy. There is evidence that a former cop on the administration payroll had been at Chappaquiddick during the time of the Kopechne accident, “observing” Kennedy. I won’t get into all that, except to say that Nixon was represented there during the time of the event.

    Kopechne had been a BFF of Nancy Carol Tyler. Tyler was the girlfriend or consort of a man named Bobby Baker. Bobby Baker had started out as a page in the Senate and soon became a whiz kid in terms of reaching quorum on votes. He did this through careful calculation and highly organized manipulation of the Senators. He was LBJ’s right hand guy in the Senate. He had a huge bribery scheme and many entanglements with mob figures – as did George Smathers, whose secretary roomed in a DC house bought by Baker; the mob, one assumes, were his constituents on the floor. There was an investigation. The investigation included allegations of bribery and arranging sexual favors in exchange for Congressional votes and government contracts. His ties to vending machine outfits was a giveaway. Vending was controlled by organized crime.

    Like many of these corrupt influence peddlers throughout time, he ran a “club” – these are baits, bringing in important figures, the better to incriminate them, or to simply authenticate the club and attract new members. His club, fittingly, was called the Quorum Club. Tyler was his secretary, his bait and part of the scheme. The investigation was going on during JFK’s assassination; in fact, the proceedings were active during the event. It was abruptly shut down, and LBJ took office. Other scandals of corruption, like the Billie Sol Estes situation, faded.

    Later, Tyler was killed in a plane “accident” at a shoreline hotel she and Baker basically lived at after he left the Senate. I suspect that Kopechne was part of this ring in some way; thus, her presence in the car with Kennedy.

    Whatever else Chappaquiddick did, it made sure that to speak of Ted Kennedy as a viable voice required reservations: that’s enough to ruin a career. It’s also enough to distract focus from one area of corruption to another, sure to hold the headlines as an important election approached.

    The dirty tricks of the Watergate era involved murder, blackmail, framing, set-ups, innumerable financial improprieties; you name it. And the corruption then and now in Michigan would work in similar ways. You need people to destroy files. That’s a big one. Once Watergate broke, everybody was destroying files – CIA director Richard Helms destroyed decades of agency files; Jeb Magruder, John Dean, Charles Colson, Ehrlichman, Haldeman.

    Hoover conveniently died during the time the plumbers were most active. Nixon quickly appointed Patrick Gray to head the FBI, and to ferret out incriminating files for protection and for extortion opportunities against opponents. Most of those files had been shuttled away by those close to Hoover. Nixon’s people had men on the police force, judges appointed, municipal figures on local levels actively cooperating – their men on the ground WERE the ground; defined the ground as the public knew it.

    I’m interested in the history of Michigan during this time, and was fascinated to discover more about Hoffa (whom Nixon pardoned) and General Motors. The Vega was a real calamity for GM – as were the price freezes Nixon pushed for, and all the strikes of the 70s. The teamsters were controlled by the mob, and around the time of the OCCK, pensions were leveraged through bogus loans, never paid on, to underworld figures and organizations. Hoffa, like Martha, was writing a book about such things, though clearly the record indicates Hoffa had been instrumental in developing the template.

    I don’t allege any facile connection between Hoffa and the OCCK; however, it was a larger context, and it indicates to me that Michigan, too, was crawling with organized crime. They’d clearly set up shop, with deep investments in the area. It’s also simply a fact that to run an operation of the kind Norman did, for instance, during the 70s, meant partnership with organized crime, if not control.

    The court papers around Shelden’s attempts to get his money back from Starchild reveal a lot. Starchild extorted Shelden. There’s no question in my mind. Whether or not he set Shelden up is another issue entirely. But he had changed his name and cozied up to Shelden. Richards had worked in a porn shop. It’s a given he had contacts with organized crime – who controlled pornography distribution and prostitution and would have inevitably been very interested in the practical application of his photography skills, especially given that because of his own criminal activity he was vulnerable to extortion himself.

    Shelden was given four months or so to clear out once Richards was testifying. It was Starchild who talked him into creating a trust, which of course Starchild would control. It’s easy to forget, because of their crimes, that criminals themselves are often extorted. What happened around Shelden’s money seems like a classic shakedown to me; a seized opportunity.

    Was Starchild merely a bottom-feeder opportunist? His history of fraud suggests so. But his operation was effective enough to force Shelden into complicated, protracted legal proceedings. It does sound like a criminal with some protection. By whom? Would Busch have felt he enjoyed the same circles of protection? Authorities, respected priests and church figures, academia, the cops? We assume that Greene’s secret hideaway in his father’s house in Flint was strictly to facilitate his own criminal activity and compulsions. A holding room is also a place to keep someone until they can be transported elsewhere. Let’s not forget the stated purpose of one of Shelden’s shells – “import/export”. Pointlessly, I’m obsessed with what that little chamber would reveal in terms of DNA analysis. After all, even subsequent homeowners were said to be clueless of its existence. Who helps build a room like that? Where does the money come from? Starchild had extensive contacts in New York, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, the Virgin Islands.

    How I ended up here: I discovered there was new evidence in the Gacy killings, and thought, I can’t get into this right now, I’m working on Martha Mitchell. Gacy led me back to Spence, and what did I find? John Mitchell, head of dirty tricks at the White House, was said to be Spence’s mentor in the press, and was a participant at his “lecture series” (his own version of the Quorum Club) and various events and parties presided over by Spence. In his dark final days, Spence repeatedly made cryptic references to a network underpinning his own caricatured persona. The good-bye note he scrawled on the mirror made it clear he did not work for himself but a chain of command: “Chief, consider this my resignation…”

    What’s more, the man who worked for the FBI and was assigned to hold Martha Mitchell hostage in a Newport Beach hotel after the Watergate break-in news broke, who brutalized her and kicked her and caused her injuries requiring medical attention, who called a man she didn’t know to inject her with unknown medication against her will, was a man named Steve King. He was appointed as an ambassador, years later, by Trump. We’re talking legacies here.

    Again, apologies for the info dump. I have researched these things very insularly, and don’t feel comfortable broadcasting them, but also feel that if anyone should know some of these things it is you. I’ve long since stopped talking about these things with friends and mostly keep my research to myself. I’m not on social media. I don’t post anything but etsy and ebay reviews. I’m not really concerned whether you post these comments; that you receive them and could be helped by any of the information, through moderation and even subsequent deletion, is enough for me, satisfying my objective to communicate the information to the one person whose eyes I suspect might grow wider rather than glaze over, without invading her privacy.

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