Going Forward.

In my last post I outlined why we are at the end of the line in this case–again. Maybe DNA testing yields some answers. Maybe someone who knows something comes forward (and is believed and the information actually investigated). Probably not. If we can’t get the governor and state attorney general in communication with the director of the MSP, we will never get answers on where this case stands and what has been done. I’m not holding my breath.

In the meantime, I will be posting documents related to this case that you should see. You should see them so you understand what passes for justice in Michigan, what gets ignored, and why you should care. Some of the documents will be from the FOIA documents provided by the Michigan State Police. Remember that these documents are just the tip of the iceberg and that I believe any truly important documents were destroyed back in the day. But what we got is pretty incredible, even for a very limited FOIA request. Some of the documents will be from the copies of thousands of emails I printed off as I went, after realizing my computer was being hacked.

Today, consider this horrifying email I received. I redacted it for obvious reasons. The writer specifically says: “I TRIED TO TELL LAW ENFORCEMENT FOR INVESTIGATIVE PURPOSES. LAW ENFORCEMENT HAS NOT REPLIED TO MY CALLS ONLY INFORMED ME THEY WERE ‘VERY BUSY.'”



Think this is made up? Well, consider this document from the MSP files on Frank Shelden, Gerald Richards and N. Fox Island:


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  1. Cathy
    Have been keeping an eye on your blog waiting for a breakthrough ,I mean there have been books,podcasts,a documentary series etc and still nothing.

    Have you or anyone you know traveled to the gravel Pitt ,maybe the “shed” still exists.
    I have the feeling that Michigan Authorities would rather forget the whole episode and move on from the past.One thing I will say is that James Gunnells knows more than he is saying,why after all this time does he still lie.Was he complicit in abduction or worse or does he still live in fear.

    There is one other thing I don’t understand, if the whole purpose of the ring is for making films why abduction and murder when they were able to do that anyway,why the change to murder and why move from north fox and cass corridor.One last question if they or he make the change to abduction and murder why return the bodies?

    Every time I read something on this case I change my mind as to what I think happened and who might be responsible. I.e a single individual or a group.

    I think if there is an answer to be found after all this time it’s at looking at prior similar cases,
    And talking to prior victims.

    It’s true that it’s not something that you can forget once you have read about it.Its the injustice of it all.

    1. “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice,” except if it involves pedophelia and child pornography. Why that is the case is really awful to think about. Gunnels. Victim, definitely. Liar, definitely. Knows something, for sure. It is easy to see a scenario where Busch and Green force him to be somehow involved (maybe moving Kris’ body) and then he is complicit. Totally drug-addled if you ask me and that is in many ways understandable. His life gets ruined because his family lives in Flint next door to Chris Busch’s nephews. Busch and Green should have died a thousand deaths for all of the lives they ruined and or made worse. There is certainly the fear of reprisal argument, and Lamborgine and others have kept their mouths shut rather than take a deal, probably due to this fear. Also, consider what people like Busch and Green do. They victimize and then take photos and tell the victim they will show these photos if they tell anyone and they also say they will cut down everyone in their family if they say anything. Both of these men were monsters and their threats would be taken seriously. Gunnels spends the rest of his life self-medicating and in and out of jail/prison. I think a big part of the fear is knowing that he knows and never said anything. He had a window to explain himself and to understandably be seen as a victim himself, but of course he could not see his way through the moral morass that he cannot navigate. That hair found on Kris and linked via mtDNA to Gunnels would also match his younger brother. But nobody wants to talk about that hair, only the magic hairs from Sloan’s Bonneville.

      Finally, if these kids were used in child pornography films, they could have still been returned to their captor(s). The way the bodies were dumped in these suburbs was so “in your face,” I think it speaks to someone like Busch, who was fucking with the police and his parents. Just sheer speculation, of course. And in a really tragic angle, Busch and Green are long gone and people like Gunnels still carry the burden. But at the end of the day, yeah, he knows something about these cases. “I wasn’t there when it happened,” he told his sister in a recorded prison phone call. Where you there after “it” happened, Vince? He will never say.

    2. Your questions confuse me. If the kids were exploited sexually and in filmed material why wouldn’t the creeps want to eliminate them, so they couldn’t report what happened? Another thing, Busch was well aware of the clout he and his family had. Why wouldn’t he want to leave the kids out in public so he could symbolically thumb his nose at authority? “I can do this and get away with it” etc.
      What kills me is that the royal family of England gets outed when any one of them does something wrong, but the Busches and other exec types in Detroit get MORE PROTECTION that the Royal Family? Come ON!

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