Threatening Victims and Witnesses

Take a listen to Bradley Edwards, an attorney who represented victims of pedophile/predator Jeffrey Epstein, as he describes the threats he and his family had to endure from Epstein and “high places” during his quest to expose Epstein and make him pay for his crimes. In the end, perhaps someone in or near the circles of wealthy, influential, well-known men in Epstein’s orbit made sure Epstein kept silent as well.

Harvey Weinstein had almost as big a bankroll behind his victim and witness intimidation protocol, as well as his stalking and spying on investigative reporters like Ronan Farrow who ultimately revealed him for what he was. In spite of their wealth and resources, both of these men wound up in prison.

How many victims and witnesses in the OCCK and related cases were threatened or somehow silenced? From Cass Corridor to the Detroit suburbs to N. Fox Island and other parts of Michigan and the entire country, there had to have been a trail of threats and intimidation. I am aware of two women who have been stalked by child predators who fear exposure in the past decade. These predators don’t have the resources Epstein and Weinstein had. They are old now and it is easier to get busted. You have managed to skate on CSC charges, child porn charges and child trafficking charges for decades. Do you really want to mess with stalking and threats of or attempted murder? I don’t think prison is a great environment for inmates who have that shit on their resume. Your protectors and enablers are dropping like flies–no one lives forever.

Thank god Bradley Edwards and Ronan Farrow stuck it out and didn’t cave in the face of monied freaks like Epstein and Weinstein. And thank god victims were willing to testify against Ted Lamborgine and Richard Lawson when they were prosecuted and convicted in 2006 in Wayne County for raping kids in the late 1970s. How great would it be if the client/donor list from N. Fox Island was made public without redactions? The horror of realizing who was on that list would be epic. They weren’t all dirty pedophiles from the Cass. I bet plenty of them were dirty pedophiles wearing suits and ties and living neat suburban lives. It is all connected. It is.

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