Volume 5

There is a lot of here, so I am not posting as many in this post. Remember, this is the order the documents were received in, how they were redacted, including gaps and blank pages, and some documents appear multiple times. In Volume 5-6 you will see a note saying “empty” on the page for the search warrant of the old Busch residence on Morningview Terrace in Bloomfield Village. The OCP and MSP suppressed it and kept going back to court (blowing the deadline a time or two) to keep it sealed. Because search warrants are not exempt from FOIA requests, we ultimately obtained a copy of the search warrant and it will be posted toward the end of the FOIA documents.

Be sure to check out the dates on Busch’s criminal history, the names of the judges he appeared before and his “sentences” and the “conditions” of his release.

5-1 The Busch and Greene Lead