Posting Comments

I was checking the admin function of the blog just now (something I rarely do, but should start doing daily) and a number of comments were in the “pending” file (waiting for approval) and some in the “spam” folder were not spam. I apologize. This probably accounts for the difficulties some people have had in getting their comments posted immediately.

When I started the blog I did not set up the comment function. I wanted to avoid what happened on Topix and other websites with in-fighting and vaguely threatening and irrelevant comments. Then I set up the comment function with an approval filter, so there was always a delay in comments (and I would often forget to check). Then I allowed any post to be immediately published, but that caught up the people who were sending me information they most certainly did not want published. After a few people had posts go through that they did not want published, I went back to the approval process.

Too many posts got diverted that way, so I went back to the immediate post function. But clearly some people continue to get diverted into the “holding tank” area. I apologize. I will check those folders more regularly. I was not ignoring you on purpose.

Then we have the other end of the spectrum. I told you shit was gonna get real. If you post or subscribe and you fuck with me, I will send your ISP and IP information to law enforcement. I’m done with bullshit. Stick to the facts.

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