FOIA Documents, 2:12 – 2:16

In going through all of the files and the Decades of Deceit DVD, I had forgotten how convoluted the path was to get the documents we did under the Freedom of Information Act. This clip describes the tortuous (and expensive) path to the documents that were provided.

Continuing with Volume 2 of the FOIA documents provided by the MSP:

2-12 Hastings

2-13, Hastings

2-14 Hastings

2-15, Hastings

2-16 Hastings, news articles

Volume 2:6 – 2:11

Continuing with Volume 2 (of 6) of the FOIA response from the MSP. Here are two comments I have received from readers regarding the documents thus far:

1. Maybe a constructive trend can start where people can start pointing out things they see in these pages/notes.

2. “Reading the documents now, with knowledge gained over the last 10 years has made them very relevant. And all I can say is Those Fuckers.”

2-6, Gunnels then Hastings

2-7, Hastings interview continued

2-8, Hastings interview continued

2-9, Hastings then interview of Busch nephew

2-10, interview continued

2-11, interview concluded then on to Gunnel's cellmate

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