5-19 through 5-22

5-19 finishes up with Greene. Even with the massive redactions, you can see for yourself what ticking time bombs these monsters Busch and Greene were. And they had help. Other monsters. 5-19 is then the start of the missing person report filed for my brother Tim.

I need to clarify that when you read the police interview of my Dad, police ask him if any of his clients would want to hurt anyone in our family. My Dad then describes representing a client who was indicted for some kind of bank fraud. My Dad was not indicted; he is explaining that he had no real criminal law experience, but that one of his business clients was indicted on a separate matter and while he did not represent him in the criminal matter, he did testify in front of the grand jury that was looking at financial crimes.

I would also add that he reports that he had to call police dispatch more than once–they tell him to call back “at the shift change.” Fourth missing kid in Oakland County in 13 months. Call back at the shift change. What is with police departments and missing people? I guess traffic stops, barking dogs and property crimes are more important.




And I think we will just end here with this last section tonight. Think about this when you ponder the people who protected these monsters. Think about these photos when you ponder who helped do this.


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