Continuing with Notebook #3 of the MSP FOIA response.

So up to this point, you’ve witnessed the redactions, the gaps, the somewhat arbitrary nature of the FOIA response. And we are just at the beginning. That was a lot of documents about Mr. Hastings, whose name is not Christopher Busch or Greg Greene, wasn’t it?!

Up to this point, we have three issues/situations where the MSP loses control of the narrative.

1. First, the focus on the blue Gremlin to the exclusion of other cars at a time when it would have made a difference. After managing to squelch the info about a LeMans at the body drop of Jill Robinson, the bumper imprints of a LeMans with a trailer hitch in a snowbank where a car turned around after dumping Kristine’s body, and the sighting of a 1973 LeMans, 2-door coupe with a partial plate number of “222” near Tim’s abduction, as reported by Doug Wilson, retired detective Jack Kalbfleisch asks the 2005 task force why not ask the public about it now??? Response: sputter, sputter, sputter.

2. Both Hastings and the MSP lose control of the “Helen is crazy” narrative when a reliable, unbiased witness overhears a conversation between Helen and Hastings and reports this to police.

3. They all lose control of the “Chris Busch is not involved and who cares, he’s dead,” narrative when Larry Wasser slips in front of Patrick Coffey. They really lose control when the information goes to Det. Cory Williams at Livonia PD before it goes to the MSP. For a refresher on how all that went down, watch this video from 2013 about what took place in 2006 and 2007 from my vantage point–

An article is written by Lisa Brody in Downtown Publications:

I respond:

Letter to DT Publications


A defamation lawsuit ensues.

See also:

There’s the background for what you are about to read from the FOIA documents.
What’s up next: “Larry Wasser, Inv. Subpoena, 8-16-07 and “Tab #3, November 30, 2007, Interview with Larry Wasser.” This first part is a separate scan because the documents appear upside down in the file I have. There is an interesting gap for part of the document. That’s how it showed up from the file.

3-1, Interview 11-30-08

3-2, interview continued.

3-3, interview continued

3-4 conclusion of interview; Livonia PD notes 7:2007 on

Of course those that want the lid kept on this case regain control by just waiting it out. Bad press? It will blow over. Larry Wasser and Chris Busch?
Well, we have a hair from Arch Sloan’s car that doesn’t match any of our suspects, take that! It took 35 years to test that thing, but who’s counting?? You go to an outside agency or the press? You are going to get punished whenever and however we can manage it.

They have won most of the battles but I believe they will ultimately lose the war. That lid is going to get pried off. Those four little kids will win the war. They have all the time in the world. The Universe wants this shit resolved.

Notebook 3 to be continued . . .

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