FOIA 3:5 through 3:10

All of the chapters of Decades of Deceit, A True Story of the King Family Search for the Oakland County Child Killer (2013) are up on a YouTube channel. Even though this was filmed almost seven years ago, nothing has changed. There are no answers. It is as relevant now as it was then.

It describes how the Michigan State Police and Oakland County do business. Imagine being on the receiving end of this shit after losing a child/brother to serial killers/pedophiles who operated with impunity in Michigan. And no, the Grievance Committee of the Michigan State Bar did not touch this. And the Michigan appellate courts backed their ex-colleague.

The Oakland County playbook is much like trump’s. Lie and keep repeating the lies. Eventually people who don’t think hard, who don’t pay attention, who by the grace of God have not had to cross paths with the dark side of law enforcement or government, eventually construe the lies as facts. Blue Gremlin. Busch, Greene and Hastings passed polygraphs. Wasser doesn’t keep records and remembers everything about the circumstances surrounding Busch’s private polygraph except his name. We just don’t have any evidence. Oh wait–we do, but we can’t test it using the most up-to-date methods because [fill in the blank–money, third-party testing can’t be used even though other states have done so, we didn’t store it properly and it is useless. . . ].

As a reader pointed out, here is another big way the MSP lost control of the narrative in this case, as discussed in Decades of Deceit. Frustrated with getting stonewalled, my Dad called an old friend who was an editor at The Detroit News, Judy Diebolt, in October 2009 to ask how he could go public with this outrageous story. Diebolt brought reporter Marney Keenan with her to meet with my Dad. Keenan ran with the story. Both women were interviewed for the documentary Children of the Snow. Had my Dad just called the News and spoken with their police beat reporter, this story would have gone nowhere. In fact, right after Marney Keenan’s article appeared in the News, we got word that someone from the state police called the paper to ask why their boy wasn’t on the story. Why indeed. Guess you couldn’t take Judy and Marney out to the bar and cajole them into dropping that story or trying to convince them we were full of shit.

FOIA Documents from Volume 3, continued, 3-5 through 3-10. There’s a lot here:







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