Going Forward

In the good news for a change department, the documentary Children of the Snow (Cineflix, Canada and U.S.) has been nominated for an award in the Documentary & Factual, Crime & Investigative category at the Banff World Media Festival International Program Competition. https://rockies.playbackonline.ca/nominees. The documentary originally aired on the Investigation Discovery Channel and has been streaming on Hulu for the past few months. https://www.hulu.com/series/children-of-the-snow-e5670464-7adc-4907-80c1-9f38ce17ee82.

The Season One series has two parts so the case is condensed into just under four hours of air time. There was much to boil down and the collaborators on this film had much work to do to make the case understandable and appeal to a t.v. audience. They did not touch the Cass Corridor pedophile and child porn rings or the suspected ring that operated within/near General Motors Corporation. So many concentric circles–that would have involved many, many more hours of air time. Hats off to them for the nomination and for their hard work. Criminals and their enablers win when the story stays untold.

This is further evidence that the pedophiles, child traffickers and pornographers and their enablers continue to lose control of the narrative. In 2005 it was Richard Lawson spilling to police about Ted Lamborine and others who may have been involved in or have knowledge of the OCCK. In 2006 polygrapher Larry Wasser slips up at a polygraph conference and by November 2007 there are revelations about Christopher Busch and Greg Greene. A mtDNA match and other information brings Vince Gunnels into the equation. Police are forced to look at John Hastings again after dismissing him as a suspect in 1977 and again in 1992. FOIA documents reveal lost opportunities in the investigation. Online chatter increases exponentially. Media coverage gets big for a short time. Books are written about the case. https://outskirtspress.com/portraitsinthesnow; https://www.simonandschuster.com/books/The-Kill-Jar/J-Reuben-Appelman/9781501190001. Children of the Snow airs. And more, hopefully, is coming on every media front.

And here is more good news, sent to me by a reader:

“In War on Child Porn, US Turns Wounded Soldiers into Hunters”:

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