Continuing with Notebook #3 of the MSP FOIA response.

So up to this point, you’ve witnessed the redactions, the gaps, the somewhat arbitrary nature of the FOIA response. And we are just at the beginning. That was a lot of documents about Mr. Hastings, whose name is not Christopher Busch or Greg Greene, wasn’t it?!

Up to this point, we have three issues/situations where the MSP loses control of the narrative.

1. First, the focus on the blue Gremlin to the exclusion of other cars at a time when it would have made a difference. After managing to squelch the info about a LeMans at the body drop of Jill Robinson, the bumper imprints of a LeMans with a trailer hitch in a snowbank where a car turned around after dumping Kristine’s body, and the sighting of a 1973 LeMans, 2-door coupe with a partial plate number of “222” near Tim’s abduction, as reported by Doug Wilson, retired detective Jack Kalbfleisch asks the 2005 task force why not ask the public about it now??? Response: sputter, sputter, sputter.

2. Both Hastings and the MSP lose control of the “Helen is crazy” narrative when a reliable, unbiased witness overhears a conversation between Helen and Hastings and reports this to police.

3. They all lose control of the “Chris Busch is not involved and who cares, he’s dead,” narrative when Larry Wasser slips in front of Patrick Coffey. They really lose control when the information goes to Det. Cory Williams at Livonia PD before it goes to the MSP. For a refresher on how all that went down, watch this video from 2013 about what took place in 2006 and 2007 from my vantage point–

An article is written by Lisa Brody in Downtown Publications:

I respond:

Letter to DT Publications


A defamation lawsuit ensues.

See also:

There’s the background for what you are about to read from the FOIA documents.
What’s up next: “Larry Wasser, Inv. Subpoena, 8-16-07 and “Tab #3, November 30, 2007, Interview with Larry Wasser.” This first part is a separate scan because the documents appear upside down in the file I have. There is an interesting gap for part of the document. That’s how it showed up from the file.

3-1, Interview 11-30-08

3-2, interview continued.

3-3, interview continued

3-4 conclusion of interview; Livonia PD notes 7:2007 on

Of course those that want the lid kept on this case regain control by just waiting it out. Bad press? It will blow over. Larry Wasser and Chris Busch?
Well, we have a hair from Arch Sloan’s car that doesn’t match any of our suspects, take that! It took 35 years to test that thing, but who’s counting?? You go to an outside agency or the press? You are going to get punished whenever and however we can manage it.

They have won most of the battles but I believe they will ultimately lose the war. That lid is going to get pried off. Those four little kids will win the war. They have all the time in the world. The Universe wants this shit resolved.

Notebook 3 to be continued . . .

6 thoughts on “Continuing with Notebook #3 of the MSP FOIA response.”

  1. From Livonia Guy, via email:

    Thanks for posting all of these docs. Some are hard to read and there is so much redaction and bad handwriting by LE that it makes it sometimes difficult to understand. Still, great information!

    To summarize my feelings on Hastings after all of this information a few points to bring up:

    1) It’s interesting to me that John had forged notes from his father to Brother Rice in response to teachers complaining about his academics. This shows he was a FORGER and easily could have forged a fake passport. That fake passport is the reason why this case has not be solved IMO. Really.

    2) I noticed a letter from Brother Rice HS that indicated John had failed both Business Law and Algebra II during the summer and stated that he was on probation. Coincidentally, the date of that letter of September 18,1966 was just days before Anthony Mitchell “fell” off the water tower in John’s presence. Was he pushed? I think so. Two sons of GM executives died less than .5 miles from John’s house on Tuckahoe. What are the odds???

    3) Who else besides the killer would put Valley Wood’s location (OCCK task force headquarters) except the killer? Also, why would Dr. Danto’s residence location be on his maps? binder 1-6

    4) Why would LE give John the questions for the Atlanta polygraph two weeks ahead of time? According to the docs he stormed out of the interview and called LE back the next day to see if he could change one of his answers. Who would do that but the killer???? Also, who brings a book about serial killers to an interview with LE?

    5) He says he spent 10 minutes at the Big Boy restaurant on 12/26/91 with Dagner. How could he possibly draw all of those maps in 10 minutes??? He said he did not know Chris Busch either and that is a lie as his siblings said John knew him. He is a liar!See the “Alpena Witness documents. That is the smoking gun in this case. A credible man who had no stake in the game to bring up the Big Boy conversation. Why would Alpena Witness lie?

    6) Helen had no romantic interest in Hastings. This Lt. Skiba from Alpena did this case a HUGE disservice by convincing Studt and other detectives that Helen was a whack job and could not be trusted due to her police record and wanted to get back at Hastings from a romance perspective. Umm…dear Staudt and others in LE-just because Helen has a record and was somewhat eccentric DOES NOT MAKE HER INFORMATION FALSE!!!

    I want to find his traffic tickets again as they may have something to do with the drop off sites. Hastings did these murder IMO.What person besides the killer would continually make such comments? I could go on and on but this is my thoughts for the moment.

    1. Livonia Guy, it’s hard to argue with what you state. And you are so right about those maps. There was no such specific information in Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing and NONE of this was online in 1992. Even if Hastings had kept a scrap book of all the news articles about this case up until that time he could not have pulled all of that out of his ass. Freak, killer or co-conspirator are the only choices here. He is not a “victim” of Helen Dagner.

      I will pose another scenario, but it is just conjecture. There are a bunch of concentric circles in Michigan filled with pedophiles and low and high level child pornographers. There is big demand and this is easy money and sadly, lower risk than selling drugs. For example, Detroit has all kinds of freaks–Richard Lawson, Bobby Moore, Ted Lamborgine, David Norberg, Arch Sloan. Sloan, Lawson and Lamborgine and others eventually head out to the suburbs for more prey. Busch and Green are parts of both worlds as well. In the suburbs, Busch, Green and other losers/monsters in their late 20s, early 30s, hook up with guys like Hastings. Depending on what happened to the four OCCK victims and how they were used during the some 32 combined days these kids were held captive, there had to have been multiple players and multiple people with knowledge. John could have been involved in child trafficking and in one or more of the OCCK crimes. He then takes “credit” for all of the facets of these murders as a sole killer sending a message to society.

      This doesn’t even address the concentric circles inhabited by Frank Shelden and Gerald Richards, which had to overlap with the others at the very least just in general terms. Like Busch, there had to have been victims of child rape and child pornography, everywhere they went. Ann Arbor, Port Huron, Charlevoix, N. Fox Island. The entire state was infected. But I agree with you–this Hastings shit is hard to ignore, but law enforcement dismissed it. Like they have dismissed everything, I might add. And no way Anthony Mitchell “fell” from that water tower. Alpena Witness did not make any of that up or exaggerate. As you say, no reason to lie. Jesus, they HAD to go to Georgia to talk to Hastings again in the face of statements made by Alpena Witness. He was sincere, smart and believable and a big problem for law enforcement’s position that Helen was crazy. At the end of the day, previous task force members did not want this case solved for whatever reason. Hastings is so far a beneficiary of that policy. I hope Hastings looks over his shoulder for the rest of his life. Because you never know when someone who has the goods will come forward–maybe even someone who can prove Helen was right. Stranger things have happened.

      1. I really thing the youngest sibling of John, Mike Hastings could have been the lure or a possible victim of Busch at Fox Island. Although in high school at the time he looked like a dead ringer of the wanted poster (with the Gremlin).

        Also,why didn’t Gray and Williams ask John during the lie detector test whether or not he knew Sloan or Lamborgine? Just police work IMO.

  2. Hi Cathy;

    There is a part of the Hastings Interview before Williams brings myself (Alpena Witness) up during the discussions where John is about ready to say someone else was present at the Big Boy discussions but the interpreter wrote (the unclear) what John stated. This is from doc 2-7 Hasting Interview Continued Page 13 of 22. It’s too bad because it seemed like maybe John was ready to admit to someone else being present and was about ready to spit out something not knowing what the cops were going with it. But instead neither cop nor the interpreter picked up on it and started to talk about me instead. I wonder if there is any sound recordings from this interview? It would be interesting to go back and try to decipher because there was supposedly another person present during ‘some’ of the discussions at Big Boy from that night. If I understand from Helen correctly that John knew who this person was and this person very well knew John. I’ll leave it at that! Obvious lack of investigation in 1992 and 2008/9 as far as I’m concerned with so many lies coming from John. After all these years why doesn’t he tell the truth?

    For the record, the maps were already drawn and spread on the table when we walked in. They were thumbing thru them as he was mentioning roads and directions to somewhere. I heard maybe an hour’s worth of their conversation before they left. John did most of the talking! Hardly a ten minute meeting! Why didn’t the cops come back and talk to me about their results in Georgia? I could have tried to set them straight.


    Alpena Witness

    1. And why did the cops tell you they interviewed Big Boy staff when you know they did not? It’s like it never occurred to them YOU could find out if that was true or not. You were/are a very big problem for their narrative and getting you to go away was the goal.

      1. Hi Judi;

        It was right after the cop told me that he interviewed the Big Boy staff where I introduced my wife which was with me and said she worked at the very same Big Boy. He seemed surprised. So both my wife and I remember that very well because we took another trip to Alpena to try to find the people they interviewed shorty after that. Pure BS but thinking back on it now, it might have been his game to say something like hey I’m on your side, I believe you. I guess a common game he played with people. I just didn’t know police would lie when someone goes thru all the bother of making arrangements to talk to them in person like we did.

        To this day, I don’t believe everything Helen told me but those discussions were very real. Seems to me that investigating and questioning staff members at both Big Boys to determine who is telling the truth, John or Helen, should have been the first thing they would have done! What they call Police 101 basics perhaps in an old Dragnet show that’s how it would have went.

        With Cory I told him that I would challenge John to a polygraph to see who is telling the truth. He scuffed me off on that at the time but I was very serious! Ironic that they would do a polygraph afterwards on him but only to satisfy the record books. Nothing to finding the real truth.

        Here we are years later and still no resolution on the fact that John told Helen those stories. If that can’t be resolved someway how can anything dealing with nuts & bolts of this case ever be determined?

        Anyone that’s new to this case. Even when you’re done going thru it, nothing really makes any sense even with the documents that goes with it! After reviewing all of this, I’m even more confused.


        Alpena Witness

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