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All of the chapters of Decades of Deceit, A True Story of the King Family Search for the Oakland County Child Killer (2013) are up on a YouTube channel. Even though this was filmed almost seven years ago, nothing has changed. There are no answers. It is as relevant now as it was then.

It describes how the Michigan State Police and Oakland County do business. Imagine being on the receiving end of this shit after losing a child/brother to serial killers/pedophiles who operated with impunity in Michigan. And no, the Grievance Committee of the Michigan State Bar did not touch this. And the Michigan appellate courts backed their ex-colleague.

The Oakland County playbook is much like trump’s. Lie and keep repeating the lies. Eventually people who don’t think hard, who don’t pay attention, who by the grace of God have not had to cross paths with the dark side of law enforcement or government, eventually construe the lies as facts. Blue Gremlin. Busch, Greene and Hastings passed polygraphs. Wasser doesn’t keep records and remembers everything about the circumstances surrounding Busch’s private polygraph except his name. We just don’t have any evidence. Oh wait–we do, but we can’t test it using the most up-to-date methods because [fill in the blank–money, third-party testing can’t be used even though other states have done so, we didn’t store it properly and it is useless. . . ].

As a reader pointed out, here is another big way the MSP lost control of the narrative in this case, as discussed in Decades of Deceit. Frustrated with getting stonewalled, my Dad called an old friend who was an editor at The Detroit News, Judy Diebolt, in October 2009 to ask how he could go public with this outrageous story. Diebolt brought reporter Marney Keenan with her to meet with my Dad. Keenan ran with the story. Both women were interviewed for the documentary Children of the Snow. Had my Dad just called the News and spoken with their police beat reporter, this story would have gone nowhere. In fact, right after Marney Keenan’s article appeared in the News, we got word that someone from the state police called the paper to ask why their boy wasn’t on the story. Why indeed. Guess you couldn’t take Judy and Marney out to the bar and cajole them into dropping that story or trying to convince them we were full of shit.

FOIA Documents from Volume 3, continued, 3-5 through 3-10. There’s a lot here:







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  1. Thank you for putting up the video on YouTube

    I am still going through them. So far all I can say is WTF

    First your family is victimized by sadly by the killing of Tim but those who are supposed protect and serve have victimized your family again!

    The more I watch the more I am filled with disbelief.
    Looks like a huge cover up to protect many people

    1. Yep. And then a cover up to cover for the people who covered up back in the day. I believe Ray Anger and Dave Robertson were gatekeepers in a long line of gatekeepers who worked to keep this off the grid. It is so bad.

  2. What gets me after watching all these videos is all the judicial malpractice and malfeasance on the part of not just law enforcement but prosecutors who violated that only their oath of office and
    the rules of conduct and the Michigan judicial commission did absolutely nothing.

    Is there of course we have the police agencies dragging their feet and then trying to dissuade your family from pushing any farther by charging enormous sums of money to comply with the Freedom of Information Acts.
    More egregious is the fact that the Oakland County prosecutor tried to Trump up charges I’m your father concerning the grand jury leak.

    The fact of the matter is I’m sure that Christopher Busch did not commit suicide even though the pictures are redacted I want to know how the gun fell that far away from the body?
    I think this whole cover-up goes back to the fact that Christopher Busch was taken out by somebody and if that’s true in law enforcement knows that and there lies the reason for a cover-up

  3. A few observations even though I have only watched two of the videos so far

    1) Some Youtube video sequences will present the videos in order. You watch ‘part 1’ and at the end ‘part 2’ is next in line etc. This sequence though requires a person to backtrack to the original playlist page, then remember which one they just watched, then click on the next.

    2) One general point is that in the 1970s if this had been released it would have been headlines coast to coast. Nowadays you can search ‘crooked cops’ or whatever on Youtube or Google and there are so many results you can’t watch 1% of them. Not because there are more dishonest investigations but because it is not as risky now to publicize misconduct by police.

    3) One peculiar observation about mr King is that he has a very strange resemblance to Eisenhower, but when you look at his mannerisms the similarity is even more unusual. Would be interesting to find out if he has some distant family relationship to Eisenhower.

    This particular case, the series of murders and coverup, are pretty certainly a small part of what could be called ‘federal corruption’, a group of people who used politics, supposed ‘national interests’, to do all sorts of criminal acts. It’s likely that it will only be fully exposed when the underlying group no longer has both the motive and the power to preserve their obscurity, and that is not likely to be soon, but who knows.

    1. I don’t believe they every spent time evaluating evidence from the old Busch residence. I think it was just cataloged and shelved. There was big talk about sending dog hairs to animal DNA expert Dr. Joy Halverson,but pretty sure that never happened.

      All attention turned to the hair found in Sloan’s Bonneville which was searched after his name was turned in after Mark’s abduction. The needle in the haystack, right? Except now they won’t move on new DNA and genetic genealogy testing on those hairs. And they won’t explain why they won’t or cannot use methods used in many other jurisdictions that are solving very old cases with these methods. Complete silence.

    2. MJ, I was just looking at some other documents and you might be referring the the search warrant itself being “resealed.” The prosecutor moved to have the search warrant suppressed and the suppression orders have to be renewed and the document resealed after some period of time. They resealed it numerous times, missing the deadline a time or two (which would have made the document public), but no matter. They just went in and the court resealed the search warrant. Ultimately, the prosecutor handed over a copy of the search warrant for Busch’s old residence.

      1. Perhaps I mis-read or assumed that Cory was referring to the evidence collected when he had Busch’s home in Bloomfield searched again. It didn’t occur to me that it was the search warrant.

        Let me see if I can locate the section again and re-read it.

  4. When I was a child I did not understand when I was an adolescent I did not give a fuck today is a different story I am a different person I demand Justice this is not over

  5. It is not over. Those who were supposed to protect and defend did nothing of the kind to advance justice here. It may not be justice, but it will be exposure. Of the monsters and everyone who protected them.

    1. Yes everyone who protected them everyone who helped cover this up and is still not willing to speak in my eyes thay are just as guilty as the people that committed the crimes against children their names and their actions will be brought to light for the whole world to see in the name of Justice if or president was ever right about anything it is time to clean the swamp in Jesus name amen

      1. People who knew and said nothing, people in law enforcement who didn’t do the right thing here–it is just staggering. Charles Busch tells the FBI his father shredded all of the family documents just before his death–birth certificates, all of it. He thought it was a little “strange.” One of Greg Greene’s brothers tells an investigator that Greg wrote the family a letter about his life, but they “threw it out” when he died. Every once in a while, I have an image of some allegedly upstanding family finding some nasty-ass child porn shit or something implicating their dearly departed old white man in these crimes in a safe deposit box after he croaks, and rather than go to the cops, they burn it. There are not many David Kaczynskis out there. Most people are cowards.

  6. Thus far, I am both sickened and continually shocked. I do have several questions. Perhaps some of you do as well.

    1. In section 3-3 BLK 01181 :
    What do you believe was the real motivation for Wasser or “Polygrapher No Name” to inquire whether Greene had been buried? “PNP” inquires again in 3-4 BLk 01186 whether the suspect has been buried. A third time is asked as well.
    2. Section 3-4 BLK 01183 Wasser, mentions “file 77.” Could this be a typo for the word file and 77?
    3. In a previous section, Greene admits to using person to help him. Could this possibly be where VJ Gunnels was manipulated? VJ Gunnels mentions someone named Paul. Has Paul been investigated as another victim and lure manipulated by Greene?
    4. Consumer caller complaints mentioned in section 4:1 (?) BLK 01197 Busch tip # 369 and Greene # 370 what could possibly have happened to these tips? From same caller? In reference to the same victim(s)?
    5. Section 4:1 (?) BLK 01197 did I read correctly that Greene also returned to Michigan on 2/14/76 the same day Busch did?
    6. BLK 01197 Indicates Busch was found to be in possession of photographs. Were these mindlessly or conveniently lost too?
    7. BLK 01197 Also makes reference to Busch possibly being connected to a ring, perhaps NFI ?

    I’m sorry for the lengthy questions and thank you in advance for your time.

    1. The only sense I got when I read his concern about whether the suspect was buries–and it seems like real concern–is that he is thinking about DNA. Busch had been cremated. But this makes no real sense because investigators obtained DNA from brothers of both suspects. That was a weird exchange.

      Not sure about “file 77”–makes more sense if it is “file and 77.”

      Paul is Vince’s younger brother. He refers to him in a recorded phone call to his sister as “his shadow.” Paul was not interviewed until the summer of 2019. He was completely unhelpful.

      Tips 369 and 370 are in the FOIA documents. I believe 369 is Greene ratting out Busch for the Stebbins murder. 370 is Greene, after cops talk with him and believe he is also a participant. They get “cleared” via that polygraph by Ralph Cabot. Busch’s name (and maybe Greene’s as well), get turned in again down the road, but cops go back to 369 which says “cleared” so they don’t do shit.

      The date February 14–Busch and Green were clearly trying to get their story straight. One newspaper reported Mark was abducted on 2/14, but it was 2/15. So either way, whether they returned the same day as one another, they were in town by their own admission the day Mark was abducted.

      Photographs–yes, long, long gone. Greene describes polaroids wrapped in foil and buried under some rain gutter at a house–no big deal, apparently.

      The documents we received do not directly link Busch to N. Fox Island, however Busch was apparently on the NFI client list (which everyone denied existed), as briefly mentioned in Children of the Snow. Of course there could have been multiple pedophile and child porn rings in Michigan.

      1. Thank you for your reply. You response greatly filled in the gaps I was having difficulty connecting.

        I can not begin to imagine the pain, hopelessness, frustration and anger you and your family have had to endure all these years.

        1. Thank you, Wolverine. I got the old “I’m sorry you’re still so angry” “apology” from law enforcement. at one point. Feeling anger is a legitimate response to injustice. Especially in a case where the arc of the moral universe here is not bending anywhere near justice.

  7. ** In my second question, I typed the word “file” twice. What I meant to type was whether the word file typed wrong. I was wondering if the word file could possibly be a typo for the word “life”. **

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