It helps to be an old neighbor of H. Lee

Here is a photo montage of Hastings circa 1977, the first composite shown to the public in the wake of Tim’s abduction (“person of interest”) and a photo of Hastings later in life, presumably from FaceBook. A reader sent it to me. I am not sure where it originated, but probably one of Helen Dagner’s websites. Check out the hair and the distinctive nose. Pretty disturbing.

Say what you will about composite drawings, but all you have to do is read polygrapher Steve Duncan’s evaluation of his interview and the polygraphs he administered to John Hastings to know this deserved more inquiry, not the “no comment (ever)” and “it will blow over” approach of the MSP.

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  1. In that composite sketch, it appears to me that the side Burns stop at his ears. The hairs are like facial hairs. The rest of the hair seems to me to be the hair from his back. Like a mullet. Hastings pic looks like he doesn’t have side Burns . The nose is freaking prominent and pin point to the Sketch. His eyes are deranged looking to me. He was 28 in 77 and still had a baby face. I don’t think he would be intimidating to a child. Out of all of the suspects , I would think this guy would be the one that kids might talk to. This is just my observation. You can’t ignore the failed polygraph and the other multiple coincidences that belong to this guy .

  2. Hi Cathie,
    Please send me an e-mail address so I can forward an old scan from Helen. I may have sent it before, unsure.

  3. If I recall correctly some of the drawings was from Helen’s crew who graphically took them from photos of Gray’s wall as there were many of them spread throughout the wall of his office shown in various photos. There was even one that looked so much like Chris Busch which Helen had on her website at one time taken right from a photo of Gray’s wall. It was explained to Helen that they were just experimental drawings by the various sketch artists illustrating variations during sessions with witnesses. Because even Gray can’t explain where they came from originally may be one reason why he spent so much time camping on Helen’s website trying to get some answers.

    1. My comment above is factual. Anyone who was around Helen’s websites for any length of time knew about these things. She would often post openly. Some of you will think Gray had it coming while others will not. One thing to consider though may be that Gray felt humiliated by Helen and once he found out that her suspect was actually involved with these murders. (Thus Georgia polygraph.) He buried it. (DVDs) Further reason why there should be an open investigation on the polygraph that was already conducted in 2009.

  4. This made my hair stand up. Imagining him at Hunter-Maple, right down the road from his family’s home.

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