Volume 2:6 – 2:11

Continuing with Volume 2 (of 6) of the FOIA response from the MSP. Here are two comments I have received from readers regarding the documents thus far:

1. Maybe a constructive trend can start where people can start pointing out things they see in these pages/notes.

2. “Reading the documents now, with knowledge gained over the last 10 years has made them very relevant. And all I can say is Those Fuckers.”

2-6, Gunnels then Hastings

2-7, Hastings interview continued

2-8, Hastings interview continued

2-9, Hastings then interview of Busch nephew

2-10, interview continued

2-11, interview concluded then on to Gunnel's cellmate

One thought on “Volume 2:6 – 2:11”

  1. Hi Cathy;

    There is a part of the Hastings Interview before WIlliams brings myself (Alpena Witness) up during the discussions where John is about ready to say someone else was present at the Big Boy discussions but the interpreter wrote (the unclear) what John stated. This is from doc 2-7 Hasting Interview Continued Page 13 of 22. It’s too bad because it seemed like maybe John was ready to admit to someone else being present and was about ready to spit out something not knowing what the cops were going with it. But instead neither cop nor the interpreter picked up on it and started to talk about me instead. I wonder if there is any sound recordings from this interview? It would be interesting to go back and try to decipher because there was supposedly another person present during ‘some’ of the discussions at Big Boy from that night. If I understand from Helen correctly that John knew who this person was and this person very well knew John. I’ll leave it at that! Obvious lack of investigation in 1992 and 2008/9 as far as I’m concerned with so many lies coming from John. After all these years why doesn’t he tell the truth?

    For the record, the maps were already drawn and spread on the table when we walked in. They were thumbing thru them as he was mentioning roads and directions to somewhere. I heard maybe an hour’s worth of their conversation before they left. John did most of the talking! Hardly a ten minute meeting! Why didn’t the cops come back and talk to me about their results in Georgia? I could have tried to set them straight.


    Alpena Witness

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