Volume 5

There is a lot of here, so I am not posting as many in this post. Remember, this is the order the documents were received in, how they were redacted, including gaps and blank pages, and some documents appear multiple times. In Volume 5-6 you will see a note saying “empty” on the page for the search warrant of the old Busch residence on Morningview Terrace in Bloomfield Village. The OCP and MSP suppressed it and kept going back to court (blowing the deadline a time or two) to keep it sealed. Because search warrants are not exempt from FOIA requests, we ultimately obtained a copy of the search warrant and it will be posted toward the end of the FOIA documents.

Be sure to check out the dates on Busch’s criminal history, the names of the judges he appeared before and his “sentences” and the “conditions” of his release.

5-1 The Busch and Greene Lead






10 thoughts on “Volume 5”

  1. I haven’t read everything yet but I wanted to comment before I forgot what I was thinking.

    For one, how in the world were Greene and Busch EVER walking free? My gosh, it is so sickening.

    But isn’t it strange how perfect it was all laid out for Busch to be the suspect? I mean, the “suicide” scene looks so incredibly scripted with him being wrapped up facing the drawing of possibly Mark, ropes on the floor, and of course the drawing being on the wall in the first place. (That picture has always stumped me. I thougtht it was possibly a set up for the suicide, but then I thought I read maybe one of the Busch nephews saw it on the wall prior to the “suicide”?)

    But forget the suicide scene, Busch incriminates himself like crazy and I don’t understand why. He says he has a ‘problem’ he isn’t proud of, that he had fantasies of kidnapping kids with Greene and taking shifts so someone could always keep watch, and then he volunteers the 3 places he has picked up kids that matches where the first 3 victims were picked up. And, he wasn’t even asked those questions, he just volunteered that information (as I understood it) as he divulges his embarassing pedophile issue. He was practically begging to be accused of being the OCCK. But why??? Was he protecting someone and taking the fall? Or is he the killer?

    But then I go back to all the white hairs and the fact that Busch had the white dog, yet his DNA is nowhere to be found. It’s all puzzling.

    Another interesting tidbit – interesting that Busch and Hastings were both returning from Europe right before Mark was killed. I think Hastings came back the 10th and Busch 14th? I find that pretty coincidental…

    1. One of Busch’s nephews for sure said that drawing was on the wall of Busch’s bedroom weeks before the “suicide.” He and the investigators discuss it. The nephew remarks something like–yeah, I can’t believe my grandparents would appreciate having that on the wall. But yes, totally scripted and as Dr. Arntfield points out on J. Reuben Appelman’s podcast, it is almost a diorama that screams “child killer!” That stuff he says to police while being interviewed–I think he is fucking with the police. He knows daddy will bail him out and his attorney will make sure he is back on the streets to victimize again. I don’t think that POS would protect anyone or take the fall for anyone. His loose lips got him offed. He pissed off the wrong person/people. And very interesting that Hastings had been in Europe the same time. As for the DNA, don’t forget that back then there was no such thing as DNA testing. The evidence collection (especially at the outside drop-off sites) could easily have been contaminated or compromised. Storage of the evidence was a joke. Evidence was lost and misfiled. The ropes, tested by the MSP were “lost.” Total cluster.

      1. Hastings and busch fathers both worked for GM. Both lived blocks away from each other. Both in europe at same time and come back days apart. I call bs that hastings didnt know busch. Kids played outside back then. They knew each other and were probably in Europe together doing stuff to kids over there.

      2. I haven’t watched that video yet, will do that later tonight.

        Sorry if my comments show my lack of understanding about the case as I have not had enough time to go through everything you have posted yet. But I keep thinking about that disgusting Lamborgine. Its shocking that he won’t talk. In my mind, I figured Shelden was somehow behind the Busch ‘suicide’ and maybe his machine is why Ted wouldn’t talk. Of course, I know TL found God and he is forgiven and everything, but Shelden is dead, why won’t he make his life a little easier and share at least some of what he knows? You’d think that it would be the ‘right’ thing to do given he is so pious now.

        For a case that got so much attention in the 70s, it is shocking how horribly it was handled. Its really sad how little they kept all of you informed. When you read all the Busch and Greene stuff, you would think that LE would have shared that with you. Its unfathomable that you would have no idea of Busch/Greene if not for the conference in Vegas. That’s assuming I am interpreting the timeline correctly.

  2. I started to look over the pages, and even started to take notes to research further, but before I even finished the first page I realized it was silly and quit. The investigation was pathetic to the point of ridiculousness. Unless you start questioning the people who investigated the case and ask them why certain avenues were followed and others ignored, it’s a waste of time.

    1. I agree. Problem is, Robert Robertson and Joe Krease are long dead. As you can see from these documents, successors Garry Gray, Dave Robertson (son of Robert) and the late Ray Anger were combative with families and the press instead of measured and honest.

  3. There isn’t really any way to examine various records unless there were an ‘official’ public investigation which accessed official records and could be scrutinized publicly realtime.

    How do you force that?

    Who knows.

    You could make a simple petition “Unknown number of murders. Strong evidence of deliberate misdirection of the investigation at high level. Sign if you think a public investigation is warranted.”

    You have shown more than enough evidence that there was meddling in the initial investigation, but you don’t, and won’t, have access to evidence indicating the source of that meddling simply by filing document requests. There are a lot of reasons governments classify certain documents as restricted, and you are bumping up against the most common reason.

    1. Right. Not to mention evidence and document destruction back in the day. I like the petition idea. It seems like we need the DOJ office of Inspector General. A whistle blower would be nice, but the odds of one surfacing in law enforcement are very slim.

      1. DOJ office of Inspector General.


        A person gets hired if they are competent, but they get promoted if they are useful.

        The last thing you should focus on is trusting authority figures.

        The only thing that matters is which information is hidden and which is public.

        If an official investigation were forced, and if it were followed by enough people, the investigators would be forced to explain inconsistencies in their new investigation.

        The more they are forced to go realtime in what they tell the public the more mistakes they will make.

        You probably won’t get anywhere with it, but if you forced a public investigation you would create a vast amount of entertainment for people disgusted with government bureaucrats.

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