5-7 through 5-18

Busch and Greene lead, continued. Warning; the Busch and especially the Greene information/police records are triggering. Some of it you have seen before.













5-19 is the end of Greene’s horror show and then the missing person report filed on Tim follows. To be continued.

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  1. I apologize for spamming, but here is one last observation then I will try not to post any more.

    You make a comment to the effect that that link you posted shows another agency doing some kind of better work on a similar case.

    But look at that actual case.

    “Still, Ream never hinted about more victims, Kohler said.
    In 2008, authorities didn’t see any signs either, Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith said.
    “He gave us no indication that there may be other bodies there,” Smith said, adding that Ream appeared to be a guy who craved attention. “If there were more, I’m surprised he didn’t tell us 10 years ago.”

    The prosecutor is honest enough to admit the police appear to be fakesolving old cases.

    The police are pretending to solve some old murders by pretending that they have reason to believe Ream committed various unsolved cases they have. More than likely they fabricated the supposed comments from other inmates.

    Every time the police get caught doing this, and there is publicity, it starts a firestorm of media investigations that leads to uncovering more and more fakesolved cases.

    I remember well the Central Park jogger case when it happened. There was literally no doubt those guys were guilty. But it turned out they might not have been guilty, so newspapers scratch around and they find case after case after case fakesolved by the same police and prosecutors.

    The ‘four’ cases you are trying to solve probably overlap many other high profile cases, and if you are successful it would be another firestorm of media investigations that would lead to more and more and more of these fakesolved cases.

    There is no charity in lying to the families so they can get closure or whatever. The police in that Ream case are almost certainly lying to the families, who no doubt will call them heroes etc for supposedly pursuing justice.

    That will be my last comment

      • on another note, I watched the decades of deceit stuff. I’m continually astounded at your family’s composure. If I were in your place, I’d be a raving profanity spewing maniac at the total clusterfuck that LE (for the most part) has been. As always, continued best wishes to you and your family for some long awaited justice

  2. I’m sorry, but I am more incredulous with each document I read.

    So Busch was suspected of attacking children all over the place and L. Brooks signs off on probation ?? W… T… F….??????? How did they not see this monster as a possible suspect immediately given what happened with Mark (talking about when the accusation came in from up north in early March, before poor Tim was taken).

    I’m so nauseous. I think I knew a lot of this stuff as piecemal but when you see it all laid out and how molesters got little slaps on the wrist. No wonder Oakland County LE hid all this- it is truly unbelievable.

      • I finished all the documents from this post and its just incredible. Greg Green basically says “help me, I have a big problem” and institutions just pass the buck. I am sure California was thrilled to be done with him. He confessed to 200 molestations and he can just stop with some therapy/be set free into the public? Yeah, right. Bastards one and all.

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