5-19 through 5-22

5-19 finishes up with Greene. Even with the massive redactions, you can see for yourself what ticking time bombs these monsters Busch and Greene were. And they had help. Other monsters. 5-19 is then the start of the missing person report filed for my brother Tim.

I need to clarify that when you read the police interview of my Dad, police ask him if any of his clients would want to hurt anyone in our family. My Dad then describes representing a client who was indicted for some kind of bank fraud. My Dad was not indicted; he is explaining that he had no real criminal law experience, but that one of his business clients was indicted on a separate matter and while he did not represent him in the criminal matter, he did testify in front of the grand jury that was looking at financial crimes.

I would also add that he reports that he had to call police dispatch more than once–they tell him to call back “at the shift change.” Fourth missing kid in Oakland County in 13 months. Call back at the shift change. What is with police departments and missing people? I guess traffic stops, barking dogs and property crimes are more important.




And I think we will just end here with this last section tonight. Think about this when you ponder the people who protected these monsters. Think about these photos when you ponder who helped do this.


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  1. Think about this–the suicide photos the state police initially provided were redacted. Kristine’s sister then sent a separate FOIA request asking for unredacted photos, which were then provided. But the state pigs included these photos as a little love letter to us.

        1. The photos of Busch dead in his bed—the initial response had his fat ass blacked out/covered. From the police report on his “suicide.”

          1. I have seen the redacted but not the unredacted “suicide” photos of Busch.
            What a mess the whole file is and to understand now that this is how little so many departments felt about solving this nightmare is complete bullshit!

            So they redact Busch photos but not those of an innocent 11 year old? I don’t understand that either. I’m not sure what I am more pissed about. The murders, the cover ups, or the murderers. This whole thing reeks.

            Cathy I so admire your strength and I am so sorry your family has had to endure all of this over and above the tragic loss of your brother.

            FYI….I’m signed up for emails on comments but haven’t received one since my one since my last comment until tonight.

            1. I will find and post the unredacted photos. I thought that was already on my blog, but maybe it was the redacted version only.

              I’m sorry about the notification feature–others have told me about similar problems. This is a relatively easy platform for the blogger, but there are issues. I will take a look at this.

      1. Cathy, the whole business about the cops and MSP not following through on the 71/72 Pontiac Lemans evidence, is solid proof of malfeasance, sorry to say.

  2. Oh Cathy, those pictures!!!!! I’m stunned and horrified. Poor sweet boy.

    I’m so so so sorry.

  3. One more comment since you mention “I need to clarify that when you read the police interview of my Dad, police ask him if any of his clients would want to hurt anyone in our family.”

    The totality of things, demographics/statistics etc makes that an obvious thing to research, but the obvious focus would be your father’s connection to somebody who worked at the building where the girl was shotgunned.

    You could ask him if he had any friend who worked in that building who might have been abrasive towards the type of person primarily involved, perhaps an ex employee of that department.

    The ‘stereotypical’ scenario would be that at some point your father dismissed some antagonist of his friend at that building i.e., your father perceived the person as completely trivial and easily dismissed. If your father did have some notable friend in that building then you would research enemies of your father’s friend, looking for probably a younger homosexual who maybe got fired as a cop or other job there, and look at that person’s social circle.

    Very long shot but worth spending a few minutes examining.

  4. Well, let’s see if my third message will post here, the last two did not. I read the Hastings/Dagner stuff till my eyes and tail hurt. Many red flags noted. See my postings on Nanette B’s chit-chat board. When Mrs King got the strange call on the night Tim went missing, based on my several years of study that is something which I would fully expect to see. Whomever placed that ominous call… had not only his name, but your family’s phone number, and apparently they placed the call rather late too. Couple that with the fact that whomever snatched him, they seemed to be right there and ready to do so! (Think of the term ‘monitored.’) The police themselves were speculating that the abductor(s) might have been someone impersonating a cop. I assert that a woman is going to have a very easy time in getting kids to trust them vs a man. I saw the word “consternation” being used, and that obscure term also threw up a red flag. And sadly yes, it appears that Tim was dumped in haste, vs the lore that “the victims were laid out on display,” as appears to have been the case with Mark Stebbins remains.

  5. I am outraged by reading the twisted, escalating implosion of Busch and Green. The photos of Tim are heart-wrenching. Who does this? What monsters walk among us? Who makes these sick nightmares such a tragic reality?

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