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  1. So much info to take in, and I am never sure if I read things right or missed something.

    Were the fingerprint images ever found?

    What was the “Livonia problem” that Gray mentioned being resolved and he was so relieved about?

    Going back to previous posts, I can’t remember if it was JVG or the other victim that said he was taken to a white house that he assumed was Lamborgine- any chance that was Hastings’s house? I know that section was somewhat vague.

    What an absolute horror show all of this is. I knew about the OCCK when I was growing up but had no idea about all the pedophile rings. Nobody was protecting the children it seems. Such light sentences. Disgusting.

    1. KP, unsure about the fingerprint images. How interesting that in a case of this magnitude, the evidence (even given the standards of 1976 and 1977) was improperly stored and “filed.”

      The “Livonia problem” is the involvement of Livonia PD Det./Sgt. Cory Williams and the Livonia PD in the OCCK investigation. Why is that a “problem”? Because he is not “one of them.” And, he works hard, asks questions and tries to keep forward momentum in the case. Quite the contrast to Gray and Robertson as well as to the culture of the MSP up to that point. I believe Gray was put on this cold case to be a wheel-spinner and Robertson (son of the original task force commander–an appearance if not a fact of impropriety) as a gate-keeper. Williams defeated these purposes. Oakland County was going to help keep the lid on this, but not Wayne County. The “problem” came from the involvement of “outsiders” who didn’t play ball the way the MSP and OC do.

      It’s the other victim who had the connections with Lamborgine. Not sure which house it was–there were a lot of pedophiles in the loop in Oakland and Wayne County and they probably used many houses and offices.

      The biggest, overarching theme in all of this? NO ONE–NO ONE–WAS PROTECTING CHILDREN. In fact, in some cases, it was the predators who were being protected.

  2. One possible way to push things.

    Some blogs, reddit etc speculate about a connection between the OCCK and Amy Mihaljevic, as mentioned before.

    One of the strange things in that case was the killer’s access to unlisted phone numbers of victims and possibly knowledge about them.

    This is dismissed on mainstream sites as being because the people who received calls had all visited a nature center.

    “The girls may have signed the book and added personal information including phone numbers and addresses”

    “All the girls who received similar calls, including Amy, had visited the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center in Bay Village. In 1989, kids who visited the center signed a log book with their names and addresses. That could be a key to the case — or just a coincidence, since the nature center was a popular place for school field trips.”

    That was evidently made public by FBI agent Phil Torsney who was the central investigator on that murder, then taken a step further by an anonymous wikipedia editor.


    In other words, the FBI suggested, and a Wikipedia editor further elaborated, that it is possible that the killer got the phone numbers from the guest book at the visitor center.

    The problem with that is that the phone numbers either were in the guest book or they were not, the FBI agent doesn’t specify they were, he simply implies they were.

    So, again, the specific people with unlisted numbers either had written those numbers in the guestbook, as the FBI agent implies but does not state, or they hadn’t. Only two possibilities.

    Most likely they did not. Most people do not add their phone numbers to guest books, but it’s possible.

    The FBI has those guest books, obviously. They are one of the main pieces of evidence in the case.


    So the suggestion is, simply ask a lawyer or somebody to view theFBI’s copy of the guestbook, or the original.

    If the phone numbers are not in the guestbook, which is likely, then the lead FBI investigator on that case was being deceptive.


    If that’s the case, and it’s maybe 80%+, then a person would speculate about the motive for the FBI deception.

    The obvious problem with the case is the possibility that the killer was an official type of some sort with access to things like unlisted numbers.

    Then you would have to speculate, Was that FBI agent justified in twisting facts to discourage the perception that the murderer might have had some official connections? Was there some other info in that case that made the FBI agent resort to subterfuge regarding how the killer got unlisted numbers?

    At that point, if the FBI was being deceptive about the guest book, then you might have enough ability to force a wider investigation conducted by a separate agency, into the unusual number of murders in that region which have been followed by problematic investigations.

  3. One more bit of trivia involving that case for anybody who suspects a larger web of official corruption behind the OCCK case with Frank Shelden and various officials.

    The FBI agent who was put in charge of the revived Amy Mihaljevik investigation is prominent on Google for that case and one other, the Whitey Bulger case.

    What is the qualification that FBI agent specifically brings to investigations? It may be discretion about corruption issues, a willingness to ‘ignore’ crimes committed by law enforcers, probably under the notion that the ‘image’ of law enforcement, the illusion of integrity, is more important than any substance.

    1) Whitey Bulger was paying a lot of FBI agents and other police. They actively worked for him. His prosecution was more focused on hiding corruption than anything else. Anybody can research it. FBI agent John Connolly was thrown under the bus but there is a vast trail of crooked cops and FBI agents there, going back years.

    “And with the help of character testimony and consultations from the federal agents — FBI Special Agents H. Paul Rico and Dennis Condon and then-U.S. Attorney Edward F. Harrington — for the defense, Barboza was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to five years to life for the murder. He was later paroled in just over three years and released from a minimum-security prison.”

    “Adding to the debacle of sentencing a man to three years for his 26th murder, while the federal government actively assisted the defendant, investigators now suspect that much of his original testimony — which earned him the loyalty of federal law enforcement — was false and led to four innocent men being sentenced for a 1965 murder.”


    Some years later a bunch of articles like


    raising more questions about FBI activities and forced some kind of response from them.

    2) Whitey Bulger, aside from having a lot of information about corruption which the FBI wanted to keep from the public, also was one of a few high profile criminals who were involved in human experiments by the government. In his case he was dosed with LSD as part of government experiments in prison.


    The specific people involved in these various projects overlap again and again. Whichever one you start with, Shelden or Bulger etc or the people involved in dark official science experiments you always will find a short hop to the others.

    These murders, OCCK and Amy Mihaljevic and many others were probably committed by different individuals specifically, so it’s easy to separate the cases, call them unrelated, but they probably won’t be solved as individual cases until those who prevent an accurate investigation of the individual cases are connected via their ‘bigger’ motives.

    That started to happen with Bulger, some people in the media were real pit bulls, see the courant articles, but ultimately they backed down and stopped digging once the FBI sacrificed a few crooked agents.

    1. “Whatever he did, he did for the FBI.” Lawson was an informant. Greene’s criminal records show he was an informant in California (narcotics). Was the fat boy an informant as well?

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