Compare these documents.

If you’ve made it this far, you just read over $11,000.00 in FOIA documents from the Michigan State Police. Filled with repeats of documents, blank pages and heavily and very subjectively redacted. But somewhat informative, don’t you think?

For a summary of the FOIA requests and lawsuits, see Chapter 11 of Decades of Deceit. Think about the court machinations involved. The only good news is that now all of you have some idea of the way things work in Oakland County and the culture of the MSP.

What follows next are documents provided to us that were in the Oakland County prosecutor’s file. You should watch the above video to get the background on how we obtained these. The correspondence in the files is basically self-explanatory.

I am convinced that Oakland County Prosecutor L. Brooks Patterson and assistant prosecutor Richard Thompson made sure back in the day that no “smoking gun” documents ever made it into their files. And Robertson and Krease from the original MSP task force made sure of that, too. What’s interesting about these documents, many of the same documents from the MSP files, is that they are not redacted in the same way, or at all. Also some information that is clearly from the MSP files but that the MSP did not respond with. I present them as they were when we received them.

The overarching theme, stretching across all of the pages I have posted (and especially those to come after documents from the prosecutor’s file) is that NO ONE WAS PROTECTING CHILDREN. There was no intervention. It fucking proceeded, unabated. A bunch of pedophiles scattered but had to have continued violating.
And I hope you have recognized in these pages that it was at times the perpetrators of these crimes against children who were protected.

A few were incarcerated. Greene went to prison in 1977 but probably mostly to keep him quiet rather than to pay for his heinous crimes in Flint, Michigan. Lawson and Lamborgine ultimately were prosecuted in Wayne County, but after decades of walking free and victimizing. Were it not for the MSP’s “Livonia problem,” NO ONE would have been prosecuted for criminal sexual conduct in this wide-sweeping criminality that was allowed to fester in Oakland and Wayne County.

Here are the first 10 files of 30:











One Comment on “Compare these documents.”

  1. KP says:


    In document OCP-10 with Doug Wilson, it is stated multiple times that Doug had noticed a man sitting in the car “watching the children”. I found that curious as only Tim was mentioned as being in the parking lot, yet he references childREN. Maybe it was recorded wrong or something, who knows, but found it interesting given the “lure theory”.

    (I sent you an email as well that was vague as I couldn’t remember which document I saw that comment in. I went back and found it and decided to mention it here.)

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