Coincidence or Cover Up?

This was my Dad’s take on the OCCK investigation as of August 2, 2017. Just a note on the promise to follow up on leads–Cory Williams has since retired from his role as an investigator with the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office. Denise Powell with the Michigan State Police (succeeded Gray and Robertson) moved on from this assignment which was passed to another detective and then another. The tip line number is 833-784-9425. Detective Street is currently assigned to this cold case.

Coincidence or Cover Up?

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There is more to share to add to what is available to the public to understand this case. Then you will have a bigger but still incomplete picture. We may never know the truth.

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  1. Having read the pdf but only watched part of the video so far, a few things stand out.

    Mr King obviously is a very precise person. He sees a mass of problems in the case and starts dissecting the problems from the ground up.

    At the beginning of the video he mentions something about in the navy ‘telling people what you are going to tell them, then telling them, then telling them what you told them’. Another example of doing things from the ground up i.e., look at the details and don’t go forward until they are thoroughly correct.

    That’s a good strategy for a young person, and it’s a shame he has to spend years trying to clean up for investigators who are on some other program.

    It might be helpful though for him to take a step back and look at the bigger pictures. Sort of like some psychologists push a developmental theory, their observation, of how a person’s focus changes. Ericson is famous for his stages.

    In this case certain facts are established, including quite a bit of problematic investigating by officials.

    Staying at ground level and trying to ‘clean up’ a situation by focusing on details is the right thing in certain situations. Certainly at the beginning of looking at these crimes he was correct in looking at details. This little detail, that little detail.

    He has constructed a very strong case, it’s indisputable. But it goes nowhere unless he steps back from details and looks for a bigger pattern.

    He probably will not go further by simply crushing the official version into smaller and smaller pieces, for the simple reason that he is only crushing the official version of four cases.

    If those four cases alone were what was behind the problem he almost certainly would have had success by now, actually by a long time ago.

    In this particular case it is not ‘four murders’. It is ‘more than four murders’. How many more? Who knows.

    Is it a Michigan problem? Obviously the crimes involve many people, many victims, many culprits around the country and even the world if you wanted to pull the whole mess up from its roots.

    Very difficult for him to take a step back and not obsess on details obviously. When he said the word ‘suffocate’ in the video he sounded like he was going to start shooting so he is still very invested in vengeance for his specific case, a pound of flesh that he has a right to.

    While it’s important to make sure the details are exact in the single case that he is waiting for justice on, it would be wiser for him to broaden his target.


    As a side note I’ll repeat that Busch, guilty or innocent, has become a distraction from the real case.

    Sometimes a person who needs to be killed dies on their own and an opportunity is lost. In this case it’s one of the few times that there is an advantage in that, but the advantage is lost by continuing to chase Busch.

      • Another way of making the point so it’s clear.

        The investigation of these cases, like a lot of things, has a hierarchy among the people involved.

        Ideally in something like this a person vested in the issue would be the strategic leader and others would fill in the gaps. In a healthy society that is how it works.

        In this case you have loads of people who have found a shortcut to leadership. They join an agency, a gang, and all they have to do is be obedient and they are guaranteed advancement.

        So what you have is a thousand ‘experts’ waiting to be promoted for their loyalty to their agency, and people like Mr King trying to politely point out that they are morons.

        The effort is correct, he is correct in trying to clean up the trivia, but what he is trying to do with a pocketknife might be better done with a machete, broadening his scope and looking for more productive targets.

  2. Yes, OCCK, a cover up which counted on feigned incompetence. What save you folks from extremely greater grief was probably the fact that your dad, Barry King, stayed after the so-called officials. Just imagine if the cops tried to lay the murder of Tim on a family member? That was the way the Ramsey murder was structured. Yes, the Ramsey’s were “ripe for the picking too.” Their legal friends advised them that they were being targeted, so yes, “they lawyered (sic) up.” Boulder cops were much more openly abusive, they cooked up a phony theory and then tried to fit that same theory on the parents. The pattern in these crimes is for the killer’s camp to test their power and “control of all things.” (a Zodiac killer quote) That same sort of ploy was involved in the DB Cooper caper, it was a hidden scheme cooked up by a spook agency and was a way of pushing old man J Edgar Hoover over the edge. Not that Hoover was an angel. Only certain spook agencies knew how to set up a 727 for a safe rear exit in flight. Look at the massive extortion plot surrounding COVID 19. The monopolized media abuses their post by fear mongering and skewing some basic statistics and facts. Then notice the very obvious LGBT agenda, where heterosexual people become second class citizens….and John Hastings pointed out this same ploy to the cops, for Christ’s sake! These same crimes show just the tip of an enormous criminal iceberg. BTW, how many people died of fear of COVID 19? Why were all the Walmart shelves void of cough syrup that had an expectorant in it, and this was only a few weeks before the fear mongering big announcement? Oh, and yes they’ll have some bullshit excuse for that too.

  3. Hello Cathy,
    Being out of work and social distancing has allowed me to catch up on a lot of media and documentaries. Just this past week I viewed Children of the Snow, it was absolutely one of the most profoundly disturbing things I have ever seen.

    I grew up in Bloomfield Hills Michigan and was 6 1/2 years old when these horrible murders occurred. I recall watching Bill Bonds on the news with my dad and having nightmares. I don’t know how you and your family have managed to keep it together so well over the years, but you have my heart felt admiration.

    Something that came to mind when looking at the photos of Christopher Busch’s alleged suicide- which I don’t buy:

    Jill Robinson was shot with a rifle. Did they ever recover a bullet? Shell casings? If so, Was there ever any kind of ballistics examination to compare CB’s rifle?

    There are tons of details to this case that are just mind-boggling, shocking, and infuriating with regard to the way it was handled. I think that Busch, Gunnells, Greene, Lamborgine, and Sloan were all involved in these and other killings but I also think that they are only about halfway up the food chain. Something far bigger and worth a lot of money was at stake here and that just makes it all the more tragic.

    The effort that you and your family and the other families of the victims have made is just amazing. Thank you for keeping this story alive and in the hearts and minds of people. Tim would be proud.

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