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In the good news for a change department, the documentary Children of the Snow (Cineflix, Canada and U.S.) has been nominated for an award in the Documentary & Factual, Crime & Investigative category at the Banff World Media Festival International Program Competition. https://rockies.playbackonline.ca/nominees. The documentary originally aired on the Investigation Discovery Channel and has been streaming on Hulu for the past few months. https://www.hulu.com/series/children-of-the-snow-e5670464-7adc-4907-80c1-9f38ce17ee82.

The Season One series has two parts so the case is condensed into just under four hours of air time. There was much to boil down and the collaborators on this film had much work to do to make the case understandable and appeal to a t.v. audience. They did not touch the Cass Corridor pedophile and child porn rings or the suspected ring that operated within/near General Motors Corporation. So many concentric circles–that would have involved many, many more hours of air time. Hats off to them for the nomination and for their hard work. Criminals and their enablers win when the story stays untold.

This is further evidence that the pedophiles, child traffickers and pornographers and their enablers continue to lose control of the narrative. In 2005 it was Richard Lawson spilling to police about Ted Lamborine and others who may have been involved in or have knowledge of the OCCK. In 2006 polygrapher Larry Wasser slips up at a polygraph conference and by November 2007 there are revelations about Christopher Busch and Greg Greene. A mtDNA match and other information brings Vince Gunnels into the equation. Police are forced to look at John Hastings again after dismissing him as a suspect in 1977 and again in 1992. FOIA documents reveal lost opportunities in the investigation. Online chatter increases exponentially. Media coverage gets big for a short time. Books are written about the case. https://outskirtspress.com/portraitsinthesnow; https://www.simonandschuster.com/books/The-Kill-Jar/J-Reuben-Appelman/9781501190001. Children of the Snow airs. And more, hopefully, is coming on every media front.

And here is more good news, sent to me by a reader:

“In War on Child Porn, US Turns Wounded Soldiers into Hunters”:

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  1. Cathy, while you knew it could never bring Tim back, the public should be grateful to you and your Father to have chosen a righteous path to work diligently to press justice forward, wake people up, and raise awareness that may have helped to save lives, even in crimes unrelated to children. I will never be comfortable with blissful ignorance having grown up in Birmingham. The greater fulfillment is the successful exposition of truthful pieces of information, however small they may be, which lead to progress. Thank you again for sharing all of your excellent work for the benefit of all.

  2. While the most obvious layer of evidence in the OCCK case says pedophilia and child exploitation, etc, I strongly assert and strongly believe, and based on all of the evidence and aftermath, that another key layer to the crime is “control.” Certain key individuals were and are being tested for their obedience, but the underling network fiends will use and abuse the term loyalty instead.

  3. It’s an interesting observation about obedience vs loyalty above. When James Comey was not yet FBI director his name was suddenly in the news and a lot of the first articles in the news referenced his main quality as loyalty. I vaguely remember one story about him visiting his then boss or some senior FBI person in a hospital and the mainstream article portrayed him as being absolutely loyal to whoever his boss was at that time.

    Ironic that he named his book ‘Hire Loyalty’.

    1. Some interesting links on that and another case the former FBI director was involved in. Like most people with jobs like that, he got where he got by being loyal to whichever group had the most power at a particular moment, and using the force of that group to push a fake ‘we are the ones with integrity’ narrative.

      The OCCK case is one of countless cases that were investigated by people like that who had one eye on the case and one eye on their next promotion.






    2. Qwerty, thank you for those articles. I too have an extremely low opinion of Comey. I tend to forgive Trump because he’s not a career politician, and I’ve fully agreed with the “drain the swamp” battle cry. To my way of thinking, Hillary should already be in jail. The root problem with our government is: “Who’s watching the watchers?” My favorite presidential quote came from, of all people, President George W. Bush when he said: “If the American people really knew what we did here in Washington…they’d hang us all!” BTW, and as you may already know, mobster Meyer Lansky and associates referred to J Edgar Hoover as “Mary Hoover.” In fact, Elizabeth Short’s (aka The Black Dahlia victim) stockings were found at 12th and Hoover in Los Angeles. Her defiled remains were placed and posed at 34.0164N by 118.333W. Hence one of the reasons for the oddball $118,000 ransom demand in the Ramsey murder case. The last letter p on the Ramsey ransom note was intentionally shaped like Lake Michigan, and I can fully prove this last statement with the simple decoding of the cryptic sign off. Yes, Tim King’s name is obviously hinted to as a part of the word “SpeaKing,” on that same document. This is only part of the reason why I report that I believe that Tim King was targeted and stalked .

      1. As for Trump, how he ever got elected, who knows. He’s got the worst qualities of a mobster mixed with the worst qualities of a teenager.

        As for Comey, there’s a bigger point in the links that is more obscure and generalizes to a lot of the leadership in that field.

        When Comey was being considered for various high level jobs of course some human resources types researched his background.

        The incident linked above is not especially significant until you look at how he used it.

        1) He was held briefly by somebody with a gun.

        2) He then appears to have falsely identified a person as being involved, on the basis that he thought that was the right thing to do.

        Still, not serious as a teenage misstep, but…

        3) He then built his law enforcement credibility on his having been a victim, and wrangled that into an image. He says again and again that he spent every night for five years nightmaring over his experience, never mentioning that he seems to have been eager to cooperate with the authorities by identifying an uninvolved person. In other words his resolution of the ‘trauma’ was to join a powerful group.

        That would not be a serious issue, except that he continues it.

        Going back to his advancement. A prospective employer or ‘owner’ in this case would have looked at that incident and how it progressed, and classified Comey as ‘easily led’.

        In other words that, and other things, point to his having been promoted because he was manageable, not because he was able to manage.

        It’s sort of like the police chief in Houston, Acevedo.

        When he was a cop in LA he took some pictures of himself having sex with another cop. Not a huge deal in itself, but it looks like a political interest got those pictures and consequently has been managing him. Does it make him an ineffective cop? In 99% of cases no. But you have to step back and wait for the 1%.

        1. Should have added the obvious about Hoover. He didn’t become FBI director because of his ability to manage others. He was identified as a cockhound at some point, somebody realized that he could be co opted on that basis, and his career took off.

          These cases like OCCK fall into the 1% of cases that are the reason for cultivating people like Comey, Hoover etc.

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