January 27, 2006 to April 6, 2006

JAN. 27:06 – APRIL 6:06

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  1. Cathy,I finally learned why Ted Lamborgine was in Michigan so much.His mother lived in Redford. A few questions:

    1) Are there any photos of Ted Orr during the OCCK time period or “back in the the day”?

    2) Also,of the cars mentioned with these suspects back in 1977,how many of them had DR78-14 tires which were found at Tim’s drop-off site?

    3)Which suspects had blue eyes?The color version of the drawings from the video recently shown in a thread below showed the suspect with blue eyes in the various sketches By the way, I don’t think the one where the sketch shows the beard is Chris Bush. His face is way too thin. FYI-John Hastings has blue eyes.

    4)Do you have any upcoming documents regarding Arch Sloan? We know that Kristine’s hair was found in his car along with Gunnels DNA but who else did Sloan know? Busch? Greene? Lamborgine? Hastings? Since he was a car mechanic the police should be able to perform a search or investigation if any oft the long cast of characters worked at his gas station at Middlebelt and 10 mile. Thanks for posting all the information. I know it takes a ton of work and time. Your readers appreciate it.

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