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  1. Hello,
    FYI You forget to redact Faye’s last name in a few spots but I guess it doesn’t matter because you have printed it fully in other docs. She is still alive but has changed her last name anyhow.
    Do you happen to know if Faye or any of the other players in these docs were arrested or charged ?

    1. Lawson and Lamborgine could be charged because by moving out of state to evade arrest, the statute of limitations was tolled. The rest got to walk.

  2. Thanks for posting this information Cathy, it will take me a few more days for me to fully read and study, review and re-read. BTW, there are multiple ransom note hints that JonBenet’s murder was possibly filmed or video taped, and possibly even sent out on the dark web. Most definitely the killer(s) of JonBenet possessed ongoing and timely information about the Ramsey family. They had to know that the Ramsey’s had stopped arming their alarm system and especially they had to know that the family dog wasn’t going to be in the house the evening of the murder. The author of the ransom note dropped one such hint by using the term “if we monitor.” Most of the hints appear to have multiple meanings, and typically have at least three possible meanings each, in most instances. Doubling back on the subject of what the killer(s) had to know in the Ramsey case, in fact; they had to know a fair number of things about the house and the family members. Several years ago already, I made a list of that aspect of the case, and it’s a fairly lengthy list. As far as your brother Tim’s abduction information goes, I was spooked in learning that your parents were eating at a restaurant located across the street from were the blue Gremlin was said to be in back of, and if I recall properly, your dad was there as part of his business. That means that all they had to do was to monitor your family’s house, as well as knowing the immediate whereabouts of all of your family member. In other words; I tend to think that they knew that your dad had a meeting that particular evening and they laid in wait. It might have been that your dad’s business had some remote negative effect on these same criminals and that they targeted Tim for that reason alone(?). However, I assure you that your brother’s name is on the Ramsey ransom note and that same message is loud and clear to me, and that there’s no question in my mind about this whatsoever. Whether he was simply targeted for his name, or his name was convenient to the RN author, is something I can’t say with perfect certainty. I feel badly that I didn’t realize until recently that your brother’s name was on the Ramsey ransom note, but you have to bear in mind that I truly loath studying these heinous murder cases. And, please know that I practically force myself back to the study of them, and this is because I know that, as of today’s date, the Ramsey ransom note still contains more information. Any document, such as any newspaper article, can act as a message carrying document if both the sender and receiver have the same key. This is nothing new in the history of organized crime. It’s very possible, if not likely, that the key needed to decode several of the communications involved might very well be hidden in plain view. That’s part of the actual irony and reality of the Ramsey ransom note…many things about it are actually hidden in plain view.

      1. Yeah, I do intend to pace myself, but I also tend to be of the mindset that I wanna get this stuff behind me and go back to dealing with things that I truly enjoy in life, and not be dealing in the sad subject of heartbreaking child murders. BTW, I have nagging questions in my mind for you about the Jerry Lewis concert, like: When did you first learn about that concert? And: How did you learn about it, and how far in advance were you aware of it happening? Think it through for quite awhile, then tell me what you can remember. It may be nothing, but it may also be something.(?) I’m not implying that Lewis was a witting accomplice, I have a different idea in mind about that particular business.

        1. Terry B, I suggest you contact Det. Street at the Michigan State Police if you have information or theories you want to share. He is the detective currently assigned to the case. I have no idea who you are or why you are so interested in the narrative. I can put you in touch with Det. Street. I am not willing to answer your questions or interact. I can’t help you.

  3. page 41 Line 25 Jan 20 2006

    “Sonny” interview.
    She says she saw an enlarged photograph of a persons mouth that looked like it was screaming.
    Makes me wonder if it was a cropped portion of a photo taken of young Mark Stebbins while in captivity.
    Gray and Williams were doing the interview that day, I wonder if they showed Sonny the drawing taken from Buschs’ bedroom wall. I doubt the drawing was done as an on the scene rendition. But photos were surely taken, and some enterprising “artist” decided to draw a personal memorial for someone and ended up in Buschs’ posession. My speculation of course, but
    might be meaningful if true.

    1. Cary, at the time of this interview, current law enforcement was unaware of the Christopher Busch file or what was found in his bedroom. But I agree, that stands out.

      1. Yeah, that screaming boy drawing being found on Busch’s bedroom wall was just a little too much. If you examine it carefully you’ll see a cross hairs symbol on the earlobe, and the face is covered with several f symbols, which I’ve categorized as combination JT symbols. And, as I recall, somewhere it was written that those sort of symbols are Satanic. The thread was started by Nanette and is titled: ‘The Oakland County Child Murders.’ My annotated page of the screaming boy drawing is post #258, on page 18, and was put up by me in June of 2014. You owe it to yourself to study Jack Tarrance’s address book which Nanette put up on the second posted page on that same thread. It proves that he was intimately familiar with the areas in question, and that the listings of the phone numbers are highly pertinent to the subject at hand. Dennis Kaufman tried to poo-poo that address book, but the handwriting and characteristics are most definitely those of Jack Tarrance’s. BTW, there’s multiple evidence that someone other than Tarrance himself murdered JonBenet. In recent pages I posted a review of the “heavy handed fast Eddie hints,” which state that: “fast Eddie ate your daughter.”And that fast Eddie peddled foot-long hot dogs. I know, I know…TMI. It has taken a lot of study and tenacity to get to the point were I am on that screwy document. Oh..and there is a real life explanation for the ‘fast Eddie’ hints too. Is it the truth? Maybe, maybe not, but there are no “not” statement modifiers found in that immediate area of the ransom note. I’ve written all about the business of the “not” modifier hints found on the Ramsey ransom note.

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