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  1. Is anyone still in LE that ordered the poly in Georgia? (Or have they all retired?) I don’t know what the protocol is for re-questioning someone, but the simple thing would be to re-question him. I just cannot figure out why the polygraph was ordered if absolutely nothing was going to be done about it. I believe the Georgia polygrapher is still in private practice, has anyone contacted him to get his thoughts?

    Cathy, I would be bald from pulling out all my hair if I were you. It must be so hard. You have a suspect that is still alive that needs to be questioned, there’s DNA reports and samples sitting somewhere that could be uploaded/tested, and you have Vince Gunnels out there that could be found and questioned as well.

    To think I believed L Brooks when I was a kid that Oakland County actually wanted this/these killer(s) found. Jerk.

    1. I sent three emails to Steve Duncan. Two bounced back; one did not. I offered that Cory Williams could speak with him if he would not interact with a civilian. No response.

      Most people in OC drank the LBP Kool-Aid. Turns out it was arsenic.

      1. What about Wayne County’s investigation these days? After all Tim’s case is “their” case….are they not interested in Hastings and his polygraph?

  2. The Composites to me look like Busch with the long sideburns and Hastings. I still wonder who the older man with grey hair in the Pontiac that Doug Wilson saw?

    1. Yes, the older man is certainly a mystery. He doesn’t look any of the known sketches.
      Perhaps he is Lawson’s number 1, who was never identified.
      (Would love to know just how deep the Tempest investigation truly went.)

  3. Base on the comments from the last 3 or so threads is that this 10 out of 10 people seeing a Greene match and not a Hastings match is not holding in odds very well. Wonder if these 10 people that work for the court system should find new jobs?

    1. That or they are just simply blind. They have convinced themselves and it’s quite obvious they don’t know the case . They don’t believe that Greene was in jail , in spite of Catherine proving that he was over and over . Maybe Greene had transported himself . Anyways . I see no question that the first composite is Hastings twin. Shaggy, thin hair. Greene had thick hair. Hastings pointed nose. Greene had a pug nose. Not to fucking mention that Greene was a DIRT BALL! He didn’t have the means to be wearing a God damn sports jacket. Hastings on the other hand. Sports jack. Matter of fact, what color jacket is he wearing in his passport photo?

      1. Doubtful it’s even a random pick of 10. Either someone just having fun on here or possibly close associates of PC telling him what he wants to hear as he would have those type of connections described. Anything to drive them from ever looking at Hastings. It’s been going on for years this way. Kind of defeats the whole purpose of getting down to the truth.

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