VOLUME 2, 2:1 – 2:5

More from the MSP FOIA response.

Volume 2:1–Gregory Woodward Greene records. “Just recently he stated he has accepted Christ and has cleansed his mind, and soul and inner-being.” Take a look at these horrifying records of a prolific and violent pedophile. Manipulative piece of shit.


2:2–Greene then on to Vince Gunnels

2-2, Greene then Gunnels

2:3–Phone call transcript with sister, continued. “There’s something good coming out of this, you hear me?”

2-3, Gunnels


2-4, Gunnels


2-5, Gunnels

That’s the first 5 of 26 files in Volume 2. Next up is a file that finishes up with Gunnels and moves on to the “Helen Dagner/John Hastings” information (some of it previously posted here).

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