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This first pile of documents is a continuation of an interview of one of Busch’s nephews. I think you will find it, especially toward the end, very interesting. Then we have a repeat of Hastings information before the documents move into some interesting territory.


Could we get a refund for all of the duplicate Hastings stuff?!






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  1. So trying to keep it all straight:
    *No DNA match for Busch/Greene so they are ‘inactive’ suspects or whatever they said. However, Gunnels IS a mDNA match and he doesn’t have to be pursued further? (Along with his failed polygraph)
    *Hastings’ polygraph is inconclusive yet again, but nothing ever comes of it? Where is the DVD recording of the test? Where is a more detailed report?
    *Why was Hastings questioned decades ago? Do anyone know that? I know in the documents Hastings said ‘because every male in metro Detroit was being questioned’, which the officers kind of mocked.
    *The most damning evidence (maybe), the ropes, were ‘lost’ from the Busch ‘suicide’ scene?
    *Nobody cared about a picture of a tortured child on the wall that looked just like Mark Stebbins? Even if they didn’t see it as Stebbins, if any police officer worth their salt saw ropes and that picture, wouldn’t there more investigation into his ‘suicide’? (That’s rhetorical, of course)
    *Cathy, I have read a lot and may be remembering things wrong, but…. Helen asked Hastings for specific info about the kids. I believe he mentioned the chicken bone (Tim, sorry to mention that) and triangles on Kris’s pants. Were those things true and unknown by the press/general public at that time? In other words, did Hastings ever reveal any info to Helen that as not known publicly and could be proven? (Not like the ‘watching tv with the kids upstairs’ part because nobody knows if that actually happened or not.)

    I really liked the letter your brother wrote that pointed out so many facts, like why the hell did Busch get to walk and Greene was sentenced to life. Never saw a response, and I am assuming you guys didn’t get one or it is in upcoming documents.

    I’m just sick and sad and angry.

    1. KP, working backward–No, there was never any response from SA Sean Callahan. He accused our family of just wanting revenge. As Mark explained, we want some form of justice, not revenge. Callahan and Gray and Robertson did not work well with Det. Williams. They were good at gaslighting, while Williams did most of the work. Det. Ray Anger maintained that Hastings never told Helen anything that wasn’t already in the press. I think the chicken bone was bullshit. That was no where in the police report or autopsy notes. Hastings’ name was turned in by a woman who knew him in 1977 (that tip sheet or a description of the tip is in the FOIA documents. She said he was saying some weird stuff regarding the murders and that, although he quit his job two or more months prior, he seemed to have plenty of money. Yes, he told Gray and Williams that all males his age were turned in to the task force as you can see from the interview transcript. He also brought a serial killer encyclopedia to this interview as some kind of proof that he was simply fascinated by serial killers and that’s why he and Helen had all these convos.

  2. Interview with a nephew;
    GRAY: “Yeah, yeah, you were just a kid. It was 32 years ago”
    GRAY: “So that puts you at 10 years old”
    yep, yep

    He was 10, not a teen. Which makes the other nephew 11, or 12?
    And Greene was never with them at the cabin, only at the drive-in.
    But there was another molester in his life, at 10?
    Could be a Bingo.

  3. Wow! So much info…I’m overwhelmed, and nauseated, but my thanks nonetheless.
    The investigator’s notes, the ones interviewing Busch-Greene victims most recently, are amazing. Really “on top of it”, from my perspective. So many things that I’ve thought; “why didn’t they check THIS, why didn’t they ask about THAT” – but they did! And I just wasn’t aware.
    Example; these investigators clearly ‘get’ the Chris Busch “Jekyll & Hyde” conundrum, created by differing depictions of him from different sets of victims – or the same victims but differing depictions over time. And they are probing, drilling, the nephews and other ‘boys’ in that social circle for resolution of this. Did some victims exaggerate their knowledge & experiences, trying to second-guess what police want to hear and give them that in their personal narrative? Apparently. Were other victims perhaps STILL holding back, still unwilling or unable to be completely frank & honest about the nightmare of their own Busch-Greene abuse?

    I get that impression, from the nephew’s narratives. Maybe I’m wrong, and being unfair to them…they both have obviously suffered life-long damage. My God! Chris Busch was their primary care-giver at times. Lucky to have survived at all. Nevertheless…they still seem guarded, hesitant…scared?
    And if the victim who claimed Busch showed him home-movies of tied-up boys being abused by Chris himself, wasn’t relating a fantasy derived from his knowledge of what Busch is suspected of subjecting OCCK victims to…I wouldn’t be surprised if intimate knowledge of such a film was one thing they can’t/ won’t talk about.

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