3:22 – 3:29, end of Volume 3

The rest of Volume 3–

3-22. (Fucking John Hastings again)







3-29 (looks like John is carrying over to Volume 4 . . . )

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  1. KP says:

    This may be a duplicate comment. I hit a key and wasn’t sure if original submitted or not.

    Sorry I keep commenting, but I just get more and more confused as I read these documents. Confused as to why the hell there are so many loose ends.

    More questions:
    *I know I read that Hastings was at the VFW Hall the day Mark was abducted. (Not sure where I read that). Has Mark’s mom ever been asked if she had seen Hastings that day? Wouldn’t his whereabout that day have been a good polygraph question? Oh wait, polygraphs don’t really matter, except when they exclude someone (like Busch, what a joke).

    *Of course, I don’t know what documents are still coming, but how can there be volume after volume on Hastings yet Gunnels, whose DNA matches, has so little follow up?

    *I know the one detective said Helen couldn’t be believed because she stated that Hastings said that the shoes were burned, but he was wearing boots when they found him. (Forgive me if I am remembering wrong). But was he wearing shoes when he was found? I was Mark’s age when he was taken, and many of my boots were the kind that you wore your shoes in.

    *How in the world did Helen have feelings for Hastings? That must be somewhat pathological if she truly believed he kidnapped these kids.

    *Have a hard time believing that Hastings would just “know” where Bruce Lane was. I have lived in Oakland county for 52 years and I would never know obscure side streets like that.

    • cathybroad says:

      Lack of follow up is quite obvious, isn’t it? Mark’s Mom passed away many years ago. I doubt she was shown Hasting’s photo because Det. Anger would have been the point man on that and he had rejected this tip. John had some stuff wrong about the kids, for sure. I don’t recall whether Mark had on boots with shoes (I know what you are talking about). Those maps have a disturbing level of detail.

      • mike06181 says:

        Lloyd carr? That was the name of the company?
        That was the name of former michigan head football coach. He was an assistant at eastern michigan in 76-77. Was this a slip? Why would he say he worked for a company called lloyd carr?

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