Volume 4

Volume 4 continues with the 1992 interviews in Alpena. Sorry, it might help to go back to 3:29 to get the flow. Lots more Hastings and interviews with Helen Dagner (HD). Some repeat documents, some “wow, you can’t make this shit up” stuff from the 1992 investigation. You might ask, why so many documents about Hastings and why in this order and why the repeats and why . . . ??? This is how the documents came, in this order with redactions and the occasional blank page.















Hastings, up until page 21, where the FOIA documents that follow are described as Tab 2, 2007 Re-Exam of victims evidence:


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  1. For some unknown reason, my last post failed to go thru on the volume 3 thread.(?) I sent a copy of it to atty L Lin Wood.

    1. I’m sorry, Terry–a couple of people are having trouble posting. Sometimes it works for them and other times, not. Then they email me and I post. I haven’t figured it out. It was worse when I had more filters on. I took the filters off and blocked three people (who earned it–I’m talking freaky stuff, not disagreements) and there has been trouble off and on. I apologize. I have had some stuff just drop off as well. I usually assume operator error on my part, but it’s hard to say.

      1. We’re good Cathy, not to worry. I’m still reading volume 4. John H interview is interesting stuff.

  2. Or maybe Dissociative Personality Disorder. One personality I saw in the earlier interviews was an educated, very well-spoken, and confident man. When the subject switched from economics, etc., and back to the case, he switched to an insecure guy with improper English. Like night and day.

    1. I agree. I have read the Atlanta Interview with Hastings hundreds of times over the last 10 years and I got the feeling by his responses and the way it seemed he behaved in response to questioning that he was on the Autism Spectrum. Now, having read the interview in the 90s where he is much more articulate and confident I’m not feeling the spectrum as much. Something is off in the way he presents himself in both instances.

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