3 thoughts on “Continuing with Re-Exam of Victims Evidence to the end of Volume 4.”

  1. I swear, after reading all of this, I’m wondering if John is a split and is actually “Allen” and an alter ego “Frank”.
    The educated and very articulate John that I saw in very old interviews has seemingly disappeared in more recent ones. Maybe he has suppressed “Frank”.
    Just a thought.

  2. Cathy,on page 2 of 4-27,BLK 02128 it is mention that the envelope addressed to Dr. Bruce Dantor were analyzed and no latent prints were found. What about the stamp(s) and DNA? I believe one still l had to lick stamps back in 1977. If LE could retrieve the stamp and get DNA off of it perhaps they could match the DNA against the CODIS database and determine whether or not it matches any of the suspects. I know the California Police Dept did this in trying to find the Zodiac Killer.

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