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  1. Wow.

    Quite an interesting last page. So the people in Georgia were convinced Hastings played a part in the murders or had knowledge, yet there was no follow up? Why the heck did they even do a polygraph?

    What ever happened to the ‘beautiful print’ lifted from Tim? (I think I read that right in the document)

    My head is spinning….

  2. Hi Cathy, well, I think that the best sighting of the actual killer is written up in 5-23, page 3 of 10, where the white female witness states seeing a white male (W/M), with graying temples, possibly glasses, short passenger, shorter that the seat back, in a red hatchback Vega, with a dark interior. BTW, beware of Dr Werner Spitz, he has earned the reputation as a “liar for hire.” I think that he distorted certain facts about the body of your brother. Spitz was steering the autopsy to lead others to believe that Tim’s body was transported in a trunk, but the angles of the back, thighs and legs supports the evidence that he was transported sitting up in a car. As you may already know, Spitz was involved in the phony Sept 2016 ‘The Case of JonBenet Ramsey’ hit piece aired on CBS. My wife had to witness me pacing the floor in great anger over the multiple lies told by Spitz and associates. As you also may know, CBS and Spitz were sued separately by Lin Wood on behalf of Burke Ramsey. CBS was sued for $750 million and Burke Ramsey prevailed. Burke Ramsey had already been cleared and in writing by the cops and the DA back in 1997.

  3. Cathy;

    In reference to last section posted.

    My opinion reading between the lines some.

    Det Gray even admits to John that he read over Mr. Studts notes and concluded there was nothing to Helen’s claims. I will further guess that he probably talked to Don Studt personally and he stated he investigated him in Alpena and there was nothing to it. Who would not do this beforehand to prepare? As proven already numerous times by people’s word and thru my personal connections that the police believed Helen fabricated the whole thing. Maybe Mr. Studt even gave the same line of bull that he interviewed Big Boy staff that he told me and my wife when we talked to him which is not true. Gray and Williams go down there with their minds already made up that there is nothing to John. The way things are worded almost like they were set in their ways beforehand and wanted John to pass easily. They didn’t even care about the polygraph results obviously other than something for the record books to show that they polygraphed this guy. Those last two pages with Duncan’s conclusions was not suppose to be released in FOIA obviously. They got thru by mistake someway. I guess when you have the same docs over and over and lousy record keeping there are better chances of something going thru by accident. I wonder because they ignored the results of the polygraph if they even bothered to do any DNA follow up test with his swab? Or is that make believe also? Is there anyway one can obtain the recordings of the interview and polygraph as it states it’s on DVD somewhere? That is what would be the most telling of this entire fiasco!

    Search the Truth!

    Alpena Witness

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