2 thoughts on “Volume 6, 6-1 through 6-16”

  1. Cathy,
    I was 9 years old in 1977 and I recall the fear, horror and pain of these murders. We all hope for justice for you and your family. As bystanders to those events we were traumatized collectively. I do pray that all available DNA evidence can be uploaded to GEDCOM and given full attention by experts in criminal genealogy. That is the best hope for some level of resolution.

    1. Thanks, Mark. You are right. The evidence collection and storage was no doubt very flawed and had all sorts of cross-contamination. But the OC prosecutor said those hairs on Mark and Tim matched hair found in Arch Sloan’s car, searched soon after Mark went missing. These hairs MUST be tested and the results cross-referenced using genetic genealogy. If they refuse, they need to explain to the public. They made this case all about those hairs. They cannot back away now.

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