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  1. Who are Kenneth Bowman and Ronald Eads ?
    Never heard those names before. Chilling stuff in those files.

    Charles Bush seems like quite the character. I get the impression that more than anything else he is saying just enough to placate the interviewers while simultaneously trying not to sully Chris name.

    Interesting what Burgess had to say about Chris parents.

    Everyone involved deserves the death penalty (impossible) but hope at least realistically the families can have closure. You are a great sister . Everyone is proud of you.

    1. Bowman was a victim of Busch and Greene. Same age as Vince Gunnels. Used as a lure. He was quite open with investigators in 1977 and this go around. His name is redacted in most of the MSP documents. Knew Lamborgine as well. Names show up here that were redacted in prior documents—names like Eads. So I don’t have the big picture on these names but less redactions means more info. More to come.

  2. Right at the top of the first poster page, with the Gremlin on it, it points out that whomever it was that snatched the kids was able to win their confidence. However, the rest of the document reads like “steering” to me, and I state this based on several false assumptions that it makes. Before I get into the rest of that document, I want to point out the fact that I was detecting that Dr Werner Spitz was most definitely “steering” the autopsy of Tim King, and in multiple instances. You have a solid and strong hint in the Allen letter to Dr Danto with the misspelled word “becautiful(sic)”. “Burned them to death bombed them with napalm it’s really becautiful there doc.,” is the screwy line. Spitz used the term “beautiful” in describing one of Tim’s organs…who the hell uses that term when describing a murder victim’s remains, and especially those of a child! Now, when I used to worked in Electronic Maintenance for a hospital here in Minneapolis, the autopsy surgeon used to cauterize certain body parts and the place stunk like burnt chicken feathers. Hence my point “becautiful(sic).” That entire, and very lengthy, Allen Letter is a criminal “diorama,” with both true and false statements on the damn thing. Many items on that document cause me to strongly say this. The overall evidence shows that these child murders were sophisticated. So why would anyone assume that the abductor would allow himself to be seen at the back of Chatham’s Supermarket? Weigh this against the report of the very suspicious red Vega hatchback seen at the dump site of Tim King’s remains. So, the first line: “He is a white male; 25-30 years old…etc,etc, fails as an assumption! The rest of the lines show criminal “sophistication” was involved. OK, if he, the murderer, is a member of organized crimes, why then assume that those same people wouldn’t use a female to lure the kids? OK, or perhaps a true cop from the local police force was used? Now…let’s go back to the line: “The abductor was last seen standing near a blue AMC Gremlin.” Oh, really? Did anybody see him snatch Tim King…no!!! If you were gonna snatch a kid, would you stand around and allow yourself to be seen? It’s a bullshit document, through and through, it’s packed with disinformation, it fails miserably! Yes, I have read the documents that convince me that certain members of the MSP were trying to stifle the investigation, which strongly hints at the direct involvement of the upper echelons of organize crime, and so does Spitz’s whole act! So…if you follow me so far… you can see why I believe that the King residence was probably monitored. So…was the Gremlin story used as a misinformation decoy? I’d say so, because that’s the reality of the way the overall evidence works out.

      1. And the question is why? Robert Robertson, Joe Krease, Ray Anger–all dead. Richard Thompson has made clear that he, in many ways like Lamborgine and Sloan, will never talk. When you are at or near the top of the pile in a law enforcement or military-type operation, all you have to do is tell an underling: “Don’t go there.” A high-level federal law enforcement employee who had a chance discussion with Kristine’s step dad (I think on an airplane) basically told him many years ago–Oakland County is really fucked up and evil; don’t poke around.

        Were cops killing pedophiles in these suburbs? Was Chris Busch an informant for the feds? Did somebody get paid off? Or are there more benign explanations?

      2. Somewhat the same thing took place with the Ramsey murder, except that the whole crime was loosely rigged so that the cops and the monopolized MSM, tabloids, etc, wrongfully set out to lay the crime on the parents. As that ploy fell apart, then CBS, along with a handful of very bad actors, which included tribal member Dr Werner Spitz, then lied to the public wholesale and wrongfully laid the crime on then 9 year old Burke Ramsey in Sept of 2016. Undoubtedly you’ve heard of the idea of getting a “two for the price of one deal.” Well… these dirty bastards involved in the OCCK case appear to have been “killing several birds with one stone,” so to speak. Very disgusting sub-human behavior indeed. BTW, when I read this stuff, I give very little to no weight to the testimony of people that have proven themselves to be underhanded dodgy liars. When I first studied the 1947 Black Dahlia/Elizabeth Short case, I had tears in my eyes when I first saw that then young woman’s horribly mutilated and defiled remains. I couldn’t deal with it. However, once I was able to get free of that frame of mind, I was then enabled to look at the case more clinically. The case was laced with the same kind of fake news bullshit. It was a “shock and awe” crime, designed to keep the public emotionally off balance. I firmly believe that these and many other crimes were initiated by hard core members of organized crime. All of the crimes have shown strong hints that indicate that they were carried out with military like precision. Oh, and let me mention that I believe that the guy that ditched the remains of Tim King was probably getting an adrenaline rush in taking that risk. If you think it through, it would actually be safer for him to transport the body sitting up in the front seat, vs the truck. He obviously ditched the body very quickly. Sorry to say this Cathy.

        1. Regarding the Ramsey murder, honestly the evidence does seem to be that it was an accident involving the boy.

          The scandal in that case was that the police spent hundreds of thousands of dollars covering up for the family, but probably only received tens of thousands of dollars in cash from Mr Ramsey.

          At any rate it wasn’t a ‘murder’ so much as an accident and sabotaging the young Ramsey’s future for the sake of a cold case expose wasn’t proper on the part of whoever did the recent story that pointed to the younger Ramsey.

          Regarding organized crime, there isn’t really that much difference between organized crime and other professions. The rules are a little different maybe.

          Organized gangsters are generally out to make money, not headlines. They have a very ethical hierarchy, a decency that they follow.

          With regard to organized crime, pornography and corrupt bureaucrats, the key point is that many organized crime types would not get involved in child pornography.

          This fact was an opportunity for crooked feds to splinter major crime families. The less ethical ones were working directly with certain feds to cultivate a vast underworld that included things like child pornography. Those same feds and gangsters ultimately were also working against the more traditional families that had hierarchies and ethical lines.

          In a place like Detroit, where the corruption has not become public yet, you can get a very reliable picture of where a particular mobster stood by looking at the breaks they got from the feds.

          Generally old world mobsters got hard time, while anybody involved in child pornography and similar rackets would never receive a harsh sentence for any crime.

          There was a lot of smoke blown by crooked feds and a person has to research to figure things out. The supposed DiBernardo hit by Sammy Gravano looks like an example.

          1. Quote:Regarding the Ramsey murder, honestly the evidence does seem to be that it was an accident involving the boy.Unquote, Yer way off base with that remark. You either drank the Koolaid, or you’re selling the Koolaid. I’m done with you!

  3. Some people want the evidence to say ‘Christopher Busch killed four children’ or ‘such and such person did this or that’, but there is enough evidence to say what happened generally, even if it looks overly conspiracyish.
    In the late 60s the Italian mob started to move into pornography in the Northeast.
    By the early 1970s it was such a lucrative business that it could not be ignored in other geographic areas, but there were problems expanding.
    The long story short version is that the mob partnered with another interest, a more powerful group, to benefit both groups.
    The mob would get a lot of cash, along with some protection, and the other group would get a vast amount of useful intelligence and other benefits.
    This wasn’t really a new partnership, but expanding the partnership into pornography opened up a new field for both sides.
    There are enough relevant people still alive to investigate properly. But….
    The Oregon County Child Murders will never be solved as long as they are investigated as ‘murders’.
    Unless they are investigated as part of a national corruption problem in several federal agencies, a corruption problem that persists today, they are not solvable.
    There will always be a small wrench that can be discreetly dropped into the investigation to sabotage it.
    NY Times 1972:
    “In less than four years, organized‐crime “families” in New York have made pornography their fastest‐growing new racket.
    While it does not approach such staples as gambling, loan‐ sharking or narcotics in earnings, according to law‐enforce ment officials, it has surpassed all the rackets the families have developed in the last decade.”
    “………Also in 1968, Cosmo Cangiano, reputed to be an associate in the Colombo family, opened up a laboratory in Staten Is land to mass produce hard‐core pornographic films, according to court records.”
    “At first, he ran into problems with development but solved them by bringing in Michael Zaffarano, a convicted pornographer associated with the Mafia family now led by Natale Evola.”
    “Within a year, Cangiano became the major distributor of pornographic films in the country in what was becoming a booming business.”
    “When Federal agents raided one of Cangiano’s distribution centers in 1969, they found 50,000 reels of hard‐core porno graphic films. Further investigation disclosed that the reels, which cost about $3 each to print in color, were being sold in other parts of the country at retail prices ranging from $25 to $65.”
    “DiBernardo, who had been target of a Federal investigation into child pornography, was awaiting sentence when he was murdered by Sammy Gravano. The body was never found.”
    Jack Tocco
    The Detroit Partnership.
    ~Some basic trivia about side issues~
    Some unanswered questions from the summary https://scholarworks.uno.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1139&context=td
    Christopher Busch is the main focus of a lot of people, but there are a few problems. First, he committed suicide with a .22 and the second victim was killed with a 12 gauge. If he had a 12 gauge of course he would not have committed suicide with a .22.
    There are other factors that make him a good fit for some of the killings but not others.
    Another thing that is understudied is the suitcase filled with pornography involving boys. Of course there were Congressional hearings after the killings that were motivated by those killings, and those hearings provide some important details, including indications of extreme corruption in the vice department of the police who gave testimony.
    The suitcase, according to the foia documents had a hundred some copies of pornography involving boys.
    The quantity obviously points to Busch being somewhat close to the source, but the important question is whether the 100+ items contained duplicates. In other words he wouldn’t have multiple copies of the same item unless he were involved in the supply chain.
    The appearance is that both the killer and the police were trying to connect the first and second murders. Would Busch have kidnapped Mark Stebbins? Very possible. Jill Robertson? Unlikely. So was somebody using Jill Robertson to cover Busch? More information about her killing would either further connect or further separate the first two killings.
    “… it was only seven months earlier—July 30, 1975—that Oakland County made international news. Jimmy Hoffa, the infamous and former Teamster president and supposed organized crime accomplice, disappeared from the Machus Red Fox Restaurant parking lot in Oakland County’s affluent town of Bloomfield Hills.”
    Interesting that Richard Austin was Michigan Secretary of State at the time. In 1976 he lost a Senate race to Don Riegle, one of the Keating Five.
    “In 1969, Keating’s national reputation on the issue led President Nixon to appoint him to the President’s Commission on Obscenity and Pornography, which had been begun under Nixon’s predecessor, Lyndon B. Johnson.[30][39] The majority on the commission issued a report which concluded that pornography does not degrade the morals of adults or cause crime and recommended that all federal, state, and local laws preventing consenting adults from obtaining pornographic materials be repealed. Keating, Nixon’s only appointee on the 18-person commission, was the leading commission dissenter from the report.”
    “In September 1989, Keating was hit with a $1.1 billion fraud and racketeering action, filed against him by the regulators.”
    “In September 1990, Keating and his associates were indicted by the State of California on 42 counts related to….”
    “In January 1993, a federal conviction followed, on 73 counts of fraud, racketeering and conspiracy.”
    “A few weeks prior to Tim’s abduction, Flint police arrested Busch for a criminal sexual conduct charge with minors. When the police pulled him into the station, they found rolls of child pornography film on him. The photos were related to a boy’s camp on Fox Island in Grand Traverse Bay, Michigan.”
    Missing from the summary “Chris attended a boarding school in Switzerland called Le Rosey. After graduation Chris stayed on there as an instructor for a while.”

  4. Lost my initial response. Reposting it by phone. The above is hard to argue with.

    Busch had to have victims at Le Rosey, especially if he stayed on as an instructor.

    I’m assuming you mean “Oakland” county, not “Oregon” county. And just to clarify, Jill’s last name is Robinson. Robertson is the last name of the original task force commander and his son who decades later was on the task force.

    1. I’ll change my name to array since I mistyped it.

      The Le Rosey connection is not so much about ‘his victims’ in Switzerland.

      First, that school has a lot of government connections. Employees have to be screened by various agencies and various agencies always have some interest in students there.

      Second, this was when he was school age, high school or whatever. It’s clear from his later life that he was probably involved in ‘something’ at Le Rosey but the dividing line between victim and offender would not be clear unless it were investigated. Considering his age, the clientele of Le Rosey and the general milieu there it’s probably more useful in learning about his progression from victim to offender. Best guess would be that he was ‘initiated’ into a pattern that he simply continued.

      Third, Le Rosey did have a history of some abusive gangs of students that can only vaguely be figured out from online references. The types of students they have makes scandals invisible though. If you dropped an a bomb on their campus it probably would not appear in any newspapers until 100 lawyers had figured out how to spin it properly.

      Also, his connections from Le Rosey should not be ignored. None of the people he met there work at ‘common’ jobs.

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