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That is a lot of information, isn’t it? Now might be a good time to listen to criminologist Dr. Michael Arndtfield discuss this case. If you have listened to it before and have been reading these documents, it’s worth listening again at this stage.

I told you there are so many themes that run through this stack of documents and we are only about half-way through them. It is obvious there was some serious police work done here. Lots and lots of hours and money. How about that Busch family? Have you picked up on the culture at the MSP (at least as of 2010)? And how about how Gray, Robertson (MSP) and FBI SA Sean Callaghan’s attempts to derail Det. Cory Williams? Did you pick up on any of that? (Nice try, boys.)

More importantly, isn’t it mortifying how many psychopaths and monsters there are out there, just walking around looking pretty normal? And you haven’t even seen what the Cass Corridor freaks were up to back in the day. But you will. Early on, I asked Det. Williams what it was like to interview Ted Lamborgine. He said without any hesitation, without missing a beat and emphatically–“He is a monster.” That old piece of shit you saw in the newspapers back when the spotlight was on him–that old, pathetic-looking coward, was and IS a monster. “God has forgiven me,” he says. Don’t they all find God? Greene, Gunnels, all of them. Born again. Hallelujah! Clean slate. But don’t think for one minute an old pedophile who is loved by his god is a harmless pedophile. Children are never safe around a pedophile, whether he is 17 or 87, forgiven by the Big Guy or not.

Also, could we quit with any idea that people make up stories about being sexually assaulted or molested? Reading just to the point you have here, can we just stop disbelieving people who come forward with this information? Kids (or adults who were kids when this happened), are not making this shit up. Get real.

And if you find a polaroid of your neighbor’s genitals on the sidewalk near his house and know some shit is going down in that house, can you call police instead of sticking your damn suburban head in the sand? If your daughter gets flashed by some obese, 27-year-old freak with a big beard can you press charges instead of giving up because you work for GM and so does the freak’s daddy? If you find some nasty shit in your rich, successful, white relative’s safe deposit box after he dies, can you call police instead of “preserving” your family name? Can you speak up already so somebody else doesn’t get victimized? The average serial child molester has up to 400 victims in his lifetime. I think it’s safe to say some of the men we have read about related to this case have far more. See also

If you have read the FOIA documents up to this point, do you have some sense of the pedophile problem that was rampant in Oakland County and around Michigan and the entire country during the time the OCCK crimes were committed? You can make flow chart after flow chart in this case and still not get all the players on the first go-around.

Here are some observations and questions from readers:

Reading the reports of the young man’s [name redacted] comments about Tim’s brutal captivity are horrifying. This guy at least spoke frankly with police. Vince Gunnels never has been honest and his whole family has knowledge of some of this.

Greene dies of a heart attack in jail. So did Richard Lawson. Detroit PD knew what was happening in Cass Corridor through the paid informants like Lawson. Poison can cause a heart attack.

Evidence is found here and there, lost, misplaced. Why is that?

The email exchange between SA Sean Callaghan and your brother is gaslighting by FBI, and insinuations made against Det. Cory Williams–setting up good people against each other–shameful.

Hastings brings a book of serial killers to a polygraph?????? And what about the reference to his Chaldean friend, who owned a nightclub and a home in Rosedale Park?

Smiled picturing Helen giving everyone in LE hell and forcing them to respond. Luckily, Birmingham responded. But can you imagine how pissed off Berkley PD Det/Sgt. Ray Anger was at her boldness?

Who from the original task force interviewed John Hastings at the Ren Cen in 1977? Hastings’ maps include all the local police departments and water towers?! The book of nudist beaches was telling, with pages of children featured folded/marked. Was the questioning about the restaurant Hastings worked at alluding to a connection with Busch, who also was a cook? “He had big eyes.” What the hell was going on at Brother Rice High School?

When your brother was abducted, LE know it was a serial child predator/killer or killers. The notoriety of the murder and the location, the affluence of the suburb was over the top, even for LE. What we in society did not know, but LE knew and certain lawyers and judges knew, was that this was an organized child predator ring. Organized crime.

Consider that soon after your brother’s murder, the Michigan predator ring was broken up. Frank Sheldon fled, could possibly have been the “don,” and left everyone else to fend for themselves. Chris Busch was off the rails, the main suspect of the task force, and was a threat the the ring and the enablers and so he was offed.

Shortly after Busch gets offed, the task force shut down. LE knew important evidence was hidden away or destroyed–evidence about these and other victims and known customers/clientele. The low level pedos scattered when they lost the protection of Frank Sheldon. Sheldon was also suspected of drug trafficking, especially regarding the northern Michigan air strips being approved. These predators and their enablers will resort to any form of intimidation and force to silence people.

The chaos sewn and created by law enforcement and the prosecutor’s office demonstrates the degree and severity of what they really are covering up. Who is so powerful, even today, that he/they can control those who know the truth? What is the price for this silence? Money, bribes, extortion, threats, murder?

That says it all. Think about that when you listen to Dr. Arntfield’s observations about this case.

Then on to more of Volume 4 of the FOIA documents.

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  1. Regarding leaving a comment, I have found if I am not logged in first, it seems to disappear. So I copy what I wrote before I submit just in case. I am then prompted to log in and then I repost in case it gets lots. Sorry if this is a duplicate.

    I know that not all of the FOIA documents have been posted, but if this case was a book, the author would be scorned. There is so many things that are just left hanging. Resources are spent to huge degrees, just to be left to hang out to dry. (The revisit on the Busch house in 2008 or whatever year it was. Had to be expensive to dig through the house, categorize everything, etc. Was anything done with what was found??). The repeated follow up with Hastings, just to do nothing with his repeated inconclusive polygraphs. (As a side note, I was confused by the documents that mention Kristine’s pants and the triangle shapes/colors. LE shows Hastings a photograph of her. Did the pants match his description or no?) Also, there was a lot of mention of how he was in the country before Mark was taken, was there ever any follow up to see if he was actually in Florida or not at that time like he claimed he was?

    It is disgusting how much cover up was initiated by mommy and daddy Busch, and it appears the law went along with it. Absolutely disgusting.

    Remember, Hastings was born again too, or so he said. I also love how he says he has a photographic memory when it comes to making maps yet he is a total dumbass about everything else.

    Those maps are creepy as hell. So curious about the ‘Cab Driver’ comment. And, I wasn’t sure because of the redactions, but was Helen saying Hastings killed Sheila Shrock or Cynthia Cadieux? I thought Shrock due to the babysitting reference, but thought someone else confessed.

    I think Helen’s credibility was lost to a great degree because of her erratic behavior and explanations. (You would know that way better than anyone.) At first she says he lured the kids with porn (which is entirely unbelievable) then it was for skating rinks and other things. (Or was the porn part overheard in Alpena. I’m sorry I am probably not keeping it all straight). She seemed to almost be rebounding with Hastings from being scorned by Skiba. However, she obviously had a lot of detective skills.

    I know that life is not a book and doesn’t have neat and tidy endings. But my God, there is so much that is left unchecked and lost and ignored and covered up. As a 10 year old myself in Oakland County in 1977, I totally had faith in Brooks Patterson and that everyone really wanted this solved. Instead, “justice” went to the highest bidder.

    Thank you Cathy for sharing all of these documents.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions about signing in to comment, KP. I have lost some drafts myself into the ether. Total hassle.

      Great observations about everything left hanging. I feel like I “acquire” ADD when I read this stuff. Forgot Hastings was “born again.” Of course he was. And good observation about his photographic memory–a selective photographic memory. Oh, and don’t forget about his heart problem. Pedophile Josiah Tazelaar’s brother in B’ham has one of those dicey hearts, too. And a bad memory, too–child killings? What child killings?

      Agree on the maps. Very creepy. Very. Seems like that warranted checking all of Hastings’ alibi shit.

      I won’t even tell you the adjectives I used just today to describe Patterson to my Dad, who still seems to think the guy wasn’t that bad. WTH?

  2. The police have certainly invested a great deal of time on Hastings and on more than one occasi on. Even if HD did in fact bait Hastings, and try to pin him to be the lone murderer (for literary reasons, her book) police had already questioned him. He did live REALLY close to Busch and the date of death? of Busch’s death he seemed to recall. JD is polygraphed asking questions to the children. Was JH ever polygraphed about any knowledge of Chris Busch as in knowing him, knowing of him, having attended same function, or have any knowledge of Busch’s murder?

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